Seller in the store: «What did you mishand on Fiskars? In Russia, they learned to make shovels 2 times cheaper and 3 times hard!»

All the autumn and half of winter, the whole South Urals dived friendly:

-Where snow? For a month and a half, only 5 centimeters fell.

-Why so warm? Is it winter when almost plus in the sun.

-We want normal Ural winter!

The prayers of the harsh Urals were heard by someone there on top. Apparently one of the big bosses of the Heavenly Office called where it was necessary and said:

Yes, give them now what they are asked!

Said, done, the winter in the Urals included. For two days, we wondered so much snow that the workshop grew a good such snowdrift, almost a belt. Yes, and the whole yard listed almost as in the movie «Day after tomorrow».

But it is Polwy.

The big bosses from the Heavenly Office called back with his subordinate and shouted into the tube:

Winter asked! Normal winter! And where is frosts?

And after two-day snowfall, we turned on frost. After -5, the thermometer showed -17, smoothly sank to -25. Half of the townspeople already seed:

-What is it so cold?

Why so much snow? You can’t drive anywhere on the car, but they do not come true!

What they wanted, then got! And for tomorrow we are promised all -31. All according to plan! They scored winter — enjoy.

Worst of all that frost frost, and the courtyard to clear from the augide snowdrifts in any case will have. And if so, you have to get my favorite shovel for snow Fiskars.

Fiscars, as much in this word for the heart of Russian merged!

But, unfortunately, nothing is eternal. Last winter, I seriously «erased» my favorite. Over the summer, everything was about to buy something in the substitution, but then the hands did not reach, then there was no money, then the price tag is inadequate.

So I went to the store for a new shovel.

Naive! No on sale! While I was going, half of the city all shovels dismantled. The price tag is, there is a place under the shovel, and there is no shovel — they dismantled everything. While I stood and admired the price tags from the shovel, another couple came up to the shop window — Troika Manyikov:

-What is there no more?

-No! All disassembled!

-And the seller asked? Maybe there is a warehouse?

Let’s ask.

Conscable seller-consultant:

-Do you have fiscars shovels?

-No, all disasted?

-What will be?

-I have no idea! And in general, what did you interfere with Fiskars? In Russia, they make shovels 2 times cheaper and 3 times tight!

-Come on! How many of the analogs took one normal did not come across. All disposable.

Try the last time, take the cycle.

What managed to know and why I bought these shovels for myself.

The cycle is our, purely Russian enterprise, developers and production — everything is in Russia in the city of carpets. And this, I will say honestly, pleases. They produce many things for gardeners, summer houses, house owners. One of these things is shovels.

I bought (for my personal money!) For a house in the city and for the village house there are two shovels.


I’ll tell about both.

The first shovel is the cheapest.

She cost me 450 rubles and called the Cycle Standard merchant. On the Internet it is sold for quite adequate money. You can find suggestions much more pleasant to what I gave. True, the question arises how much it will pull out with the shipment, maybe one thing on one will come out.

This is quite good, high-quality shovel.

Without delights. Almost accurate copy of Fiscars. They even coincide with weight.

Nothing does not let go, does not dangle, not cracking, does not creak.

Plastic is very rigid and thick.

The edge of the shovel is closed by an aluminum cutter.

I really liked the shape of her bucket — it is deeper than Fiskars, so you can safely throw the snow over the fence, without fear of snow to grab a portion of the collar.

The rumble of rigidity at the bucket is much higher, it gives hope for a long and fruitful work with this shovel.

Despite the suspicion of my dog, the shovel showed themselves well done. In the battle with snow at the workshop, she turned out to be the winner. His money, exactly three times less than the Fiscars, it is definitely worth it.

And about the second shovel I would like to say a little more.

This is the cycle Expert Varyag. I do not know why such a long name? I bought it for 790 rubles by an ordinary construction supermarket. On the Internet, naturally, it is cheaper.

I will start with the fact that the handle on this shovel is cast from plastic and additionally rubbed. This mega is convenient and this is not enough fiscars. Nothing slips, put on the gloves and go with the songs!

Plastic bucket is thicker and tougher. That is quite natural, since the price for Russia is not so small.

The edge is also protected by an aluminum cutter, which has a very interesting dihedral form: it seems to further cut the snow below.

Looks like a razor vest!

There is no complaints to clean the snow, you just get fun.

But most of all I was struck by the shovel handle. She is composite. Plus, behind the bucket there is a special fastening — it is enough to pull it out and the shovel decays into two parts: the knob itself and the bucket. These parts are convenient to carry in the car.

Of course, in two days of operation, far-reaching conclusions are stupid. But, in general, I liked the shovels. These are not at all the children’s crafts that sell in the wholesale bases of 300-400 rubles.

What to say? Well done, learned to do, and I am very glad that this is our, domestic, purely Russian manufacturer. For which not ashamed!

After all, we can like it!
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