Crystal vase weighing 1.2 tons.

As you know, Tsar Vaza is made of jasper and is stored in the Hermitage. But few know that there is another king vase, which was made of lead glass (that is, from crystal) as a gift for one very famous person.

You probably have already guessed to who could give such a vase?

Yes, yes, yes, it is him.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.

At the seventieth anniversary, which the whole country celebrated December 21, 1949. The celebration of the anniversary of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR was extremely solemn. From all over the country in Moscow, the endless flow groces. Post offices were simply littered with small, medium, large and just huge boxes.

Gifts were visited by special delegations: from labor collectives, from the party leadership of the republics, from ordinary Soviet drones. In total, Stalin was awarded more than 23 thousand gifts. Of these, only the VAZ was 618 pieces. The largest were two — Vase of the Leningrad Plant of Art Glass and Vase of the Kiev Plant of Art Glass.

There was not a competition between these plants that the competition, but even a real war. And the other plant wanted to make the largest and most beautiful vase. Leningraders went to the «military» trick and published a small note in the city newspaper that Vase is preparing for the anniversary of Stalin «

The Kiev residents decided to overfast colleagues and made a vase with a reserve — weighing 800 kilograms. Unfortunately, the masters of this plant did not guessed with the chemical composition of the glass and before shipping to Moscow Vaz buzzed. I had to urgently wrap half a vase in the bronze salary and say that «it was so conceived.»

So it turned out that the Leningrad Glass Glass Plant was made by the largest Vaza. 1200 kilograms of matte and transparent crystal. Vase represented a huge Cup, consisting of 16 signs in the number of Soviet Socialist Republics in the USSR. The foundation of the Cup also consisted of 16 «bricks», in each of which simple workers were depicted in national costumes, demonstrating the successes of the Soviet industry, science, culture, agriculture.

Author Vaza Fedor Semenovich Entelis, the same sculptor, which 10 years before the anniversary of Stalin cast a single piece

After the anniversary of the «Leningrad» and «Kiev» vases were kept in the Kremlin. But with the coming to power of the Great Cornguard, the Gifts Foundation was disbanded. The «Kiev» Vaza left back to Ukraine and long exposed to the plant’s museum. Footprints of the Tsar Vaza of the Leningrad Art Glass Plant were lost. In the archives, no mention of this vase I did not find where she was now, I did not know.

If anyone knows how her destiny was formed, please write!

Nominal spoons as a business … Only one option remained

With registered spoons, I have a special connection.

First, some of my good friends are engaged in more than seven years.

And, secondly, the spoons remind me of one very funny story.

Let’s start with it.

In one roast July morning of 2014, one very interesting grandmother appeared on the station square of the city of Magnitogorsk. Grandmother like a grandmother, with a traditionally good face of a pleasant fullness. A colorful handkerchief thrown on his head, warm sweatshirt and a huge bag said that the woman was definitely gathered somewhere.

With the help of a healthy man, smoking without a business at the porch, a bag in the premises of the bus station and approaching the checkout, Granny enjoyable who came to know the whole bus station that her name was Elena Pavlovna, lives in Magnitogorsk, one, children in Chelyabinsk, her memory is bad, But the children are good, and especially grandchildren, and especially Petya and another Million and a small trolley details …

The story about the life of Peten, his love for her grandmother, pies, jackets and t-shirts, which Elena Pavlovna knits him, continued on the platform. In just a busy bus, the bag has already been entered the two, because it was completely inappropriate. And how she dotted her …

Surrious narration about the life of Peten in the distant Chelyabinsk continued on the bus. All his passengers learned how many pies goes to Petenka, how hard he breathes there, and how he wants to have a holiday in a hot beloved Magnitogorsk …

At halfdraws to Petya Chelyabinsk, buses always remain in the village of Stepno, so that the exhausted expensive passengers can smash their legs, drink a seagull and eat one — another Cheburek.

Together with everyone, with the help of two men, Elena Pavlovna came out. Without entering the cafe, she decided to walk around the square and see the experienced look, what the cafe trades the cafe, around which the mistrust crowd was.

Saving through the crowd, Elena Pavlovna saw them … Golden … Brilliant … Romanic spoons !!!

All 20 minutes while the bus stood in the steppe, Pethelenkina grandma spent, choosing nominal spoons. Spoon Son — He engineer at a big factory. A spoon of son-in-law — he is lazy, works by a welder, drinking, infection. A spoon of grandson Vanechka will save, he lives in Magnitogorsk. A spoon … a spoon … a spoon … oh, and what you did not say that there are still tablespoons … and forks.

The bus was laid out — everyone was waiting for Pethenikina Grandma with the help of a driver to take a bus with a steam kilograms with a bag. By bringing a woman to the top steps, the driver headed behind the wheel, along the way, pressing the door closing button.

With a quiet hiss, the door began to close when Pethenkin’s grandmother, with an incredible horror at a good old face jumped as henced and shouting:

Oh-oh-oh-oh !!! I forgot to buy a tea spoon with a teaspoon !!!

Almost instantly stuck the club in the closing door of the bus, jumped from the steps and almost jumps rushed after another, last spoon … for his unforgettable grandson.

To say that the bus will be, it’s nothing.

Hear, Petenka, how grandma loves you !!!

Well, now let’s go back to our branches.

Strictly speaking, nominal spoons never have been not, they will not be. Just as hendmade

But if at least some creativity can be found in the laser cutting of plywood, then the creativity is only one thing — to talk well and, if possible, to pour him nominal spoons for all his close and far relatives, preferably until the seventh knee.

Nominal spoons, or as they are also called «registered cutlery», represent — this is:

All of them are made of stainless steel (production, as a rule, Pavlovsky plant of artistic metal products or the Netwinsky plant).

For their production, a spoon itself is needed and a laser engraving machine.

But many did not suffer to the mania of greatness and just purchased spoons from the owners of engraving machines.

Purchasing prices for these devices are as follows: Tea spoon — 55 rubles, dining room — 85 rub, plug — 85 rub, knife — 100 rubles.

The price of the implementation is also everywhere approximately the same: a teaspoon — 200rub, dining room — 250rub, plug — 250 rub, knife — 300 rub.

The peak of this business came on 2012 — 2016, when the goods were in the wonder, and the nominal spoons were «swept» under clean. In one way out, it was possible to earn from 15-20 thousand, it was impossible to earn less, unless the natural disaster hurts.

So, for example, in extremely depressed top Upalee in 5 hours of trade on spoons, 29 thousand were earned. At the Spasskaya Fair could be raised for all three days about 120 — 200 thousand.

But with the times there was an extreme overhang. Split dealers turned out to be too much for not such a large population of Russia. In addition, people began to understand that in fact it is not such a good gift, and a steel spoon with the royal crown and monograms … well, somehow not that. At all.

Now, for spoon dealers, this is no longer a business — it is tears. The only one who still earns on spoons is the owners of engraving machines offering entrepreneurs to buy them «a fantastically advantageous franchise, allowing you to earn up to 13,000 rubles in one day.» Of all this, just one word: fantastic.

And this is the only option how to earn normal money in this area!

Today, the main buyer of registered spoons is a deep province, residents of small cities, villages, villages. From Magnitogorsk, sellers of registered spoons travel around Bashkortostan to rural fairs, Sabantui, villages, etc. In an attempt to add returns to spoons, it is diluted with non-sutiful souvenirs, crafts from stone. But the train for this business has already gone «, the cream was removed.

Share your thoughts about the said, it would be great to talk ..

Check like if you like it, it will be very nice.

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Yes, because it is impossible

I stood at the shop window with sausages and read the composition of the «doctoral with natural milk».

Clear eyes smaller

-What are they so big?

-Well … judging by the diameter, you have read the instructions for the hadron collider.

-Come on the label, I read the composition of the floor washing, which was dropped by pork skin and meat remnants, and all this was done according to GOST.


Family passed by me: husband and wife and her daughter:


The man took the sausage and, without looking at the makeup, put in the trolley. Having waited when he goes away. I went to the shelf. Hmm … really in stock. 149 rubles per stick. I wonder … And the composition?

-Ouch! Yes, after such sausage dad … can not.

I spent almost 30 minutes in the department with sausage and watched how many people draws to the composition of the purchased products. In 30 minutes, 112 people approached the showcase with sausages.

You know how many people looked not at the shelf life, but on the composition?

34 people. That is, only 30 percent of customers draws attention to the composition of food. All other 60% buy products, guided by completely different parameters: familiarity with the brand, advertising, price, brand fame.

Sitting the evening to write another article, I decided to pamper my childhood with a sandwich:

Everybody is sleeping already…

Quietly opened the refrigerator, pulled out the bread, the knife, opened the mastelier … And the oil is with water. Although 82.5% is written on the label, and not the cheapest. Magged on bread as the cheapest margarine, covered with water.

I’m sitting now at a computer, I have a watery oil with delicious black bread on honey, hop and malt and understand that one of these products does not comply with another. One product is made with love, all the freshest and best put in it, and the second is an industrial and food product made for the sake of profits.

And I remembered to me the Bazhov Festival. This year, the Bazhovka specifically highlighted the place for masters, which are engaged in the production of environmentally friendly foods: Kalaishny series. What was not there: honey, sweets, shells, dried fruits, pastries, nut paste, malt products (without sugar).

But, to my great regret, the festival did not let the manufacturers of craft cheese, tea, bread and other food, motivating the fact that this is not the format of the festival. In my opinion, they did it completely in vain. People would gladly bought such products.

In one of the trading tents I spent almost 20 minutes, talking to the seller of a very interesting product «Boat of Health». They fundamentally use sugar in their products — only honey and malt. Taste amazing!

There was a manufacturer of peanut and pistachio paste Craft Project. Also do not use sugar, GMOs, additives. I don’t remember such a taste in my life, it’s something!

At the same time, major trading networks refuse to cooperate and with the other with another with an entrepreneur, although they have all the necessary production facilities. You have to build contacts with small merchants at fairs.

I know a very very good person from Verkhneuralsk who quit from the enterprise and opened his own cheeseman — boils the goat cheese. All that it produces, people (acquaintances, neighbors, many are specially arrived in 40 km) are replenished instantly, despite the price. But no trading network wanted to cooperate with him, although he has all the necessary certificates, and the area allows you to increase production. But all supermarkets were filled with plastic «lamb», although it is not even my dog, very loving cheese!

It turns out that the manufacturer of quality products in the mass market does not break through, even though 30% of buyers pay attention to the composition of products.

And what do you think, how much is in demand, environmentally friendly food is now? Do you pay attention to the composition of the products from the store?

Rashad Alakbarov: When the light becomes darkness

All of us in childhood at least once saw, as parents or senior comrades folded out of fingers old figures, which in the light of the lamp suddenly turned into a rabbit, funny cat, crocodile or an evil wolf. On the kids, live shadows on the wall always produced an inadeve impression.

The Chinese brought the game of shadows to a more significant level, creating ancient theater, which has been more than 1,700 years old. Puppets made of leather and wood leav for the paper background and create a miracle — the audience on the other side of the translucent screen seems to be that it is not puppets, and living people quarrel, fall in love, are born and dying.

Rashad Alakbarov — a sculptor from Sunny Azerbaijan — brought the game of light and shadow to the highest level. Critics are called its owner shadows, and looking at his work, it is quite possible to agree with this opinion.

This person is not glass, he does not engage in glassmodus, does not blow up vases or glass sculptures. It takes already existing glass fragments, gives them the desired shape and puts in a special order to get a shadow.

But what a shadow!

At the exhibition of contemporary art, which took place in Baku, the installation of the shore of the Caspian Sea simply broke the audience. People walked circles and could not understand how, well, like from an ordinary light bulb and a pile of windows on a thread turned out to be a picture as if they were in the chamber-obscure.

Criticism reacted more or less favorably, calling Rashad by an artist of one work and retired to write about other famous masters, and not about self-toss-rushing. Still, the usual decorator of the theater, the ordinary place sculptor immediately broke through the top list of the finalists of the exhibition.

But Rashad did not stop it, thanks to the victory at the exhibition, he was able to take part in other iconic events and also win. The material for its installations was not only glass, but also cardboard, fittings, boards, copper sheets, ordinary garbage. With the help of improvised drugs, he painted the light and shadow eastern patterns and ornaments, calls for the world, bizarre minarets and silhouettes of cities.

Recently, the sculptor is fond of glass. Flowers placing in vases from this material, Rashad draws shadow on the walls of beautiful female figures, symbolizing the inner world of women and its external beauty, but also harmony between these two worlds.

Rahada is able to comply so much to keep all the proportions, build the game of light and shadows, that even approaching his works closely seems — here it is, standing next to you … But there are no glass flowers in a vase.

Even glasses and a stained glass saucer can go into the move — the most important thing is that they pass the light.

At one of the last exhibitions, the sculptor pleased the fans of the Star War Series by the image of Darth Vader using pieces of dichroic glass. The feature of this glass is that it changes the color when changing the angle of the fall of light. After that, the title of «Lord of Darkness» was firmly glued to Razhad.

Due to the specifics of installations, all his works are in the hands of the largest public and private museums of Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Spain, Russia. And with all this, Rashad is a very modest, charming and hinewood person, a completely alien stellar illness, which has learned many modern «artists-installers.»

Why Masters need to urgently start a blog: talk about money

Immediately I warn you — this is a «boring» article, but the figures outlined in it are good food for reflection.

The fact that over the past few months the world has changed is not subject to any doubt. And he will never be former. I could have long and enjoyed to explain what and how I had changed, but the numbers available for me speak for yourself.

The development of trade on the Internet amounted to:

Retail development amounted to:

Sense the difference? Online trade is developing by wild rates, and only blind can talk about what is better to trade at fairs, festivals, in stores.

When we just started selling our work from the art glass from the Internet, there was a maximum of 1-2 orders per month. But we did not throw groups on social networks, but carefully filled them with new works, communicated with people, wrote articles, published photos. Gradually, the number of orders through social networks and the site began to increase (although some networks still do not give the desired return).

Everything has changed this year — over the past three months «live» only 18 decorations were sold — people specially come to our workshop to choose something as a gift to others or for themselves.

Everything else, and it is 3-5 orders

People from other cities write letters with requests to organize full-fledged training, conduct a one-time or two-day master class. Come to visit from Ufa, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and even Kaliningrad!

Yesterday I talked with a wonderful master, stolar from God. From the very beginning, he worked only through personal meetings, personal sales. He did not even have a personal page in VKontakte — just lacked time for it. Now he sits without work — 2-3 orders per month do not allow even paying for a communal and nutrition.

But free time is full!

And only now he decided to create a group in VC to sell its work and receiving orders. It was for the consultation that he came to visit me. He hoped for the fact that immediately after the creation of the group, orders will be sprinkled.

And I answered him what I am writing now.

Do not snap! And before the first order, even if you are three times a magnificent master, there may be no one week or even a month. To a normal level of sales and orders, there can be a couple of years.


If you have not started blogging on social networks, you did not begin to organize your selling groups, it should be done urgently! Right now. As you have already seen, all trading goes online and the wizard is doomed to reduce orders.

At the same time, every year the cost of creating, maintaining and promoting a blog on social networks is becoming 25-30%.

Two years ago, we were offered a new design and design for the group in VKontakte in just three thousand rubles. We refused, because there was no time, and all the money went on the glass, equipment. This year we decided to «go broke» and ordered a new design from specialists. All work costs 5500 rubles (taking into account the fact that we did a lot of themselves).

For advertising has to pay even more.

If last year the cost of advertising of one post with our works was an average of 400 rubles and a social network for this money led 10 thousand people to us, today for 500 rubles coverage will be 6-7 thousand.

According to statistics, in 2018, every buyer managed to the master on average at 12-15 rubles, in 2019, in 20-25 rubles, this year the buyer who made the purchase after clicking on advertising, costs the wizard from 32 to 110 rubles.

Therefore, the masters, if you do not have your blog, selling a group — it is not too late, start to behave. Every year, month, day, new orders, and buyers will do everything more expensive to you and more expensive.

We also have in

Favorite instrument of art glass wizard.

The absolute majority of visitors to our workshop are confident that we were born with glass cutters in your hands, we spend all day with them and, probably, even sleep with them.

So, by the way, it was. When we first ordered a tool for the workshop, and then, in two weeks, got a cherished parcel … It was a buzz (I apologize for my French). Unpacked a gem box with a tool, I long considered a heavy, cast brass and steel glass cutter, refueling it with oil, cut down a few pieces of window glass on the sample, sat on the sofa and read the instruction how to keep it right … and fell asleep. At night, I dreamed of some kind of Belibard, they dragged somewhere, beat the hooligans, rolled on some cobblestones, and I found a glass cutter in the morning in the morning. Tin!

But what is the surprise of people when they find out that we can not take the glass cutters in your hands!

But without one tool it is not necessary. Without it, we are without hands. It is with the help of this tool that can be obtained curvilinear products made of glass. The glass cutter is good for smooth cuts, wide curved curves, but concave curves and small details to obtain solid torment. And in some cases it is simply not possible to do. So it turns out that the masters cut the glass cutter large sheets of glass into smaller details, and everything else time is simply inseparable with their favorite tool.

Today I did the blanks for the New Year sets — it will be small brooches-badges in the shape of a mittens, hats and boots. Then we will form them beautifully, throw in glass paints, add decor elements … And all this was done without the participation of glass cutter at all! Instead of him…

Zag-zag is used.

Zag-Zag is special leaps for art glass, which are designed to bite the small-small pieces from a sheet glass with a thickness of 3 mm. Do not break the sheet entirely. With the help of these bodies, you can work wonders, cutting with almost lace from fragile material.

The very name of the German language is translated as Kus-Kus or Dzin-Jin, Zlyak-Zial, that is, as some kind of unknown garbage, which loudly clasters.

In fact, it happens. When the master breaks the glass with these bodies, then the loud sound of the Coc Coca is heard, and when there is no masters in parallel, the Master class is held, then the Cocanier is distributed to the whole Ivanovskaya, as if the Tabun horses running on the pavement.

ZAG-Zag is two handles, which are either connected by a flexible metal plate or screw with a pliers type. Two round disk from a particularly durable alloy are attached to the handles, which break the glass.

In our work, we use the three types of stalls of one and the ongoing German manufacturer — Bole (Bohle). The top photographs contain the cheapest zaggi (about 1,500 rubles stand), they are not even equipped with a bag for collecting glass crumbs.

The manufacturer seems to hint: you want more convenience of pay more — buy more expensive. However, to our surprise, these breakners are the most comfortable. And if they put some plastic jar to them, then there are no prices to this tool!

In the photo below the Zag-Zag of the Polisoff category. And if the first plugs are more like Zaporozhets, extremely homeless, but very reliable apparatus, then the lower tool is a sort of Lada Vesta. Beautiful red addict, with a bag for collecting glass crumbs. Only the handle is made of light alloy, which in time is chosen, the spring plate from intensive work quickly comes into disrepair and it throws it.

And so? And so she’s a dream!

But why pay 3,500, if you can give two times less and getting almost the same thing?

Third plugs are Mercedes in the world of leaders. All such high-tech, super reliable, super expensive … Even spare parts are worth the spare parts from Mercedes.

Each roller is a thousand.


But in these bodies there are one (even two!) There is a very big defect, for which I want to interrogate the manufacturer with great addiction and, possibly, with the use of medieval torture torture.

But about it in the next article!

Here you met, dear readers, with the most important tool of the art glass master. And if your plans ever do this interesting and exciting business, then … you already know what you need to love yourself or even more!

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As the USSR wanted to surprise US 6 tons of crystal and what happened

Traditionally, it is believed that the confrontation of the USSR and the United States began after World War II, when Winston Churchill has pronounced his famous Fulton’s speech, which began the beginning of the Cold War. However, the confrontation between the USSR and the United States began much earlier, even at first glance, close economic and cultural relationships were more similar to the «marriage of calculation», when the spouses live together, create the visibility of the hostel, but it is constantly competing with each other. Then one «spouse» will show what an indispensable, then the second will demonstrate that only boiled eggs is steeper.

The field of the «cultural» struggle of two powers in the pre-war period was the worldwide exhibitions, which were held in the largest cities of Europe and America. Interestingly, the USSR began to take part in the World Exhibitions since 1925, that is, 4 months after France first recognized the new Soviet state. And from the very beginning, the Soviet government wanted to surprise the whole world, demonstrate the power of Soviet culture, technology and science.

We all know the bullfin of the «worker and collective farmers» faith Mukhina, who surprised Paris in 1937, not only lazy wrote about it. And for some reason by the World Exhibition of 1939 in New York, although the cultural confrontation of the USSR and the United States and the desire of Stalin to surprise the whole world appeared on it most bright.

A huge statue («worker with a star») was also brought to this exhibition («Worker»), which was dropped by 50 meter pedestal (in total, the height of the entire design was 80 meters). But the «nail» of the cultural program was not this colossus. Show all the power of Soviet science, culture and technology, surprise the entire European world was called up … Fountain.

And it succeeded!

Yes, the huge statue of the worker before the exposure was surprised and struck, but even large crowds of people stood before the fountain. Stood and admired them.

The height of the fountain was 4 meters 25 cm., The diameter of the bowl is 2.5 meters, and it was made from the purest crystal. A huge bowl in the frame of stained-glass plates, bronze jewelry and noble patina simply amazed. Still, never in one country of the world of glass windows did not cast a huge bowl of crystal … a single piece.

The fountain was created by the project I. Chaikov and F. Entelis in extremely short time. In the summer of 1938, a decision was made, and in the fall of the same year, the fountain was ready. The top of the fountain was decorated with hollow crystal tubes stylized under the ears of wheat. From the sections, water flowed into the small bowl, after which he slowly flowed into the big one.

Western press perceived this fountain … as a defeat of the entire European and American industry. Many could not believe that in extremely short time it was possible to make such a beautiful thing. Experts rated the cost of creating a fountain translated into modern money in 250,000,000 rubles.

Unfortunately, the fate of this fountain was far from the fountain. After the end of the world exhibition, he was dismantled and collected in the main pavilion of the SCR, in 1954 the fountain was transferred to one of the secondary pavilions, after which his trail is lost …

How was his fate, whether he was preserved, where he is information, unfortunately, no.

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7 things you need to know before buying an impact: the worse than the usual screwdriver

Recently, everything was prevented on the impacts. Many say that a simple screwdriver is yesterday. How cool to look at the roller in YouTube, where the host holds the tool with two fingers, and the huge self-sufficiency itself, it comes to a hefty piece of wood.

Beautiful? Understanding!

Comfortable? And how!

True there is but! And not one.

Impact (impact screwdriver, riforn), as Khazanov said, the SPSFS is a thing that is needed for very narrow tasks, so take it as a universal tool that an attempt to score a nail with a new iPhone: in general, you can, but my wife will make Harakiri by a cook. Brrrrr …

So let’s go:

Requirement to snap.

Secondly, the bits for pulse screws are made of soft metal (so that it spring during operation), and it is impossible to use them in simple shurren — the slots are instantly lick. So you will have to carry two sets to the snap.

Requirement to fasteners.

Standard black Self-tapping screws from the Chinese steel «Plasticine-3» impact turns so uninterrupted that the eye is not blinking as the torn «Baska» is already rotating in the board. So after purchasing a pulse rifle your choice only expensive fasteners.

Very expensive fastening!

It is difficult to adjust the torque.

In a normal screwdriver once set up the power of twisting and swipe in one mode, without fear, which will break the hat or tear plasterboard.


Such swells expensive, branded and save on them will not work. Yes, and find them difficult — they are not sold in any store. There are not many matters for impact screws at all. And, in general, the drilling for this tool is a secondary function. It does not use it at all better.

Impact is demanding of the battery charge level.



Although this deficiency can be paid to dignity. Do you annoy neighbors? Something drilled or drill? Believe me, after you buy the impact screw and immediately put the empty galvanized bucket to the wall, and click on it with the impact and turn it on … they will agree to everything if they do not go crazy.

And as a whole, this is a very good tool strictly for its tasks. We use it a pleasure.

Glass people: from glass fiber in Torgash, from Torgash in Glasses

I was always interested to find out what pushes a concrete person to art, creativity. Every time I get acquainted with the biography of some famous master, artisan, artist, glass, you understand that for each person the reason for this push is something your own, its own, unique combination of factors.

Apparently, it is in this that the greatest secret of creativity — he will not drive it into the tight framework of logic, it is so limitless that it is simply impossible to bring creativity formula. Therefore, if a person is destined to become a creator, he will become in any case, even contrary to everything.

I know the story of one very good man who being a sailor, 20 years old-year-old ocean expanses, one day, from nothing to do, went to the Riga Museum of Fine Arts to the exhibition (as he expressed) «terrible muzzle.» It was the exposition of Salvador’s paintings Dali. He stayed there for 6 hours, after which he went not to the port, no, but to the store of goods for artists. I bought paints, tassels and canvases. The next day, he wrote two things: dismissal and his first picture. Now he is a famous artist, but I will tell about him sometime later.

And today we will meet here with this person:

A few days ago, this person turned 73 years ago, he is one of the most famous masters of fusing of modernity, and his name is Moonsen.

Chalk Moonsen was born in the city of San Diego (USA) in 1946. He studied the glass-capacity craft at the Day Department of the University of Portland (Oregon), in 1969 he graduated from a bachelor’s degree, after which it goes to Canada and there organizes a glassware workshop. All teachers, colleagues, fans have referred to him a brilliant career, quick takes off and a lot of money.

But did not come around.

Just did not go.

From the word at all.

There were practically no orders, there was not enough money even to pay utilities. And in 1975, he closes the workshop on the castle and becomes the seller of luxury products from glass and ceramics.

And he traded these things so successfully that his company’s turnover was calculated by several million dollars. But, you can imagine how anharged it was a person to sell what he did not succeed.

Day by day, year after year to sell masterpieces of other masters, and his own workshop dust and calm under the castle. But everything changed in 1993, when Mela was invited to a small glass production to see how the glass was sintered on the new technology — Fusing.

Mel accepted an invitation and came to the plant. In his eyes, the master baked a glass pancake from a variety of small pieces, hen in a special form and under the influence of the highest temperature damn became a beautiful vase.

He stood and looked …

Nervously squeezed the handrail …

And on his cheeks rolled tears.

This day became the last day of his work as a merchant antiques.

He chose all things, all orders and contracts paid huge penalties, but the next day the castle was removed from the door of his workshop in Canada.

For three long years, he fastened the Ase Fusing, lived the injignment, all the money went to the workshop, on the glass. And only on the third year he made the first sale: his vase was bought by one of the galleries.

So, what is next?

He openpowered the door to the Olympus Masters of Glasswater, whose products sold before, smiled and calmly said:


Today he is 73, he is still engaged in his favorite glass. In his assets, all the national galleries of modern art, all the museums of the United States and Europe. But at the same time, he does not seek to make huge installations, it does not rush to paint its achievements in newspapers and magazines. No has no profile on Facebook or Instagram.

He is not a public person at all.

But every week of the walls of his workshop leaves one vase, the cost of several tens of thousands of dollars, which has already been redeemed in advance by some kind of modern art gallery or the museum.

He is creating.

He is in demand.

And he does not need more.

Why burst glass covers on saucepans and skillers?

Remember the shrek dialog with a fion from the same cartoon? I do not know why he remembered me, but I love cook very much. And legends go about my pilaf. True, yesterday, Legal Plot was not destined to take place.

I roasted delicious meat, added a burning onion and crispy carrots, tickling the spice nostrils, poured all this with steep boiling water.

It turned out wonderful zirvak, only the smell was crazy.

Another little and can be added by Devrzir.

As, suddenly the burly and snatching pan issued a ringing of Bzzzzdin and the couple’s clubs broke out. Rushing to the stove I saw a glass cover …

Which was covered with a network of small cracks, and a small piece of glass fell inside. Pilaf was irretrievably spoiled, the children were upset. We and the wife and I, of course, are engaged in glass, but they have not yet learned him in food yet. How and why it happened — today and let’s talk. Moreover, judging by the issues that we ask, this happens quite often.


That is why all truly professional dishes are made of stainless steel. Yes, it is impossible to see the degree of readiness of the dish through it, but at the most difficult moment, when there are a lot of guests in the hall, the scattered cover will not spoil the almost ready-made dish.

For the domestic goals, the glass cover is the most. Glass covers have two varieties: without a protective metal rim along the edge and with a protective rim.

As a rule, a protective bezel and a steep stainless steel handle — a sign of very expensive dishes. I will reveal a small secret, and there are such rims and handles beautifully, but all useful properties end up. Next go on some minuses.

First, under bezes and protective nuts for the handle constantly accumulates fat and food remains. It is impossible to remove them from there. Once a month stand and «chewing» with a knife under the lid a little pleasant.

Secondly, a decent metal weight is intended. If such a cover falls on the fingers of the legs, then a strong bruise, at least, and then the fracture is provided. True personally!

Thirdly, if the handle is screwed to the glass cover too tight, then it is because of this, the lid may crush. The fact is that the coefficient of thermal expansion of glass from 5 to 9, while steel from 11 to 17. (That is why the handles are often hanging on the lids — this is not a marriage, but a constructive feature).

And now a few words are burst without rims and metal handles, as in my case.

The manufacturer broke the casting or hardening technology, that is, the glass has folded. With the naked eye, such a defect is not found, but carry a special device with a special device worth 280 thousand, for the sake of buying a lid … Khm, if you can afford it, your life has been able to.

Foreign impurities in glass — air bubbles, cracks, pebbles. Again — all this on the conscience of the manufacturer.

Falling the lid on the stone or porcelain booking floor, after which it did not break. After falling in the lid, a microcrack may appear, which, in fact, is a slow motion bomb. Be sure, someday she ripples.

Natural material fatigue. Over time, the fatigue and the lid can be accumulated in any glass can be covered with a network of microcracks. By the way, they can be seen if you shine on the cover with a bright lamp at an angle of 30 degrees.

Is it possible to avoid such «surprises»?


Even buying a new cover does not guarantee anything. The same Bzzdy can occur on the first day. It happens on the contrary, the glass cover serves for many years, falls, breaks his fingers, beats the tile on the floor and it is not necessary for it. If you have this, then you obviously fell the sector a prize on the drum.

In general, they can explode both expensive, high-quality, branded and penny low-quality covers. The risk is almost the same. Therefore, you have successful shopping and … take care of yourself!