I found the «impossible» house: he was heated in three sneakers, which was not there

I recently wrote an article about how in the old village houses in the Urals, more or less warm floors were provided. It is no secret that there were no stone wat, basalt insulation, the peasants did not cook the extrusion in the workshops, did not smell the foam.

The main insulation was moss, earth, straw with clay, and competent architecture of the house, not the last role in which the Russian oven played. Probably, damn jerked me to say that the foundation of the oven was heated in all directions, including in the underground, thereby adding several degrees of heat indoors from below.

To be honest, I did not expect that no smaller number of sofic experts would be added to the huge amount of sofa experts, sofa heat engineers, sofa architects and other experts who ended with Vinne (World Sofa Institute).

I do not believe the calculations made sitting in the chair. It is possible to say that something works only when it really works. So, two days ago, we found the «impossible» house. The house, which, from the position of sofa experts, simply could not exist.

So, that he imagined. It was a two-story building of the 19th century built, which was a brick first floor with a thickness of external walls of 800 mm, on which there was a second floor made from a cut from a thickness of 36 cm.

On the first floor there were floors on the ground, on the second — wooden lags that are tailored to the bottom of the draft boards, and from above — a clean floor. The first floor was adapted for warehouse and utility rooms. There was a workshop, salty-jam was kept, whereas on the second floor were heated living rooms.

So why is this impossible home?

Everything is very simple!

The second, the residential floor was heated three !!! Large Russian furnaces, which stood on large foundations, isolated from lime mortar and stones.

All foundations had a height of 3 meters.

How was the heating on the first stone floor?

No way!

It was heated due to residual heat, which was distributed in all directions. He was taken by the stone foundation. Of course, it is stupid to say that these three columns were enough for the heating of the entire floor, and there was a hell of hello heat. Moreover, they do not have any air ducts or producing, nor anything known to me, connected by convection of air.

But, according to the testimony of local residents, in the lower room, the total area of which was 150 square meters. m., In any frost, the temperature did not fall below +5.

Due to what?

Geothermal energy, calorifers, thermal, thermal guns, heat pumps, convectors and other charms of modern civilization in this house in the 19th century did not somehow imported. The fires also did not burn. It burned out of faulty wiring already in our time.

Well, what, there are ideas, at the expense of what this «impossible» house was heated?

And one more point, if the heat does not apply throughout the foundation, then why are experienced cooks protect the foundation of foam cell furnaces or other thermal insulation? Bulk probably, or with fat, be silent, spending money customers on the wind …

5 facts about working gloves: why the sellers did not talk about it

Once in the morning, to a large engineering plant, on a new, brilliant lacquer Mercedes, the last model drove up the supplier. All plant management, with undisguised envy in a voice, are many times louder than Turkish choir, chorus said:


And only the director, after the morning RAM, withdrew the head of the security service on the side and said quietly:

Check it.

For not a supply supplier who received 60 thousand rubles and worked at the factory just 1 year I could buy a new car for 3.5 million rubles. So it turned out: the reason for the purchase of a new car was the most ordinary workers gloves, but about it at the end of the article …

And now 5 rules on how to choose simple gloves for construction, work on the plot and so on. They are simple, but for some reason no seller says about them, but it would be necessary:

Never take black and chocolate gloves.

Yes, white gloves are getting rapidly dirty, yes, let them look like a waste of mammoth, but everything is perfectly visible.


By the way, that is why all employees of Honda’s assembly workshops go to white clothes and wear white gloves. At first they laughed in them — Belorukov, then they realized that this is the right decision.

Never take synthetic gloves for permanent operation.

Eight years ago, I lay in the hospital and my neighbor in the ward was a man who was cut into the hands. His hands with during dressing I often see in dreams. Starina Freddie Kruger (Hero of the film «Nightmare on Elm Street») with its blades on the glove just a puppy compared to what I saw on live hands.

Brrrr … So why I remembered it …

And one more point: in case of injury, the fibers of X / B fabric do not cause pollution of the wound, and when a dirty synthetic hit, the healing is at times longer.

Never buy the cheapest gloves, especially in ordinary building shops.

As one clever man said:

Disappointment from poor quality lasts much longer than happiness from saved money.

This thought in relation to gloves is applicable by 200%.

The quality of the gloves is determined by the number of threads per inch.

Thread4 and thread5 — this is a lot of money from 10 rubles, a one-time one-time thing, which is intended only for their owner to suffer.

Thread 7.5 is that the doctor prescribed for construction. These are double and pretty thick X / B gloves, which perfectly protect your hand from damage, have durable cuffs and are not cozy in the process of work. Plus warmly warm in winter.


Class10 — a dense knitting, thin thread, they are good for accurate works and synthetics added here, but the price is much higher. Because of this, it is very high likely to run into a fake, when instead of the 10th grade, a thread of 5 of the synthetic is seed.

Class13 — for high-precision work, often with latex obsolet. The price is about 4 times higher. In almost all building stores, you will sell fake instead of such gloves. Therefore, such gloves are better to take in large firms of workwear wholesale. So it will be cheaper and enough for the season.

For one season I take myself ten pairs of thread 7.5 and ten pairs class 10. It is enough with your head for the whole summer and even a couple of times to give humanitarian care to a neighbor.

Well, now about Mercedes and the supplier.

You probably have already guessed … He drove the 13th grade gloves on the enterprise all year, which were actually a fake. They were manufactured by the company of his wife. A four-fold difference between the family tandem put himself in his pocket. When he was fired, the director said one thing:

«If you were caught on securities or someone, you would have become a commercial director, because only a very smart person could think to such a thing. But so badly sailing, arriving at New Merine, only a fool could.

How much does flowers earn in seedlings 1 (one) woman on 1 (one) greenhouse

I thought for a long time, what words to start this article. I would like something heroic, beautiful, tremble, dying-cleaning immediately. And in the language, only one question is spinning:

What if you live 10 km from the city with two children, there is no work, but in your hands another old mother?

I do not know, I would never mind to build a greenhouse and make money on the sale of floral seedlings. And the heroine of today’s story this thought came to the head.

And she was able to implement it!

In general, today we dig in the city in search of colors seedlings. You understand the restrictions, the city is half empty. All merchants on the streets are tightly sent by homes accompanied by a stupid fine. Thanks to a random meeting, we managed to find out the contacts of a woman who lives 10 kilometers from the city in a private house and sells floral seedlings.


On her plot, if you feel honestly, there are two greenhouses. In the first, the seeds and their seating on the pots and cups occurs. It is small 3 * 6 meters. This is enough. All major work, growing, watering and selling goes to a large, main greenhouse (see the first panoramic photo).

When we saw this greenhouse and went to her — just lost the gift of speech. A large polycarbonate greenhouse, a size of 6 * 20 meters all, is absolutely all, top to bottom forced by pots and pallets with flowers.

Along the greenhouses are three long racks, each of which is 1.2 meters wide and has three levels. Plus from the top level on the hooks hang in one, or even in two rows of pots with flowers.

The total area of growing floral seedlings in greenhouse 200 square meters.

What only in it!

Starting from simple petunitions (about 15 types), Gerani and ending with a very expensive exotic, whose names I am now and I will not remember.

I remember only about one plant: it turns out to be gypsophila — this is not a person loving plaster, but a beautiful plant with thousands of white flowers, because of which it is called «blooming cloud».

Looking at the delight of 15 minutes along the blooming greenhouse, an inadequain from the dopeful aroma, scaping three pickles of seedlings and leaving almost three thousand rubles from a welcoming mistress, we went home. And at this time, two cars came to her house at once with regular gardener buyers.

Now let’s talk about the intimate … about money.

The hostess is engaged only by one greenhouse and only flower seadade. No greens. True, there is a little Victoria, but this is a «by-product». In a difficult case, children and an old mother helps her. She leads all things to himself, and that I will tell you, the salesman is good.

As they say, the seller is from God!

It is simply impossible to go without shopping. In the eyes of the hostess, visible interest is visible: do not throw a lot of goods to a person, and choose what you need and when you need. For example, some kind of colors she simply showed us, but did not sell — it’s too early, they would have seriously survived. Therefore, we agreed that we will arrive by the end of the May holidays.

As I said, only seedlings of flowers are growing on the square of 200 squares, from which about 40% of perennials and 60% annual plants. Many exotic.

At prices.

From the very beginning it is focused on the wholesale, so the prices are below those that can be seen in the markets. Petunia in our markets sell for 40-55 rubles. We bought it for 25 rubles. The average check is 3-4 thousand rubles. As a rule, by the end of the spring nothing remains — everything is sold.

This case has been engaged in this case for 5 years and it will fully feed the whole family. Clean, in hand, it turns out (for 2019) one million two hundred thousand rubles. That is, 100 thousand rubles per month. Five months of adult work and seven months of rest.

The plans are expanding the business, but in any case, it will be only a floral seedlings, nothing more. In our city there are three good large nursery, compete with them a novice is useless.

And a few words about advertising, promotion and other points. This is not a shadow business, the hostess is framed as self-employed, taxes are paid. The irrigation water goes out of the well, so the pocket is not much devastated for the water.

For five years in a row, she took part in sales fairs, stood in the city markets, the clientele was gained. From this year, it is quite clear, there are no markets, because all sales go through the srangian radio and the Internet. This is strongly helped by the daughters who lead pages in social networks, are postponed advertising in urban groups.

Now the moan and crying is heard from all sides, as everyone is bad, there is no money, there is nothing, unemployment, sit at home. That’s right, bad. But I thought about what. Right now, this woman plows in his greenhouse very much of the tractor, comes, fertilizes, watering, deals, sells. And her children find mom through the Internet of new customers. Yes, she lost from the introduced restrictions, but found a way to make a new step forward and knows exactly what can provide a family.


What do you think, is it if not a monument, then at least a good word?

When to live, if all the time goes on making money?

And this is the biggest problem of all needlewomen and «needleworks», which switched from the stage of monetizing their hobbies to a full and permanent job, on earnings in their craft.

Remember how in glossy magazines, photos on social networks are drawn beautiful paintings on how cool to create and get money for it. When you go to the main job, and in the evenings you do something in your cozy corner, and from time to time you get it money — it seems great and cool.

And it is really great and cool!

But as soon as you go to the stage, when your hobby becomes the main job, your favorite thing, when it is from this loved one you have to live, eat, pay for a communal, feed and wear children, right here, in this very moment you understand , what is this…

Not very cool!

What’s the difference?

The difference is huge. Creation, doing your favorite hobby, somewhere in a cozy corner, you do not think about money, you just work out, and it is creativity in pure form.

But when this hobby becomes a way to make money, everything changes.

I do not know a single person who would sit the watch in the workshop, created a masterpiece, sold it for 100-500 migres and lives a month. Everything is just on the turn — you have to pour almost around the clock:

What son do you? Do you want to eat? Go find something in the refrigerator!

-Well, lessons asked? Let me check in 5 minutes!

Skat on the rink? I can not give to me tomorrow!

Familiar words? And when to live?

Outputs from this endless circle three:

How to find in yourself the strength on the hobbies that you gave the employer at the main job — another problem. I have a bunch of friends who come home from the plant and just fall on the sofa without his strength. I do not want anything!

The second option is a direct path to creating your business when the workshop develops handicrafts and goes to the commercial level. How to save your direct involvement and creative element is another problem that the master will have to be solved anyway. But a little later …

What option do you choose?

Three most popular questions that ask January 1: Why?


With the coming!

And you also!


Who is homeless living?

Put me a wet cloth on my forehead !!!

Set the three most important questions: why? Why? What to do? — Traditional fun of almost all the inhabitants of this ball, who celebrate the New Year (not only in Russia). Yes, yes, in many countries, the population is celebrated to such an extent that the next day says:



What to do?

Well, since the second question is, as it were, the answer to the first, we will focus on the third. Cool logic, yes?

So what will we do during this year?

In general, the 2020th year was for our workshop and the canal quite successful. The channel, which was conceived as a small art glass workshop blog, suddenly rushed up:

It pleases, on the other hand imposes great responsibility: I do not want to lose your trust, do not justify expectations. This is a decent cargo.

Moreover, on our mail every day letters come with proposals to advertise credit cards, participation in lotteries, investments, schools and academies of earnings and other slag.

Gentlemen, there was never on this channel and there will be no advertising in this form.

The only possible form of advertising: a review provided for the test (temporary use, as a gift, etc.) Things that will seem necessary to me and useful with all its advantages and minuses. Honestly, without embellishment and hiding. If you are confident in your product, and it carries real benefits for people — as they say, Walkam!

The channel «Glass Fairy Tale» will continue to issue articles on the following topics:

Plans for the master of the workshop and our family:

In addition to these plans, there is one global goal, which (I do not promise, but there is a very big desire) I would like to fulfill in 2021: Go to Vladivostok and back, removing the film about it. It’s just a very big «Wishlist».

It turns out or not, I do not know, but the whole family voted — for.

What do you think is worth it?

What else can be done in the 21st year? O! It is necessary to go after one bottle of mineral water.

P.S. Yesterday I wished all the opening of the desired door in the new year … But there will be no health to be strengthened … well, for health!

What do you like, you will not earn

That ended in schools it is time for final exams. Our children stand on the threshold of a completely new life. Someone decided with his further sphere of activity himself, someone else fluctuates, someone does not know where to go. Well, someone parents speak directly: you will go to learn to a lawyer, economist, programmer, financier, etc. And very often the interests of a child or are not taken into account at all, or parents declare:


In fact, do not know! And do not even imagine how and what can be earned in 15-20 years. We think from the standpoint of twenty years ago, although we need to predict 20 years ahead. And it turns out that modern parents judge the future of their child with a fifty-year-old lag.

Let’s see how much lawyers do the specialty work? And economists? And managers? In fact, no more than half.

Yes, what to go far, I myself am on the second higher lawyer citizen. Yes, sometimes we advise friends and acquaintances, but no more. For a year now I am fully engaged in glass.

Who would know? This is generally impossible to predict!

My good friends, having watked your child in an art school for five years, after the end of the 11th grade they stuck their child … at the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration. And the child sincerely hates all this management Muo.

Will he work in the specialty?

No! And if it is, nothing good will not come out of this.

But now he manually paints with paints, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, trousers, dreams of buying a textile printer and its income per month already exceeds 20 thousand rubles, there are regular customers.


Yes! And do not even doubt it!

Most recently happened to familiarize himself with Iterview Gerd Leongard, the most influential EU CEO. So this person is completely reasonably suggesting that the economy of the future is the human economy. Robots and artificial intelligence will push all lawyers, accountants, economists, financiers, programmers, but we need exclusively «human» specialties that will be able to do something with their hands, create exclusive things.

As you already know recently ended the Bazhov Festival 2019. It happened on it to get acquainted with a huge number of people who are engaged in a favorite thing and earn it very well.

The economy of the nearest future is behind the people who are busy with their own business, in the eyes of which the spark is burning, who want and can create something with their own hands. That is why more and more appears in Russia

Yes, to engage in craft, to lead your own mini-business in this area is much more difficult than walking five days a week to work and receive a guaranteed salary. Yes, you can sit for days, weeks and even months to sit without money, but with an increase in skill, the money will appear, attachments to their own skills will reappear.

Therefore, dear parents, if you like something to do anything, then over time he will be able to earn it.

Do not doubt!

Mooseopathy for tomatoes: began to water them «black compote» — never thought they could grow

As you already know, we live in the Southern Urals, and the South Urals is such an interesting region in which gardening is no matter how, but it is like there. In all scientific articles, our region goes as

Risky agriculture zone.

That is, scientists are unobtrusively so they say: grow everything you want, but if in June, the snow is 20 cm in June or in September will fill with rains on the ears, then do not be offended. By the way, in July and August, there may also be gifts from the Mother of Nature, it happened that half of the summer go in sweaters, and the second half is poured later. In many ways, that is why the south of the Urals is unofficially called:


And indeed it is. To grow these delicious pieces in our conditions, you need to be at least Michuchin. And we have in the city of such half of the inhabitants. Everyone is trying to grow something more, painful, show each other, share useful advice. And one of these tips I want to share with you.

The fact is that this method literally saved our tomatoes last year. We collected them before everyone! And this is a rebelled landing from the early frosts traditional on the firm Urals at the end of summer.

In fact, the Council is very simple, but for its implementation, you need a large container equal to 1 Cuba, as on top photo. If the tank is greater or less, then the dose must be proportionally increased or decreased.

So, for the preparation of «black compote» you need:

All this good divorces in warm water, it insists exactly one day and gently shimmes the tank with a capacity of 1 cube. Water in the tank immediately acquires a dark peat tint. That is why we call such watering «black compote.»

The concentration of fertilizers with such breeding is low, approximately 5 times less than what is written in the instructions, but in combination with biohumus, it turns out a very nutritional mixture. It looks like homeopathy when people are treated with supermarine doses of medication.

After that, the tank connects to the drip irrigation system in a greenhouse with tomatoes and pepper, as well as to pipes of watering cucumbers and other greenery. I do not know why this solution affects the growth of plants so much, but tomatoes are growing like on yeast.

Now June, and tomatoes in our greenhouse are already similar to July. By the way, this «compotic» affects potatoes, cucumbers, roses, raspberries, Victoria. Since a solution of weak concentration, it can be watered twice a month — it is much more useful for landings, in addition, it is impossible to burn the soil fertilizers.

The recipe for this «black compote» was suggested by the former agronomist of the collective garden. We tried and did not regret! True, sometimes lazy and pour out a little less often than it is relied. By the way, it was noticed that tomatoes grown with such watering are not only stored much longer, but also resistant to small cooling and freezing.

What you need to know about the decorations from Murano glass: because of what we bring them dozens for repairs

Well, how so? To visit Venice and not to buy a single thing from a beautiful, transfusion with all the colors of the rainbow, Venetian glass? And if you visited Murano Island, God himself sent to buy some beautiful thing for myself or to decorate the house, apartments. I want to be bought at the trip thing pleased the owner very and very long.

There is only one small but!

In most cases bought in Venice or on the very island of Murano, decorations very quickly come into disrepair. First, metal parts begin to darken, the coating quickly corps, blacks, after which the chains and latches are collected. Well, as a cherry on the cake, a fishing line burst, which is skipped inside beads, necklace, bracelets.

No, everything is fine with the glass itself, as it was bright and brilliant, so it remains. But everything else!

What is the cause of low quality, and what you need to be prepared when buying real «authentic» decorations from Murana glass.

Let’s start with the cause.

Do not believe, even the Chinese now fittings are better than the Italians. My good acquaintance specifically asked the Italian Master:

Do you have decorations with parental?

No senor.

But it is still necessary to buy a souvenir! Therefore bought. And four months later brought us for repairs. This kit, which in the photo was sent for repairs from another city. Not even brass, ordinary keenas, the cheapest fishing line.

What a jewelry cable!


There they didn’t even hear about him.

But each detail is proudly signed by «Maid In Itali», even the number certificate in the box lay. And such sets or separately bracelets and seg are brought and sent to a year per hundred pieces.

What you need to be ready.

Even with the most careful wearing, Muranian jewelry on the fishing line are the maximum of six months — a year. After that, the fishing line rusts and the decoration can be on the floor with all the consequences …

Therefore, in the process of socks it is desirable to constantly check the strength of the product. As soon as a suspicion of the fast «star» appeared, it is better to pay for repair to any workshop. Disassemble, package, pollast or replace the accessories to a new one with a protective coating, gather anew. And the decoration will please the hostess for many years.

We also have in

Than dangerous utensils from stained glass

The variety of products made of glass presented on the shelves of Russian supermarkets, simply amazing imagination. Glasses, dishes, cups, plates, bowls, salad bowls, glasses please the eye of the buyer with all sorts of forms, texture, colors. Sometimes to pass by simply unrealistic — the eye snags a bright spot of a beautiful salad bowl, a red or yellow price tag, and the hand itself stretches to put the dishes in the cart for shopping.

So we once, walking on Auchan, seduced with beautiful salad bowls, low price and bought a pair of salad bowls to the house. At the price tag, a proud inscription was concerned: «Salad. Colored glass. Diameter 29 cm.» I don’t remember the price now, but it’s not even expensive.

We took advantage of this salad bowl only twice. At the first sink in warm water, the so-called «color» glass has become trite to break out. Washed, laughed at the resourcefulness of the Chinese, put a stack of salad bowls and went to engage in their affairs.

We were very lucky that the second salad was prepared in the lower salad bowl and refilled sour cream. If there were oil instead of sour cream, it would be impossible to see anything.

On yellowish home, paint particles showed!

Yes, the salad suites are painted outside, the paint inside is not. But after the dishes are wiped and driving standing on each other, paint particles dry out, exfoliate and fall into the dishes standing below.

And it turns out that every time we take such a stack of dishes, and we prepare the salad in it or something else, paint particles fall into our food. Manufacturers argue that this is a «food» enamel, but it does not become easier from this. In the countries of the European Union, the painted enamel dishes were banned for use, as this can cause oncology and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

There is no such ban in Russia.

Check painted with dishes or not very simple — get the key from the apartment out of your pocket or handbag and squeeze it on the bottom. Enamel immediately pops up and you will see a clear, ripped scratch.

If you want to buy a salad bowl or other other utensils from stained glass, choose products of European manufacturers. One of the best is French Luminarc Arcopal.

Well, we, yesterday made such a beautiful plate. From the present, color (not painted enamel) glass, which will always be bright, beautiful, giving summer. She rides in Ulan-Ude.

That’s all today.

All good.

Take care of yourself.

Tell me your thoughts about the said — will be very cool to talk.

Is it true that the crack in the glass can «overgrow»?

The glass is associated with a huge number of myths.

And one of them — over time, the cut from glass cutter or even a simple crack can «infect».

In stitches for stained-glass windows, in videos on YouTube, it is often said that after cutting glass cutter, glass should be broken as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the crack is collapsed and smoothly break the glass will not succeed. That is why, they say, professional glass cutters fill with oil specifically so that the oil penetrates into the crack and does not allow the glass to «overgrow».

Today we had a chance to check this statement. I helped the neighbor to disassemble the old glass greenhouse, which was built back in 2002 (the house was built in 1992, and the greenhouse in 2002 so selected, not 20 years, and 18 it turns out).

When disassembling the greenhouse on the same glass, I saw a rather clear track from the glass cutter. Sin was not to take advantage of the chance.

Neatly reset the glass from the frame …

Brought to the workshop …


took a leap for glass

Slightly pressed and …

Dzynk — Glass broke into two parts as if he had just cut the glass cutter.

For the sake of interest looked at the rift closer. It is perfect that the glass cutter cut through no more than 0.7 millimeters of glass.

After that, they took professional oil glass cutter, cut the line and also broke.

No difference!

No any. It is simply not. Therefore, the glass over time does not overgrow, does not collapse … as a crack was, so it will remain.

Now let’s talk about why professional glass cutters fill with oil or a special glass cutting fluid. After all, many Master are confident that the oil facilitates the process of flushing the glass.

Nothing like this!

Here on self-segment everything is very simple — the main purpose of the oil is to protect the cutting steel roller from overheating.

If you use glass cutter without oil (or a special cooling fluid), the roller will quickly fill and instead of fast cutting glass will be one torment.

The manufacturers themselves themselves indicate that without the use of oil, the service life of the glass cutter is reduced by 5 times!

In addition, in the process of cutting, the oil binds glass fragments and dust, which is flying out of the cutting roller, and does not allow this garbage to get into the lungs.

As is known, glass dust is not excreted from the lungs, and the silicosis is one of the most common diseases among glasswalls. That is why oil glass cutter is a mandatory masters attribute.

We also have in