Soft windows for home and garden: minuses that installers do not say


The last two years about soft windows does not speak only lazy. All celebrate their beauty, practicality, convenience and benefits. I do not argue, the material is very good, and in many cases without it, not to do, but it will be just comfortable. However, advertising and colorful descriptions of installers often speak of such things and qualities for which soft windows are not less gently capable.

Let’s separate the grain from the spurred and look at this «novelty» without enthusiastic views, and with predilection.


In advertising, the consumer promises a price tag of 500 rubles per square meter.

However, in the case of order, the price behind the window grows up to 1,500 rubles per m², as it turns out that this cost does not include lightning, recordings, latches, cords, branded fastening systems. Even plus the N-number number of rubles are thrown for installation. So keep in mind if the price is less than 1600 rubles per square / m, then the curtains will go low quality. It will be originally a disposable thing.

Country of origin.

Maybe in Moscow or St. Petersburg there are very wealthy people who are ready to overpay 3-4 times, but in the province people are considered to be very good. Therefore, for yourself, note if you are offered to put soft windows from Germany only 30% more expensive, you can look into the mirror and assess the volume of spaghetti on the ears, because the German material is at least 3 (three !!!) times more expensive than Chinese. You just want to catch up, at least a little.


This is true!

True, polyurethane darkens over time, and does not turn yellow, but they do not speak anything about this installers.

What for?

The owner of it will know about it.


With time.

Bad tolerability of UV radiation.

As you already know, PVC turns yellow, polyurethane darkens. It all depends on the quality of the material: if it is low, then the yellowness will overtake you in a year if quality is height, then yellowed after 3-4 years.

But pleases in any case! This property of any PVC and does not escape from him. Polyurethane windows are darling in 3-5 years. Again in any case — whatever quality material was not.

Bad tolerability of high and low temperatures.

Virm Herod!

With a strong heat, soft windows become very soft, fold their champs on a half and can be very strong. But it’s not terrible, it is worst that they can be calmly pierced. It is enough to hurt a sharp angle, I don’t even speak about Shape, and write gone.

And now about minus. In winter, especially in severe frosts from the category-dubak, soft windows cease to be such, duby and get up. And worse than just that they are categorically impossible to touch them — the chances are provided.

And the last item, which is not a disadvantage, but because of him, very many owners spit from the hero of today’s story — the demand for making and install.

Due to thermal expansion and compression at low temperatures, soft windows are demanding of the quality of manufacture and fittings. It is enough to accomplish literally a few millimeters and instead of Dorokho-bohatat you will hang crooked-space.

And, by the way, about fittings. The accessories should be at least ykk, everything else from the evil.

And one moment. If you have a dog, then … it is better to consult with her. My familiar dog loves to nibble the chatting canvas. For two years, changed the third. The second slipped into her booth, and she still gnaws what dangles. She just like the process itself.

Now you know everything about soft windows 😂.