Scrap metal and icons are not interesting to anyone.


The phone has a property to call at the most inopportune moment. But sometimes, the most unexpected call, ranking at the best time, becomes just a gift of fate.

I hung Gardin. One foot on the socks was balancing on a swinging stool, the other foot was leaning into the cabinet shelf, the cheek constrained the curtain lying on the shoulder, the hands were engaged in an attempt to insert the screws in the bit of the screwdriver. It was the third and last, two I already dropped. Spiderman out of me Nikudnya.

Well, what could still happen at this moment? Of course it is the most, according to the law of pallitude the phone rang. «Allo» I whispered already sitting on the floor, grabbing on the left shoulder of the ill-fated shoulder. The old friend called, with whom we went to photoshole together:

-Wead, hello!

-Aga, hello, hello!

-We, it’s convenient to talk?

It is convenient.

… I remember you searched the boards old for a photophone?

«He wanted.

-You comrade engaged in disassembly of old houses, his beautiful boards appeared. You need? I take three things myself.

Come on and me as much. Where to drive and what is worth?

Come after me and drive to it on the base. We’ll see, the choice is big and prices are different.


The small base of Oleg is located in the industrial zone on the left bank of the city. In his possessions, two Japanese «Vorovayki», a large crane Ivanoven, got comfortable.

The entire courtyard is forced by euro pallets with brick: red, dark, orange, some bricks with traces of plaster, whitewings.

Part of the brick is still cleared — there are several workers around a big heap, which carefully take bricks, put on the tables, beat the cement and other layers, after which everything is neatly shifted onto pallets.

The purified brick on the pallets is winding with a film and marked.

In the big hangar under the roof of a tree stacks: boards, brica, rounding, a timber of various sizes, lengths, widths and conditions. Everything is neatly compiled in the stack, it will dry, cleaned, marked, packaged.

All this is good, for many apparent trash, in fact a new golden bottom for modern seekers. You do not need to run around the fields with a metal detector, you do not need to get off the grandmothers, whether they have icons or other antiques, an antique tree and brick use with great demand.

In everything is to blame the fashion on the style of Loft.

The Oleg base is one of the transshipment bases of the most valuable antique tree and brick, which goes to Moscow, Peter, Europe and the USA. Today, all major design and repair bureau is hunting for such materials. Search engines simply fulfill the order. The turnover of one base can be calculated tens of millions.

No need to build anything, do not need to produce anything. You just need to disassemble what a highly developed civilization has built. And then sell a brick for 30-90 rubles per piece and the board of 1600 — 3700 per square meter.

Some of the houses under the analysis is bought for a penny by the owners, the part is dealing with «Thank you» — just to liberated the site from the destroyed building. The larger part of the houses simply scattered in a couple of days and will come. Collectors search engines are looking for non-residential villages, separately standing at home and farm, villages in which they live only in the summer. And you disassemble the faced structure. In the spring, unlucky dackets can find instead of hotly beloved cottages alone only the foundation.

There is a competition between the collers teams, although most of the territory has long been divided (so that there is no «misunderstanding»). If some abandoned villages are on a common or drawn territory, then a fabricated building each team marks its special sign.


-And police?

-What is the police? Personally, we do not violate anything. We will take anything. We take or draw or buy, good it costs it inexpensively. Monitor Avito. Other teams, for example, in the Sverdlovsk region or in the center often apply dachens. There or catch, or agree with the cops.


lately, very simply shaft of orders from Europe. There they were all embarrassed on the old, and it was expensive to disassemble their homes, many monuments protected. Therefore, the demand for our antiquities.

-What take?

Recently there was an order for a timber from the larch of the 18-19th century. Half of the region was protected, but found. The owner of the house paid 20 thousand for liberation from the older. After cleaning, drying, rebels, the party went for 900 thousand. Our costs were a maximum of one hundred. And such orders for a month happens from three / five to ten. So consider, profitably or not. Of course, we do not have such a klondike, as in the Middle Urals, in the Arkhangelsk region or closer to the center, but there are simply unique things.

And how do you have with «resources», do not end at home?

Incontently, with time it becomes more difficult, but so far everything is ordered to get to get. For ten years enough. And there we will think.

We bought with Andrei three boards to everyone, gave for this wealth at a thousand (as their own), and went home. They drove back, talked and, it turns out, thought about the same thing. Of course, it is not bad when the old materials give a new life. But after all, with each disassembled village, with each «brick-out» house, something is lost in this life in this life, some kind of important particle disappears. And it is sad.

What do you think about this?

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