For half a year, I was looking for an elusive pest, which left small brown brown piles on the site.

We have an agreement on the division of labor.

We keep household and workshop, plot, they are engaged in all garden matters. We help only in the case when you need to set up something, build, or, on the contrary, break, raise heavy — everything where without dad can not do.

Mom is engaged in consulting, that is, it comes with an important view of the site and shows a finger: This we will put here, it’s here, it is to pour it, it is ridiculed, to focus, suspend. Well, when the heart does not withstand, rushes to the help of children herself.

A few years ago, such a case happened to us.

As it was now spring, sowing and gardening works in full swing: something sits down, digging, mowing, the beds are transferred, pooling plants spill or treated. That year there were a lot of colors.

The flower garden turned out to be fame!

He just began to notice that the children were growing more and more and harder. It is underway with a flower bed and transplanted bushes of black currant, pour out, spray, digs on the Internet in search of something of one of them known, and in the evenings go around and look out for something.

Asked, but they scored as water in the mouth. Silent. Even my mother said nothing. Well, silent and okay, we work in the workshop, orders need to be performed.

In the evening, the younger Children’s composition came to our workshop for the Family Council:

-Mama and dad, we have a problem.

-What’s happened?

On the site, some pest started, which makes the leaves of black currant dirty and under all the bushes and even in the flower bed leaves strange brown handhes.

What does something?

-It, the fact is that there is no. Some strange bugs. They are brown and scattered into dust if they are touched.

-Can trouble? Although she does not leave her piles. Let’s see see.

They came to the flower bed and currant bushes. We looked at. Turned to each other, smiled and went back to the workshop.

-Derty, we looked at your pest and know who does it.

-Who? How to catch it?

Do you want milk coffee with foam? First you drink, then tell.

There is a small coffee machine in our workshop, which remained from our small cafe, which we kept a year before the glass workshop. Coffee she prepares stunning.

True, the children do not really complain him, they like soluble more. That is why we dragged the coffee machine to ourselves. But cappuccino with thick dairy foam they love.

We drank coffee, talked about family matters, new orders, even looked at YouTube on YouTube and here the Children say to the choir:

-Well, moms, dad, what is this pest? Talk!

-This is us. Rather dad.



See. This is a coffee cake. Now it has become warm and I throw it under the bushes and sometimes for flowers. This is a very good fertilizer. And those stains leaves are coffee, I also have to shake it. We will drink coffee, and in the evening, when everyone sleeps, I my coffee machine and shaking coffee.

What storm of emotions we saw on the faces of children not to describe!

Several years have passed, but we remember this case. And, every time I go out of the workshop to throw coffee on the beds, and I fall behind this thing on my daughter’s eyes, she smiles and says:

Pest …

We also have in

Why people appeared in the Ural forests on expensive cars who are looking for only inedible mushrooms

Oh God, how I love to collect mushrooms!

When all the year we run in the workshop and only a little glass glass and a little more …

Even just like the forest — the pleasure is indescribable. Yes, what to say here, you know everything yourself. But when the mushroom starts, when the autumn damp makes the most delicious mushrooms be climbed from under the rippled leaves, then we laugh and fly the forest — we will wait for us.

So it was this autumn. One day we threw everything, put in the trunk baskets and shoulders, and flew into the forest. Before our village, this time we almost got drove — turned into a lucky fishing ringer.


No, I, of course, I understand that some people are freight and one’s own, but fresh, clean, just getting out of the ground, to play football !!!

Who did the barbarism learned?

We go further, and there everything is bursting, not a single normal mushroom is crushed, crushed, some are cut with a knife. We go further and … I heard the voices of the really crowds of people. As if the detachment of pioneers is slender rows along the path to swim. We come closer to the edge and not that I am surprised, and we do not believe your eyes.

On the edge there are three healthy SUVs with open trunk, where a person seven — eight pouring poisonous mushrooms from the vest.

Not freight, not like, not … Yes, without a difference, they scored to the top to the top and stand satisfied with cars, drink tea from thermos, something even snacks.

I gained courage, went closer:

Guys, are you freaky crudsali?

Well, we! So what?

Of course, I wanted to answer that I was a «soil patrol» and they were detained until the circumstances were clarified, but there was a wonderful understanding that they would make the same with me as with Gruses. Therefore, I replied simply:


Yes, we did everything here, go on the other side of the road. There we will collect tomorrow.

And then I take and Lyapney:

What do you do with mushrooms on such scales?


But seeing my eyes, explained:

-Joke. We rent them and envy for medical organizations.

So, that we managed to figure out.

While the ordinary mushrooms are collected by freight and even for their table, «unusual mushrooms» collect completely different mushrooms. They are not interested in edible — they collect entire teams of collectors and are going specifically in specific places for quite definite mushrooms.

This is a mumor. Now they are industrialized by many, but on the industrial «stream» the collection of these mushrooms was able to deliver only a few people. Closer to the autumn in the forests of Bashkiria, three teams of builders who divided the forests among themselves can be opened.

The collection of agarms is very simple — you are looking for, you find, cut off the hat, go on. As soon as I scored the full bucket — drag the owner, which, by the way, also digs around the district in search of bright red beauties.

In one day, one «team» dials the full trailer «Kurricians». This is enough for several days of work: all the caps are sorted depending on how the color of the amanita, which kind of type it, the hat was revealed or not — it turns out to be very important. In a special price, large extended hts of pantry flyers.

After sorting the hats, the mugs are dried in industrial dryers on a special thermal regime — it is important to overheat anything, otherwise the necessary substances will simply be destroyed. When overheating the caps are darling and in great demand do not use. The photo above is the result of three days of the work of one brigade.

When the hats of the amansarov dried completely sorted by the varieties: the highest, first, second. Each variety has its own price, but about it is slightly lower.

After sorting, the dried raw materials goes:

And now at prices. What you see on Avito is the prices of «to fool» (when for 1 kg. They ask for 19-25 thousand) — they are overestimated several times and ads are given in the hope that the inexperienced man will «bend» and buy. Real prices are several times lower.

At the agro-earrier where all wholesale purchases pass for 1 kg. dried hats are ready to pay from 6 to 9 thousand rubles. Large billers are offered at a price of 7 to 11 thousand. The finished tinctures of amansor traveled at a price of 2100 rubles per 50 ml.

Ah, yes.

An ordinary collector receives a piece of payment for the day «agar night hunt». For 1 kg, the hats pay an average of 75 rubles. For a day you can minimize 1200 — 3100 rubles. Many such earnings make it good to «support pants». The master of the brigade receives … You understand how much, a healthy kruzak is just not bought.

So next time you see people in the forest with full amansor baskets, do not rush to save them. They just earn.

5 crafts worth do, if there is an earnings in the first place

The author does not claim the truth in the last instance. And even in the penultimate. I express only my point of view. Do not agree? Welcome to Comments! Adequate comments are welcome.

Craft, handmade, needlework and other affairs associated with manual work, people are engaged in two reasons:

This is a hobby when you want to take a free time from the main work. The effectiveness, economic benefit, feasibility, etc. is not important. It’s just a hobby, in which you can pour a huge amount of money, but you can do something at all without money on the knee. If the hungry stomach is not knocking on the bottom of the chin, then you can deal with painting with gold paints on the oil well;

This is an earnings when … when you want to eat and your own skill, your hands and head is the only way to make money. It is in this case that the proverb works for all 100%: how to fill and fall.

Yesterday I was asked a very interesting question:

What craft can be done to go to decent, systematic earnings as soon as possible?

The question is interesting in that now many after 40 years get a job not so that it is difficult, and sometimes impossible. And the only opportunity does not learn the skates — do something.

Own business!


Based on personal experience, including sales, participation in urban, regional, all-Russian fairs, festivals, exhibitions and others … Ah and … Yach will allocate:

Interior items and decor made of wood and metal for home, cottages and garden.

For example, this year I personally faced the fact that in my half-million city nobody is engaged in the manufacture of high-quality pergol, arbors, garden lattices. All that is, done at the level — take or go for all the well-known walking route.

In Miass several years ago, young guys could not get a job with a normal salary, organized their carpentry workshop. Now they are engaged in the manufacture of decor for the cottages of wealthy Chelyabinsks at Oz. Turgoyak.

A year after the opening of the workshop, they tried them to lift the entrepreneur who had previously refused to have to work. Already they sent him on the same route.


Daughter settled in the children’s clinic by the registrar. But at night sits and makes orders. She has full orders! Turn for two and a half months. She has already prepared Voooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, which she needs to develop his business.

Who after that tells me that jewelers are sitting without work … I have already spoken about the route. So it depends on what jewelers.

Production of utilitarian products from wood.

The same guys from Miass at fairs are not shy to sell beer boxes, lunch boxes, picnic boxes, folding tables and wood chairs, boards, crafting packaging boxes.

Again, someone will say:

It is difficult, you need to break through competition.

And who said, what should be easy?

Ceramics and mosaic.

With ceramics more difficult. Ceramists are now a lot. So many. Too much. People were seduced by the visible simplicity of entering this case and rushed to sculpt the author’s ceramics. From their hands, there are sometimes such creations, which are not looking for no tears, and you can simply lose the rest of the vision. But a good master-ceramist, even a beginner, but the taste and feeling of the material quite well, lives.

Recently, we met a girl who left Russia to Turkey. Long sat without money, and my husband was against work. She got a job in ceramics workshop. Having worked and earning there for two years, opened its studio for Russian-speaking. Now she earns many more husband.


But! Such Masters Unit.

We are constantly coming with orders for blowing glass. We want, but we cannot. No time, equipment, money and much more. But we want. Very want to master. Literally three days ago, they were forced to transfer a contract for almost one and a half million rubles to another person. Sorrow! The old Jew rides in me.

And one moment. All I listed above is not a business in the garage with a minimum investment! Tales now do not work. In any case, the instrument and our own training will have to spend not one thousand rubles!

There will be earnings or not — everything depends on the person himself.

In any case, it is better to start and regret once than not to start and constantly regret the missed opportunities!

Three facts about the Ural River, who are not found in any textbook

If you look at the map of Russia, then in its European part you can see two bright blue arteries: this is the Volga and Urals. On the map they are about the same thickness and often make up the feeling that they are almost equal.

Member phrases in school textbooks are absolutely not talking about what is really this mysterious Russian river, and why most tourists, having visited her shores, cannot come to themselves: this is the same river that is almost equal to the Volga.

Let’s fix this flaw.

Urals — the third river of Europe.

This is a factory pond. The Ural himself is a little less. Once at 100.

It is worth driving a little higher or slightly lower, the same tourists get up with a pillar:

-And where everything went?

In the width and depth of the Ural — a river 10-15 meters wide. In the larger part of the Urals, you can even see the knees. A couple of years ago we decided to go to alloy from Magnitogorsk downstream. Most of the time we fiber spoons for themselves: the depth of the river did not exceed 15 centimeters.

Everyone knows that the Ural River is the border between Europe and Asia.

But in fact, the Ural River does not share anything. From the point of view of geographic science (yes, yes, there is such a, tooth give), Europe and Asia shares the Ural ridge.

And the geographical border between Europe and Asia (read in China and its consumers) coincides with the Ural River only between the two cities of Verkhneuralsk and Magnitogorsk, it is here that the «right» stellas of Europe-Asia are.

But Magnitogorsk very well divides the Ural River into two parts. Above it, the river flows the purest water, in which Harius is even found. But below such a cocktail from the Mendeleev table, which is still a little bit and you can refill cars directly from the river.

So the Urals in the upper flow proceeds in Asia, and in Nizhny in Eastern Europe.

The Ural River used to be called YIK.

In history textbooks, it is sometimes mentioned that the ancient Greek scientist Ptolemy on his map launched the Urals as Daix (flooding).

But few people know that local nomad tribes called the Urals completely differently. Savromat nomads tribes were so amazed by the amount of river bends, innumerable loops, rays, styrices, which gave the Urals a completely appropriate name — Ramne.

Guess how this word is translated?


Three facts are, of course, great, but there is also the fourth.

The Ural looks like a Volga and in that he put his more complete sister to the background. We all know that the Volga actually should be called a stone, since Kama is full. Just tradition is a tradition, therefore Volga said once, it means Volga.

With the Ural, the same story …

From the point of view of the science of Pototoology (it is also hydrology — the science of rivers) The Ural River, she is Yaik, she is Daiks, she is lazy … should not be called the Urals, but Sakmar. The Sakmar mountain river in the place of his merger with the Urals is full of 30%.

With water, the Urals is not lucky. Most of the giving moisture, he takes from the melting snow of the Ural Mountains. But the last few years the snow towards us is almost not taken, and once there is nothing to melt, then the water is shortage.

The average annual flow consumption of Sakmary is 4.4 km3, and the Urals are 3.3 km3. Even in the summer it is full of the Urals. So from a scientific point of view, the Urals is Sakmar.

But … she was simply not born in life.

What does the bottom of the legendary mountain of magnetic, from which 700 million tons of ore were taken out of 77 years (photo)

Well, to be honest, the ore was taken not 77 years old. The first hands to mining iron were attached … Aryans. These guys traveled through Eurasia in search of the venue of the promised and several centuries in our places. So prehistoric metallurgists already at that time were not averse to dig in the Ural subsoil.

Then about the wonderful grief, whose slopes of which are almost entirely made from the richest iron ore, they learned steppes-nomads. Well, loved all sorts of horses on our steppes. These guys were well sooo militant, and weapons they needed well, sooo a lot.

The oldest arms race led to the fact that when the geological parties of Russian industrialists stumbled on the mountain, where the compasses do not work and refuses the GPS, the slopes of this mountain were similar to the honeycomb. So many people have time to «break through» there.

If it were not for the revolution, the development of the legendary magnetic mountain would be the beginning of the royal government. For geologists (and there were about 5 parties) Salzing the slopes of the mountain carried the verdict:

Do not dig up.

It was believed that the reserves of iron ore in the mountain would be enough for about 200 years, no one could specify the exact number of the figure.

After the revolution, the Bolsheviks were connected to the plans for the development of the mountain: the guys are active, creative, they did not love to sit still. And sent three search parties to the Urals at once. The last party carried the verdict:

With an active industrial development, a large ruda inverter will be enough for 120 years, which is about 10 billion tons.

Remember what I talked about the activity of the Bolsheviks? They did not slow down and in 1929 the locomotive brought to the foot of a unique mountain of the first batch of builders.

In general, Magnetic Mountain is not one mountain. This is a collective name of five low hills: Atach, birch, far, tiercan and a host. Five hills formed a square with parties 5 by 5 km. The ore deposit was held between the two vertices of five and partly outwardly outwarded. The content of iron achieved 72% in some ore veins, which was considered unique.

Already in 1929, the grief made an autopsy and the first ore went to the metallurgical giant under construction. At that time, loved drumk, respectively, the ore was taken out of the ground with the same shock pace.

And, gradually, an understanding came that billions of ore in the legendary grief would not smell. Ruda was rich, but it was not so much.

And I was withdrawn by all the percussion and perch.

Of course, the Great Patriotic War said his word when Magnitogorsk Steel was more necessary than gold. Shells, tanks, rifles, automata and machine guns — all this was required by our army in giant quantities.

But after the war, the extraction of ore was continuing more and more active. The most productive year was 1957, when 17 million tons were raised from the ground. And this record became the beginning of the end — the mines realized that there was not even a billion tons in Mount. He lived did not leave deep down, did not go to other heights, as geologists hoped, she was simply exhausted.

The last ton of ore from the richest deposit was mined in 2006.

During all this time, about 700 million tons of ore were seized from the mountain.

Now in the place of two vertices turned out to be a deep step of removal, which is now reclaimed, fall asleep with clay and chernozem, and over time, the forest will make noise on the site of the legendary mountain. Russia’s largest metallurgical plant works exclusively on imported raw materials.

From the motor removed seals.

That’s so completely imperceptibly, in 18 days, we rolled 1000 kilometers on a separated car.

And it was necessary to happen that the day when we signed up for re-checking the oil level, the end of the world broke out in the city. Many citizens remembered the film «The day after tomorrow» when the whole planet was frozen. We had about the same. For a day, one and a half monthly standards of snow fell. The second day, instead of glass cutter in my hands, a shovel was spent.

Green trees! Even nature itself was against our trip to the dealer! But time it came up, the delay is not in our interests. We arrived, the oil was merged and the serviceman scratched the head:


-How many?

-560 milliliters.

That is, 1000 km. The machine ate a little more than half of the liter of oil. Even our old eight-year-old Nissan laptop butter did not eat at all. How many flooded, so much turned out. And here half a liter. If the planned replacement of oil for the regulations is 15 thousand kilometers, then on the ninth thousand, the engine lubricant will be carried out by the Holy Spirit.

True, the service master with hope in his eyes, he said that after forty thousand, many West Mascinal disappears, everything gradually rubs away.

In the truth, the first 40 are the hardest in the life of a man and … Lada Vesta.

The dealer made an act, made a lot of photos, took the samples of oil and sent it to the plant. There wise and good engineers should deal with the problem. We changed the oil for free.

Today they were called from the salon and very, very, very «pleased.» The plant considered samples, rated oil consumption and said:

Guard, do not worry, our engines love to eat oil. Normal oil consumption on 1.8 liter engines is 0.7 liters per thousand kilometers. And with active driving, the oil consumption can reach 1 liter per thousand.

Honestly! I felt like the owner of the five BMW, there are 1000 km. Oil consumption is also 1 liter. True, the engine is 3 liters, well, the car is more expensive. And so the nostril in the nostril go. At least something we could also do as Bavarians. Ah, well done!

This, of course, is stub, but tell me how how the car can drive from then to the factory of 15 thousand kilometers when the oil consumption in a liter or even 0.7 liters? Apparently, the plant thinks like this: I changed the oil and still need to pour into the canister for a permanent topping. Just a wonderful perspective. It seems that AvtoVAZ decided to double the sale of Rosneft.

The dealer suggested this option: we give the car to the defective, if the shoals of the plant find, then repair is free, if not, the analysis and assembly of the engine, worth 15 thousand rubles, at our expense.

We think.

And the rest is a dream car. And bad weather proved it again. There was about two meters along the fence, and there were at least 30 cm on town roads. And Vesta walked as a tank, a traveler motor, a big mass and clearance make their job.

P.S. Although this is what I think maybe it makes sense to pour another oil? Motul, for example, or Shell? Who can tell? Have experience?

Soft windows for home and garden: minuses that installers do not say

The last two years about soft windows does not speak only lazy. All celebrate their beauty, practicality, convenience and benefits. I do not argue, the material is very good, and in many cases without it, not to do, but it will be just comfortable. However, advertising and colorful descriptions of installers often speak of such things and qualities for which soft windows are not less gently capable.

Let’s separate the grain from the spurred and look at this «novelty» without enthusiastic views, and with predilection.


In advertising, the consumer promises a price tag of 500 rubles per square meter.

However, in the case of order, the price behind the window grows up to 1,500 rubles per m², as it turns out that this cost does not include lightning, recordings, latches, cords, branded fastening systems. Even plus the N-number number of rubles are thrown for installation. So keep in mind if the price is less than 1600 rubles per square / m, then the curtains will go low quality. It will be originally a disposable thing.

Country of origin.

Maybe in Moscow or St. Petersburg there are very wealthy people who are ready to overpay 3-4 times, but in the province people are considered to be very good. Therefore, for yourself, note if you are offered to put soft windows from Germany only 30% more expensive, you can look into the mirror and assess the volume of spaghetti on the ears, because the German material is at least 3 (three !!!) times more expensive than Chinese. You just want to catch up, at least a little.


This is true!

True, polyurethane darkens over time, and does not turn yellow, but they do not speak anything about this installers.

What for?

The owner of it will know about it.


With time.

Bad tolerability of UV radiation.

As you already know, PVC turns yellow, polyurethane darkens. It all depends on the quality of the material: if it is low, then the yellowness will overtake you in a year if quality is height, then yellowed after 3-4 years.

But pleases in any case! This property of any PVC and does not escape from him. Polyurethane windows are darling in 3-5 years. Again in any case — whatever quality material was not.

Bad tolerability of high and low temperatures.

Virm Herod!

With a strong heat, soft windows become very soft, fold their champs on a half and can be very strong. But it’s not terrible, it is worst that they can be calmly pierced. It is enough to hurt a sharp angle, I don’t even speak about Shape, and write gone.

And now about minus. In winter, especially in severe frosts from the category-dubak, soft windows cease to be such, duby and get up. And worse than just that they are categorically impossible to touch them — the chances are provided.

And the last item, which is not a disadvantage, but because of him, very many owners spit from the hero of today’s story — the demand for making and install.

Due to thermal expansion and compression at low temperatures, soft windows are demanding of the quality of manufacture and fittings. It is enough to accomplish literally a few millimeters and instead of Dorokho-bohatat you will hang crooked-space.

And, by the way, about fittings. The accessories should be at least ykk, everything else from the evil.

And one moment. If you have a dog, then … it is better to consult with her. My familiar dog loves to nibble the chatting canvas. For two years, changed the third. The second slipped into her booth, and she still gnaws what dangles. She just like the process itself.

Now you know everything about soft windows 😂.

«Satan’s glass fingers»: what the Americans were looking for in the jungle of Mexico, and why they watched the intelligence of the whole world

Sultry in the summer of 1980, hearing rumored is a big expedition from the USA. For several months, something has been looking for something in one of the most deaf corners of Mexican jungle: on the northwestern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula.

What became interested in the Yankees, once they were ready to climb into such a debris, where there is almost nothing but the ruins, jungle, wild monkeys and no less wild drug dealers?

Believe me, this question asked not only scientists, but also explorations of all countries of the world. And once the Yankees are looking for something and can not find, then we must find it the first. Rumors went different: starting from the search for the secret hinter hopper, to the landing strip of flying plates. In any case, such a number of spies and intelligence officers per square meter of Mexican territory exceeded all reasonable limits.

But then, justicely simultaneously, the interest of intelligence went to no, but the Mexican Indians became very interested in search of Yankov. And this interest could already be explained.

The fact is that the American Expedition, who worked on a strange coincidence, on the territory of the settlement of the Indian Indians, really found something. And this was something very important for the Indians.

In 1978, the Americans conducted a study at the Day of the Mexican Gulf in order to search for new oil fields. Where oil, there is money, so in search of oil forces and funds did not regret. There were no new deposits that year, but something else was found — strange ring mountains on the ocean day.

And these mountains went to the land!

Geophysics put forward the theory that the mountains are in fact the border of a huge crater, which formed God knows when after hitting no less huge meteorite about the land-mother.

The diameter of the crater was 180 km, and the depth is 20 km!

In 1980, the search for the land border of the crater continued on the territory of Mexico. Intelligence other countries quickly realized that the Americans are really looking for only knowledge, but not the base of aliens. Therefore, spies instantly evaporated to solve their spyware in other parts of the world.

So why did the descendants of the great Maya worried the Indians?

Everything is very simple. The Kamenik’s flew from Cosmos was folded from … Iridia, which flew into the ground at such a speed that the land was instantly evaporated. The power of the explosion was approximately 100 teranton trotyl (it is 2 million times the power of the Soviet king bomb). In zeros it will be so much:

As a consequence of this outdoor drummer, 15 tres of the molten rock, mainly sand, was instantly spilled in the ocean and to the nearby peninsula. In the field of sand froze and turned into a fragile glass stones (tekteitis), very similar to hourglass.

Maya often found such «gifts» on their land. Because of the shape, similar to the phalange of the fingers, the Indians believed that these drops belong to the Supreme Divine of the underworld Kingdom — the goddess ISH Tab (Soviet sister to our Satan).

For Maya, these were the fingers of the goddess!

I do not know how the goddess had with my fingers, but they saw them in huge quantities, even more. In general, when the Indians learned that the Yankees came behind these «fingers», the Indians were very tightened.

Very straightened!

The conflict has been brewing. The situation was saved by the promise of scientists not to take the fingers of the book from the territory of the peninsula. The promise of the Yankees … It was quite traditionally did not restrain — several such glass droplets were safely worn. The result of the research was the discovery of the largest crater in the world, which remained from a meteorite that destroyed dinosaurs.

So the glass helped not only open a huge crater, which was called Chikshulub, but also to know the cause of the death of dinosaurs.

Why do handmade work as a junk?

Yesterday, one of the subscribers sent me a link to a colleague on the workshop and asked to appreciate.

It is terribly angry when handmade products are called junk or crazy handles.

But sometimes…

It’s no secret that glasswall is a very expensive craft. In order to just start — already need to lay out significant

The warranty is that you will succeed and you will make money on your craft there is no completely. Primary need to be able to sell. You need to be able to think, analyze, predict. The slightest error may entail

The most important thing in any craft is personal skill or, as the bourgeois says, skill.

And here it is not always the obvious problem: at what level of personal skills you can sell your masterpieces?

How to determine the level after which you will not be ashamed for the things made by you?

Everyone decides this question in different ways. Someone decides to trade only after set for himself a definite bar and stepped over it.

Someone fundamentally no slats puts — there is a material, there is a tool — drove.

I understand that this can be done as a «trial ball» and leave for yourself — for memory. We have several such «souvenirs».

But when this is postponed to the Fair of Masters and go to exhibitions and sales — this is above my understanding.

In many ways, it is why the attitude towards manual work in many people is extremely negative.

If you remove the «art component» in this work, then the rest of the technical marriage.

Oh, my eyes, stop bleeding!

Check like if you like it, it will be very nice.

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Shopping centers in vain waited for opening: the habits of people have changed a lot over these months

Last week, the city began to be gradually in the city, shopping centers began to open. Entrepreneurs missed the Spirit in the hope of getting at least a little profit, lick the wounds for business obtained during forced closure.

And it was not here!

People did not rushed into shopping centers, did not break off during the forced seating. From the moment of opening shopping centers in my hometown, exactly a week was held, some results can be summed up. Unfortunately, they are disappointing. All stores, boutiques and minor departments selling things, mark a decline of 40-60% of the level of sales last year.

In many respects, the fact that entrepreneurs cannot quickly update the range, orders for summer collections are not made. Novelties will go on the counter only for autumn, and this is another season in clothes. My friend, having a decent clothing boutique, now sells all things with a discount of 30%.

Not a blowable 30% when 50% was added, and threw 20%, and the real 30%. Even selling all things immediately, she will only take the rental and remuneration of two vendors. But there are few people, at such a pace, she will be able to sell everything only by autumn and it is excluding rental.

But there is no money for rent!

If you do not take into account the fall in income, seasonality, and so on. The main reason is what is a decline in sales in ourselves. Whatever it sounds strange, we have changed very much. Scenes at home changed our habits and ways to buy goods.

People have become more and more buying through the Internet!

In winter, my daughter, while I was from college to a sports section or into English, loved to rinse on an hour to some shopping center, watch decorations, jewelry, drink a cup of coffee with a boot.

Now she orders everything over the Internet.

Earrings? Easily!

Sneakers? Even easier!

Dresses? She climbed on Shain and bought there all the freshest for the summer. Her older sister does the same. And neighbor-fashionista. And almost all female classmates.

Yes, what to go far!

In the spring, just sit down at home, I decided to finish the remaining part of the fence and cook the gate. The problem is only that the electrodes ended. Traditionally, for such cases, I would go to the construction market.

But it is closed!

I had to order electrodes via the Internet. Bought for 680 rubles a large pack. Yesterday I was traveling to the newly working building. All sellers have the same electrodes of 990 rubles per pack. So the maximum that I now buy — Faneru and Cement.

Another example.

Our white dog yesterday ate a leash. Licks and shoved:

The owner, still, tasty!

There is nothing to do, went to the store, but previously looked at prices on the Internet. With delivery after 3 days a very good leash costs 1200. The exact same leash in the store of goods for animals is … 2250. To the question:

-What is so expensive?

An extremely simple answer was given:

We are a high rent.

Congratulations, this store is already one foot in closing. And it leaves only thanks to the sale of feed for weight.

So, if I need to buy something now, I first climb the Internet and buy there. And in the shops go only when you need to buy something urgently and what is not in the city. And so do almost all my friends and friends.

We have changed, our habits have changed. And what happened over the past three months just spurned the transition of people to online shopping.

What do you think?