Shopping centers in vain waited for opening: the habits of people have changed a lot over these months


Last week, the city began to be gradually in the city, shopping centers began to open. Entrepreneurs missed the Spirit in the hope of getting at least a little profit, lick the wounds for business obtained during forced closure.

And it was not here!

People did not rushed into shopping centers, did not break off during the forced seating. From the moment of opening shopping centers in my hometown, exactly a week was held, some results can be summed up. Unfortunately, they are disappointing. All stores, boutiques and minor departments selling things, mark a decline of 40-60% of the level of sales last year.

In many respects, the fact that entrepreneurs cannot quickly update the range, orders for summer collections are not made. Novelties will go on the counter only for autumn, and this is another season in clothes. My friend, having a decent clothing boutique, now sells all things with a discount of 30%.

Not a blowable 30% when 50% was added, and threw 20%, and the real 30%. Even selling all things immediately, she will only take the rental and remuneration of two vendors. But there are few people, at such a pace, she will be able to sell everything only by autumn and it is excluding rental.

But there is no money for rent!

If you do not take into account the fall in income, seasonality, and so on. The main reason is what is a decline in sales in ourselves. Whatever it sounds strange, we have changed very much. Scenes at home changed our habits and ways to buy goods.

People have become more and more buying through the Internet!

In winter, my daughter, while I was from college to a sports section or into English, loved to rinse on an hour to some shopping center, watch decorations, jewelry, drink a cup of coffee with a boot.

Now she orders everything over the Internet.

Earrings? Easily!

Sneakers? Even easier!

Dresses? She climbed on Shain and bought there all the freshest for the summer. Her older sister does the same. And neighbor-fashionista. And almost all female classmates.

Yes, what to go far!

In the spring, just sit down at home, I decided to finish the remaining part of the fence and cook the gate. The problem is only that the electrodes ended. Traditionally, for such cases, I would go to the construction market.

But it is closed!

I had to order electrodes via the Internet. Bought for 680 rubles a large pack. Yesterday I was traveling to the newly working building. All sellers have the same electrodes of 990 rubles per pack. So the maximum that I now buy — Faneru and Cement.

Another example.

Our white dog yesterday ate a leash. Licks and shoved:

The owner, still, tasty!

There is nothing to do, went to the store, but previously looked at prices on the Internet. With delivery after 3 days a very good leash costs 1200. The exact same leash in the store of goods for animals is … 2250. To the question:

-What is so expensive?

An extremely simple answer was given:

We are a high rent.

Congratulations, this store is already one foot in closing. And it leaves only thanks to the sale of feed for weight.

So, if I need to buy something now, I first climb the Internet and buy there. And in the shops go only when you need to buy something urgently and what is not in the city. And so do almost all my friends and friends.

We have changed, our habits have changed. And what happened over the past three months just spurned the transition of people to online shopping.

What do you think?