Than dangerous utensils from stained glass


The variety of products made of glass presented on the shelves of Russian supermarkets, simply amazing imagination. Glasses, dishes, cups, plates, bowls, salad bowls, glasses please the eye of the buyer with all sorts of forms, texture, colors. Sometimes to pass by simply unrealistic — the eye snags a bright spot of a beautiful salad bowl, a red or yellow price tag, and the hand itself stretches to put the dishes in the cart for shopping.

So we once, walking on Auchan, seduced with beautiful salad bowls, low price and bought a pair of salad bowls to the house. At the price tag, a proud inscription was concerned: «Salad. Colored glass. Diameter 29 cm.» I don’t remember the price now, but it’s not even expensive.

We took advantage of this salad bowl only twice. At the first sink in warm water, the so-called «color» glass has become trite to break out. Washed, laughed at the resourcefulness of the Chinese, put a stack of salad bowls and went to engage in their affairs.

We were very lucky that the second salad was prepared in the lower salad bowl and refilled sour cream. If there were oil instead of sour cream, it would be impossible to see anything.

On yellowish home, paint particles showed!

Yes, the salad suites are painted outside, the paint inside is not. But after the dishes are wiped and driving standing on each other, paint particles dry out, exfoliate and fall into the dishes standing below.

And it turns out that every time we take such a stack of dishes, and we prepare the salad in it or something else, paint particles fall into our food. Manufacturers argue that this is a «food» enamel, but it does not become easier from this. In the countries of the European Union, the painted enamel dishes were banned for use, as this can cause oncology and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

There is no such ban in Russia.

Check painted with dishes or not very simple — get the key from the apartment out of your pocket or handbag and squeeze it on the bottom. Enamel immediately pops up and you will see a clear, ripped scratch.

If you want to buy a salad bowl or other other utensils from stained glass, choose products of European manufacturers. One of the best is French Luminarc Arcopal.

Well, we, yesterday made such a beautiful plate. From the present, color (not painted enamel) glass, which will always be bright, beautiful, giving summer. She rides in Ulan-Ude.

That’s all today.

All good.

Take care of yourself.

Tell me your thoughts about the said — will be very cool to talk.