Rashad Alakbarov: When the light becomes darkness


All of us in childhood at least once saw, as parents or senior comrades folded out of fingers old figures, which in the light of the lamp suddenly turned into a rabbit, funny cat, crocodile or an evil wolf. On the kids, live shadows on the wall always produced an inadeve impression.

The Chinese brought the game of shadows to a more significant level, creating ancient theater, which has been more than 1,700 years old. Puppets made of leather and wood leav for the paper background and create a miracle — the audience on the other side of the translucent screen seems to be that it is not puppets, and living people quarrel, fall in love, are born and dying.

Rashad Alakbarov — a sculptor from Sunny Azerbaijan — brought the game of light and shadow to the highest level. Critics are called its owner shadows, and looking at his work, it is quite possible to agree with this opinion.

This person is not glass, he does not engage in glassmodus, does not blow up vases or glass sculptures. It takes already existing glass fragments, gives them the desired shape and puts in a special order to get a shadow.

But what a shadow!

At the exhibition of contemporary art, which took place in Baku, the installation of the shore of the Caspian Sea simply broke the audience. People walked circles and could not understand how, well, like from an ordinary light bulb and a pile of windows on a thread turned out to be a picture as if they were in the chamber-obscure.

Criticism reacted more or less favorably, calling Rashad by an artist of one work and retired to write about other famous masters, and not about self-toss-rushing. Still, the usual decorator of the theater, the ordinary place sculptor immediately broke through the top list of the finalists of the exhibition.

But Rashad did not stop it, thanks to the victory at the exhibition, he was able to take part in other iconic events and also win. The material for its installations was not only glass, but also cardboard, fittings, boards, copper sheets, ordinary garbage. With the help of improvised drugs, he painted the light and shadow eastern patterns and ornaments, calls for the world, bizarre minarets and silhouettes of cities.

Recently, the sculptor is fond of glass. Flowers placing in vases from this material, Rashad draws shadow on the walls of beautiful female figures, symbolizing the inner world of women and its external beauty, but also harmony between these two worlds.

Rahada is able to comply so much to keep all the proportions, build the game of light and shadows, that even approaching his works closely seems — here it is, standing next to you … But there are no glass flowers in a vase.

Even glasses and a stained glass saucer can go into the move — the most important thing is that they pass the light.

At one of the last exhibitions, the sculptor pleased the fans of the Star War Series by the image of Darth Vader using pieces of dichroic glass. The feature of this glass is that it changes the color when changing the angle of the fall of light. After that, the title of «Lord of Darkness» was firmly glued to Razhad.

Due to the specifics of installations, all his works are in the hands of the largest public and private museums of Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Spain, Russia. And with all this, Rashad is a very modest, charming and hinewood person, a completely alien stellar illness, which has learned many modern «artists-installers.»