Robert Mikilson: We needed a kick for success

What pushes a person to success?

No one can say for sure.

Reading the biographies of one master or another, every time you find some one, your own, absolutely individual factor that made out of a person, from a simple artisan genius of glassmodes. In one case, it can be a creative heritage (the genes of ancestors, if you can say so), in another case — a long, hard work on yourself, in the third — the opening of the secret technique of working with the material, in the fourth …, fifths .. seventh. .. Tenths … their hundreds of these factors.

It happens that a good person, a wonderful master who has developed an interesting technique and an outstanding masterpiece for a masterpiece, recognition does not receive.




And it all works, it works, it works, but there is no success, but no, no. And here, in theory, this very factor of success should be engaged, well, at least some, the most ruling «factorish». After all, a person deserved!

And he does not turn on everything!

And the person is pushing in one direction, then to another. Some so die in obscurity. Others are lucky, and they find something special, their own! Ourselves either with someone’s help.

The hero of this story belongs precisely to the last category of masters: he worked for a long time and stubbornly, but could not find his «door in the summer» … until he helped him.

Robert Michelson is one of the greatest sculptors-glass-powder world. He was born in 1951 in the United States, but soon after his birth, the family moved to Honolulu, in Hawaii. Entering the college and without showing a single ability to science, he already throws him in a year, setting up a job in a glass-capacity workshop. Work in the workshop lasted two years, after which he went to «free swimming».

Mykelson’s style immediately was immediately fascinated by a thin liner glass, woven on a powerful industrial burner. He did the finest vases and lamps, glasses, bowls, plates, and all this was sold in the markets and fairs, stood side by side with fruit traders, rastamans, hippies. This gave a certain income, he earned well, but there was no fame.

Nobody knew about Robert Mikkelson.

Ten years, stubborn, long years he traveled in the markets and fairs, gained a client base, but did not become famous. Everything has changed when Mike Shells decided to improve his qualifications and went to learn to the famous glass-powder semi Stankard. Seeing the level of work «Student», he came to delight and told Mikilson that he could not teach him anything to teach him — they are equal to skill.

But are not equal to success and glory!

We must pay tribute to Stankard, he entered as a real man, a man with a capital letter. This master said to Mike Shells that he tries to break through where it is necessary. It makes no sense to drive in the markets and fairs, there are no fame to «earn, you need to contact the gallery of contemporary art and exhibited there.» Student «listened to the Council …

Three days later, Micklyson concluded his first contract with the glass gallery in New York. And in five days, his first work was sold to one of the museums. What to say? Money, glory, success, confession — all this fell on the head of Mikelson literally in the first month of his cooperation with galleries.

In his work, popular Hawaiian motifs, Rastaman elements, and classic works made specifically for art galleries are closely intertwined. In this article, I specifically used the works of the master who stand in museums and private collections. «Unofficial» work publish in a narrative in the evening.

Recently, Mikilson is fond of fluorescent glass, combines glass, metal, wire, wood. Engaged in a collaboration with other masters.

In the most recent works, engraving and machinery of glass with special pastes are actively used, painting on glass.

For more than ten years, Mikelson actively leads teaching and educational activities.


What do you do with friends?

Right, communicate, fools, drink beer, fool each other, work, work and much more. Yes, and «blow» at leisure can be with an old rastaman, it does not work in vain «unofficial» work.



Would he himself achieve him?


So it turns out that the man is the blacksmith itself of his own happiness, but sometimes it takes a kick to achieve it, no matter how rude it sounds.

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