Steampunk: Earnings on the Victorian Epoch.

This is not a business — this is love!

With things genre Steampunk My acquaintance took place at the Bazhovskaya festival. Passing by one of the tents I saw a thing that simply shook my imagination.

This thing was called Goggla. After scoring them from the master, I tried out and immediately became similar to the relyzer:

The seller Gogglov had many more beautiful glasses, watches, bracelets for sale, but, unfortunately, the photo was made only one thing:

Then these things seemed to me the riding perfection, I wanted to buy everything, but the green toad, who was sitting in the wallet, said only one word — cooled.

Arriving home and turning on the computer, I plunged into the world to the village unknown to me the era — width. This is a fancy mix of Victorian England, a couple, robots, gears, mechanical technologies and even very little magic.

As it turned out, the admirers of this direction in art and craft are very and very much. And to create a special entourage, these people buy, Mastery independently or order from the masters the corresponding things:

In Russia, the worshipings of the steampunk are very much, but still an order of magnitude less than in the USA, England, France and other European countries. The total turnover of the Strembanka industry for 2018 amounted to more than 230 million dollars. In Russia, the exact figures are not known, however, from communication with the most famous domestic masters it can be said that the money is growing considerable. So, for example, only one famous Steampan workshop in St. Petersburg has a turnover of more than 7 million rubles per year.

Naturally, it is sold in such specialized workshops of all other quality. Compare yourself:

A lot of things are done and sewed alone, although, of course, a certain part orders. The cost of only one clothing without additional accessories can be about 10 to 40 thousand rubles. Moreover, the collection of accessories and things is often assembled for years.

For example, the girl has created his own image for about two years, but believe it was worth it. At almost all, both buyers and sellers, many wanted to take pictures on her at the Spasskaya Fair.

The suit of my good acquaintance with all the accessories pulled 70 thousand rubles. About 600 thousand were invested in the car and additional entourage. Good John can afford it.

As you can see, there is a demand, and it is practically constant. A significant flow of orders from the wizard widths is in foreign countries. In the expanses of the post-Soviet simplestness, the Live Steel Workshop, the Neformal-World workshop from Saratov, Master Copper Dmitry Tikhonenko from Minsk (PHOTOS).

And this is really a master, whose work is not ashamed. The things made by them are scattered as hot cakes in all corners of the planet. However, many fakes appeared on the wave of popularity, which they took the idea, but the originality or outstanding quality does not shine. In such a pseudo-like impact, the genre is made, as a rule, small jewelry, and most of the epoxy or polymer clay. The quality of work is extremely low.

At the request of «Steampunk» at the Fair of Masters there were 4995 products, but only two hundred could be recognized directly from them.

Thus, if you do a serious business in this area, the most important condition for the success of the wizard is a personal passion for the master.

Money can be earned, and very very good. But get ready for what you have to work to a greater extent on the foreign consumer, for which there will be significant amounts to promote on European trading platforms. There will also be a prerequisite for the workshop of a competent and enthusiastic designer. With the best things will have to go several times to world steampunk festivals (the sea of impressions is provided).

From Russian consumers orders for the manufacture of steampunk-things, as a rule, do not flow.

But, at the same time, I know several width workshops, which additionally earn:

All this allows them to keep afloat. As for the fair trade, as well as sales at various exhibitions, festivals, holidays, then they have SMSL to participate only in order to declare themselves, distribute business cards, forgive the soil, find like-minded people.

Stuff in the genre Steampunk is not cheap pleasure, the price of the same Gogglov (points) can begin with 1400 rubles and end far in 10 thousand, therefore, ordinary fairs (for example, in shopping centers) are not treated as a profitable event. Sell on them something will be great.

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