«Satan’s glass fingers»: what the Americans were looking for in the jungle of Mexico, and why they watched the intelligence of the whole world


Sultry in the summer of 1980, hearing rumored is a big expedition from the USA. For several months, something has been looking for something in one of the most deaf corners of Mexican jungle: on the northwestern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula.

What became interested in the Yankees, once they were ready to climb into such a debris, where there is almost nothing but the ruins, jungle, wild monkeys and no less wild drug dealers?

Believe me, this question asked not only scientists, but also explorations of all countries of the world. And once the Yankees are looking for something and can not find, then we must find it the first. Rumors went different: starting from the search for the secret hinter hopper, to the landing strip of flying plates. In any case, such a number of spies and intelligence officers per square meter of Mexican territory exceeded all reasonable limits.

But then, justicely simultaneously, the interest of intelligence went to no, but the Mexican Indians became very interested in search of Yankov. And this interest could already be explained.

The fact is that the American Expedition, who worked on a strange coincidence, on the territory of the settlement of the Indian Indians, really found something. And this was something very important for the Indians.

In 1978, the Americans conducted a study at the Day of the Mexican Gulf in order to search for new oil fields. Where oil, there is money, so in search of oil forces and funds did not regret. There were no new deposits that year, but something else was found — strange ring mountains on the ocean day.

And these mountains went to the land!

Geophysics put forward the theory that the mountains are in fact the border of a huge crater, which formed God knows when after hitting no less huge meteorite about the land-mother.

The diameter of the crater was 180 km, and the depth is 20 km!

In 1980, the search for the land border of the crater continued on the territory of Mexico. Intelligence other countries quickly realized that the Americans are really looking for only knowledge, but not the base of aliens. Therefore, spies instantly evaporated to solve their spyware in other parts of the world.

So why did the descendants of the great Maya worried the Indians?

Everything is very simple. The Kamenik’s flew from Cosmos was folded from … Iridia, which flew into the ground at such a speed that the land was instantly evaporated. The power of the explosion was approximately 100 teranton trotyl (it is 2 million times the power of the Soviet king bomb). In zeros it will be so much:

As a consequence of this outdoor drummer, 15 tres of the molten rock, mainly sand, was instantly spilled in the ocean and to the nearby peninsula. In the field of sand froze and turned into a fragile glass stones (tekteitis), very similar to hourglass.

Maya often found such «gifts» on their land. Because of the shape, similar to the phalange of the fingers, the Indians believed that these drops belong to the Supreme Divine of the underworld Kingdom — the goddess ISH Tab (Soviet sister to our Satan).

For Maya, these were the fingers of the goddess!

I do not know how the goddess had with my fingers, but they saw them in huge quantities, even more. In general, when the Indians learned that the Yankees came behind these «fingers», the Indians were very tightened.

Very straightened!

The conflict has been brewing. The situation was saved by the promise of scientists not to take the fingers of the book from the territory of the peninsula. The promise of the Yankees … It was quite traditionally did not restrain — several such glass droplets were safely worn. The result of the research was the discovery of the largest crater in the world, which remained from a meteorite that destroyed dinosaurs.

So the glass helped not only open a huge crater, which was called Chikshulub, but also to know the cause of the death of dinosaurs.