I found out from the engineer from the USA, what is the difference between Russian masters from American.

First anecdote in the topic:

We decided somehow two Germans to go to the places of battle of their fathers in Russia. Agreed with a travel agency, bought tickets, rented an SUV and arrived in Russia. At the airport they met a guide on an SUV: old-old UAZ. And led into the forest where the battles went. Just drove into the forest, how the car broke down. Germans were upset.

Russian guide driver climbs out of the car:

Ain moment, now I will do everything!

He took out the hammer, the rope, something was taken there, he pushed the wire, hit the hammer and the car started. The Germans watched sadly for this all the action. And one else says:

Therefore, our war and lost.

Our workshop has a good acquaintance in the USA — a graduate engineer, Master Glokhodov — Michael Jordan (not to be confused with a famous basketball player). We often communicate on technical topics, and the other day we have a conversation about the equipment we use. I had to take a picture of our big oven.

Michael was surprised:

Oh, we do not do that! Is this a plant?

No, this is a private master doing in Taganrog. All with your own hands. American ovens for us are «golden».

-And what is right on the «submern» stove glass bake?

No, of course, on porcelain sheets.

Oh, we do not do that! We use special thermal floors.

Russia for large furnaces is too expensive. We found a replacement. She is 15 times cheaper.

What kind of separator cover so that the glass does not stick?

-Nitride Bora.

-In cylinders?

No, it is again very expensive. We found another way. It approximately time is 100 cheaper. So it can be reused.

I had to take a picture and show him how we cover the porcelain plate plates in our way:

The fact that his eyes got out of the orbits — say nothing. He could only say:

-You amazing people.

In terms of?

We are spoiled by civilization, and you are not. If we have a master something wants, he just goes and buys. This is a huge industry, many goods and equipment for masters are produced.

We also produce a lot of things. The problem is that it is much often too expensive, you have to make analogs to himself. I have a familiar joiner, so he did the whole workshop himself. From the bought one only saw.

I had to translate to him

Michael shook his head again and repeated:

-You stunning people.

And I asked:

What is the difference between Russian and American masters?

He thought and answered:

All we invent — is made from laziness, for the convenience. All that you invent you are made from poverty.

And added:

You can do on the most penny equipment what we pay a lot of money.

I do not want to add anything from myself. A stunning answer that made proud and at the same time …

Knitted things that are well sold at fairs

Recently, many needlewomen are asked: I knit such beautiful things, and a little sales? I defended at the fair (exhibition) and did not sell almost nothing? But my neighbor sold a lot, although her things are not so beautiful or high-quality? What am I doing wrong?

According to the nature of the activity, it is constantly in fairs, markets, festivals, exhibitions, etc. Meet with a huge amount of handmade handmade crafts and technician, masters, sellers, buyers … When you stand in one row with other masters and past you there is a huge number of people, the fact of the success or failure of sales (respectively, the in demand of the work of the master) on the face . Immediately you can see who and how much sells.

Above you saw two photos. Both masters took part in the 2017 Bazhov Festival. On one photo before the master you see many people, there are no buyers in the second photo at all, the master even turned away.

The first craftswoman, with the caps, sold at the fair a total of almost for riders (10 times !!!) more than cracker with sails, web and socks. The entire fair went to people in beautiful hats of the Vikings, evil birds, Peruvian Indians, funny frog, bearded, etc.

But the classic shawls, cobwebs and socks practically did not take. What is interesting next to the second craftswoman, sat the frightened appearance of the uncle from Mongolia, who traded on warm socks from camel wool — his socks were flying away at the speed of light.

Another «through two tents» one girl traded chic handmade blankets. There was both a large and small knitting, very beautiful and bright drawings (unfortunately, could not come closer, so there is no photo). These plaids also dispersed with a bang.

In 2018, the situation with sales was also the same on the Bazhovka. In the fall of 2018 at the Kazan Fair — again the same. Masters of «classic» mating almost everyone is sitting without sales, they are single, and masters with new and bright ideas, caps, capes, plaids, etc. Only the noise is traded (but not all!).

I myself believe that the knitting of its relevance did not lose and will never lose, but the preferences of people recently change very much.

If you want to knit for yourself, relatives, acquaintances, friends and girlfriends — knit what you want — a financial question here is on the second plan.

If you want not only to knit, but also to receive material satisfaction from your classes, in any case you will have to do things that do not like to you, but to the consumer. And for this, knitted things should be:

So, if the thing you is connected does not comply with the specified criteria that sales will not meet your expectations.

And in the first place is often not even fashion and modernity, but quality and practicality. Often, a person comes up to the counter, seeing the beautiful thing, admired her, but does not buy, because it does not see her use or saw a flaw in quality (this is generally a separate topic for several articles, the quality of handmade things is a very serious and current question).

If you actually talk about things, then actively sold:

If we speak in age categories, then the interest of sales of knitted things is approximately as follows:

50% — for children;

40% — for women;

10% for men, and most men at the fair are actively resisting their wife’s persuasion about such a purchase for themselves, so in harm :).

I understand that for each master made by his own hand, the best, beautiful and high-quality, but in this situation it solves exactly the consumer.

If you want to earn, remember that it is the consumer who votes for his money — everything else is nothing more than politeness.

If you have posted a photo of a photo related to the sale of things and she scored a bunch of likes, reposts and delighted feedback — this means nothing. Nothing at all. Only one thing can say about the success of your work and buy it and bought.

And one moment. I do not pretend to be the truth in the last instance, I just express my personal opinion.

All — design, color, brightness, etc. — Must be in moderation.

If you want to be a popular knitting wizard, you should not, armed with fashionable magazines to immediately create the works of high fashion. For people, most of them are not needed.

On the same Kazan fair participated a girl who mnilage himself a great couturier from knitting. She traded approximately here such things:

Is it worth saying that «Couturier» did not sell anything.

Not one thing in five days.

When she gathered on the last day from a deaf turkey, driving from her trading places it was possible to distinguish phrases: cattle …, do not understand anything …, art …, I will go to Moscow …, still recognize.


Tell me your thoughts about the said — will be very cool to talk.

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Everything is lost.

That ended the Bazhov Festival of 2019. This is a sign event for all masters, artisans, artists and simply passionately by the manual work of people of the Ural region and not only. Many masters we were strained with other areas. With us near, for example, there were two wonderful masters from Udmurtia.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday passed in a wild pace, not letting to relax for a minute. Miraculously managed to break out a couple of hours a day to walk around the rows, pith a picture, chat with masters. And this is despite the fact that all the load on sales is traditionally brought by Natalia, it is her charismatic «sales», I and children on pickup.

Now it is still early to do some certain conclusions, we did not consider exactly everything that was sold, did not analyze the price and commodity groups, so I will tell only about several surface observations.

Subjectively, the festival guests were a little more than last year, although with 100% confidence I cannot vouch for it, maybe I walked around the ranks too early. Although the first, and the second photo was made at about the same time — Saturday morning.

Already on Saturday morning, the main parking was occupied completely and the guests were redirected to an additional one in the forest. In this regard, volunteers and warriors worked well.

I will immediately say on the organization and place of the festival. The Bazhov Festival every two years always changes its deployment. Moves throughout the Chelyabinsk region (good it is big).

This year is the second for the festival in the Platovsky district of the Chelyabinsk region. Demarino village is a beautiful place: pond, coniferous forest, sun, air, river, big glades … and here is an open place, dry and hot steppe wind and terrible, or a removed dust. Going through a dusty vest, felt like him Sir Lawrence Arabian and waited for a raider of Bedouins.

Dust scores everything you can. Well, we have glass, rubbed a rag and everything is as new (and all boxes under the decorations are on the release). But the wizards with soft toys, soap, clothes, dolls were just in shock. And it repeats the second year in a row. In my opinion, this place was completely not suitable for the festival or you need to make an asphalt track. Solar Valley in Miass (for the first time — when the wizards on the asphalt were standing) was much better fit. Yes, and the souls there was normal, human. Here, in Demarino from the conditions — the blue houses for needs. Well, the pond is to wash your feet.

As for sales.

A lot of masters complained about sales, earned much less than last year, and last year worse than in the previous year, and so on. So, Izhevsk wizards with ceramics were able to distinguish only the road, while their neighbors from Chelyabinsk did revenue five times more! Among the ceramic and gonchars were also traders of manuff and semi-industrial production. You understand, such a neighborhood of the masters of great profits did not bring.

There were a lot of mediocre needlers with epoxy resin («Login» in this technology worth a penny). You can even say too much, respectively, sales shared on them all, two of my acquaintances swear greatly to newbies: «Cut the laser from plywood cartoon and sell their badges for a penny.» Nearby stood steampunk brooches, too, with epoxy and sales were frighteningly small.

Despite the strict screening, cervices and dealers were noticed in the ranks of the masters. In the bath rows stood sellers of moonshine and boxes for smoking the factory assembly. In another place in one row with the masters stood a discoversion, which traded untes and winter shoes two times cheaper than masters, who have a really handmade shoes, very high quality and beautiful.

Very well bought wicker baskets (really good quality), woven mats, but masters with traditional painting on dishes, distribution, etc. Sad sat. Many for all three days earned 8-12 thousand. There were also those who have already leaving on Saturday, and not selling anything. Passing around the rows, I heard the masters with offend and and sadness expressed: «Do not appreciate! Not for sale! Weak!».




Sales are very good!

The Bazhovsky festival, with all his pros and insignificant minuses — the best, he is just girder, charismatic, just need … you need … Stop, I’ll sit and tomorrow I will write special about demand (right now I have come interesting now).

In general, our workshop took part worthy, the financial plan, of course, were fulfilled only by 80%, but it was too big for themselves for themselves. And many of us were looking for us in the place where we stood last year. And we already had another place, but the same successful!

Tomorrow I will try to write a great article on sales, after which I will tell more detail about what I saw beautiful.

I will sit all day, write articles and process photos.

Tomorrow in the workshop, cleaning, master classes, new works.

Soon a new trip … We are waiting for Kungur, «Heavenly Fair» and … Concert of the beloved group «Brothers Grim».

Familiar to every student needlework from the USSR: Forgot about him in Russia, but they pay good money abroad

Every summer in the USSR teacher severely mocked the children. To think only, the kids were sent to the forests, fields, parks and other wooded and not very terrain, so that they would disappear all sorts of leaves, blades, pestles / stamens, dried in the thick books of the classics of Marxism-Leninism, and then brought to school!

Of course it is a joke! Maybe even stupid!

But I heard the conversation of two mammies at the parent meeting, who discussed the request of the teacher to children in the summer more leaflets, herbs and flowers. Moms are very seriously indignant:

How so, our petua and Vasya are forced to go to the forest or park and collect leaves. And suddenly their clashes bit or the dog scares. Does the teacher himself can not collect such leaves for children.

In short, there is no limit of teacher cruelty!

Meanwhile, the Soviet school and the collection of herbarium (this is the so-called forced drying of plants) were two inalienable things, just like cow and milk, chocolate and diathesis, school and summer work. In general, every summer, all teachers sent Soviet children.

With the development of a new school and pedagogy on the herbarium, for some reason, for some reason, a large and greasy cross put. Rarely which teacher asks children to put plants for the lessons of environmental education or labor. Apparently thick books ended — all replaced smartphones. And the word Herbarium many children consider abusive.

Meanwhile, now in Europe and all sorts of Americas, the art of collecting herbarium is one of the most sought-after and is connected with the care of people’s conservation. Many Europeans and Americans want to show that they are not all the same and their seriousness of nature cares.

And in order to hit yourself with a heel in the chest and show all that you care about ecology, many hang in their apartments and houses dried flowers, leaves.

Of course, it is not just like that, the plants are thoroughly dried in special presses or under glass, after which they are clamped in the frame between two stalks. It turns out a peculiar panel of dry, which can stand on the table, hang on the wall, some even stick the leaves on the ceiling.

The price tag on such panels is impressive: a small frame with three dried spikelets can pull 120 — 220 pounds, and this, notice, from 11 to 20 thousand rubles.

Recently, the additional staining of dried plants with gold enamel paint from aerosol cans is very popular.

The demand for such panels beats all records. Our friend, Maria, opened the store on ETSI and sells eco-paintings abroad. Only over the past two years she has made more than 800 sales, which for ETSI is a very cool indicator.

The average check is about 80-120 euros.

The store brought her more than 5 million rubles of profits, gave the opportunity to quit from work and engage together with her husband solely by the manufacture of eco-compositions.

Would you hang such a panel in your apartment?

What can be found in the insulation under the roof: what the giant bumblebee nest looks like and works

The fact that the climate in the Southern Urals is changing is a fact. In my childhood (in childhood, all the grass is greener and the sun yellow) every winter strangled in such a way that the kopling kopling whole caves in the snowy snowdrifts. Now most of the winter snow we have about just above the soles.

Summer also changes — this year for six months — spring and summer — there were only three rain. The grass stands yellow preterorable — everything burned out. Even with the rim mushrooms — neither weak, nor oil, nothing.

Well, together with the climate, the composition of insects is changing, which are so trying to climb into your house and meet. About five years ago, I got to the house of Bogomol for the first time. Half the village boys gathered on the green animal. Everyone was waiting for it to show his kun-fu. Now at the Bogomols do not pay attention — these Asian comrades registered in our places for constant.

This year I had to meet with other uninvited guests from the world of insects.

And these «guests» were settled under the roof of our house.

We have a few neighbors on our village, so each spring cherry, apple tree and other blooming plantings are simply stuck with bees. Sometimes the wasps are flying to the guests — as a rule, they look at the fire when we dined on the site in front of the house, and the same was removed. These predators arrive to seal the remains of food behind lazy owners.

However, in the spring, we began to notice that in addition to the OS and bees, we flew to our site, as if to softening, the helicopters of the Coma. At first we thought that it was well-depleted on the master dinners — they were so big.

But then, it became clear that this is a completely different look!

And he lives somewhere near us. Then these helicopters began to fly under the roof of the house. Children quickly realized where they are equipped with a «airfield» — a strand over the porch.

This year, I just planned to repair the insulation of the attic — she suddenly became cold and it was decided to learn the cause. In general, reverence the pie of the wall, I climbed inside.

It turned out that the bumblebees flew under the roof of the house through a thin slit. And there already built a housing for all money — a thin membrane of windproofs spruce and straight in the insulation, soft french glass, organized a cozy nnoveschko.

Since the nest was in a mink out of glass, and even under the heated sheets of metal, «helicopters» made a hangar without traditional paper walls, as the wasps do.

Bumblebees placed cocoons right in the thickness of the insulation. Under the heated roof, the wax heats up and the entire room smells like a pleasant honey smell — after all, it was exactly the wild honey and pollen fed the bumblebee in cockcons while they grew.

Unfortunately, the nest was already abandoned.

The fact is that such nests of the bumblebee build in the spring and all summer are grown in it. Then the adult generation perishes, and the young man flies out of the nest, breaks into the ground to a depth of 15 centimeters and thus winter. In the spring, with the arrival of heat and the Sun, females crawl out of the ground and again build sockets.

He lived in the poor village, and began to earn more urban.

When they admire the man’s business grip, many say that he can easily sell the Eskimos snow, that is, what is in the district so full.

And today I will tell a story about a person who not only could do almost the same thing, but also managed to break out of adverse circumstances.

Konstantin lives … lived in a small village of 80 kilometers from my hometown of Magnitogorsk. A simple, completely ordinary rural worker, studied in the School on the Mechanisor, who has passed the army and who returned to his native village, as they say in «… Acrom of Peace.»

By this time, two local collective farms ordered for a long time to live, went bankrupt, the common property was quickly backed by the Glavbuch, Chairman and their relatives. The fellow villagers got the meager pairs of the earth. So by the time of the Kostny return to the native village of the work there was about slightly less than zero.

It is said that for many men, the law of life is three-T: sneakers, ottoman and television. It may be true, but just so these three faded letters do not arise. Many walk on the watch, without the prospects to stay at a good job, so even with a constant risk to be a throwing brigadier or a subcontractor.

The coste has enough two such «kidkov».

After that, he scored on the watch and decided to stay at home. I was interrupted by small earnings: there to cook, there is a roof to correct, the dyed fence to straighten. There was enough for existence, there is no life.

Do you know what helped a person to raise his ass, get off the sofa and stop hacking beer? A scornful view of a dacket neighbor and his fabric in front of the house.

The fact is that

-Hi, neighbor!

Great, what is again on the horns!

-So what to do?

-Like what? Work.

-On whom? We have no work here!

-Well, then work for yourself. I found money on the pivas.

-For business need a million no less, but where will I find it to you?

-Seriously? Here look. I am now a landing room in front of the house. Weeds zadolbali. I close the earth with geotextiles and falling asleep stones. Stones for backfill drove in bags from the city. Their Bashkirs are along

Do not stump! Do you offer to Bashkirs in hiring?

Communication stones, ask, rejury the most beautiful and bring me to me, I’ll pay for it. I do not beat the car, the trailer does not tear, time and diesel fuel can not waste your profit. And if anyone wants from my neighbors the same paralisian I will point you. Lada?

The last words were addressed to the emptiness, because the newly connected Sisifa has already gone to the courtyard to start an old batter scooter. A day later, Kostya unloaded the first batch of stones in the yard of the neighbor. N-number amounts of monetary signs in the domestic wooden currency passed into the pocket of the newly minted rustic entrepreneur.

You understand yourself, the neighbor paid about half of the fact that he would pay in the city, but he was happy and such a host. And a week later, the door knocked on the door:

Sweep, guy, type 20 bags of the same stones as Vitalyevich.

All the rest of the summer, he, as an earth farm, collected along the river and on the old river beautiful, polished by water stones, laid out them in color, sorted in size.

Summer ended, ceased and earnings. But all the winter Kostya cooked something, pounded and cut in the courtyard. The next summer, he had a mechanical sieve and self-made, welded from a thick-walled pipe, hacking.

Correcting with three men, Kostya opened the production of fading stone for garden and summer cottages. Collected stones, hugged into the courtyard, sorted. There were «coarse» with the police in the form of a precinct, who carefully someone from good one-sieves drowned on the ear, but everything quickly decided — as there are no violations of the law in this case.

The stone began to carry not only in their surrounding villages, but also to the city, having agreed not with the markets, on which residents of Bashkortosta are tightly sitting, but with garden shops and landscaped offices. Three years have passed, you know what happened to the bones … Konstantin Viktorovich. He has an apartment in the city, a normal car (normal is a duster), and the house in the village where parents live, he uses as a cottage.

The net profit of the enterprise, which Kostya divides on the 4th, itself and helpers, is 250-300 each in hand. Yes, by the standards of Moscow and other central cities, this is a penny, but for the simple Ural village, such money is searching.

Maybe someone will say, nonsense, invented, fairy tales. Let it be if you need a stone, I will give contacts, for the guys themselves, I myself have brought 10 bags of stone to the site and told our story. And I will add from myself: Sneakers, ottoman and TV are not a sentence, you just need to find that chance that the universe gives you and grab it with both hands. And, yes … there is no TV in the bone in the apartment and will not.

One of nine children, everyone waved his hand on him.

About the creativity of the hero of today’s story written a lot and more than once. Including on Zen. My favorite Channel Artifex wrote about his work very good

And the name of this person Paul Joseph Stankard.

To say that the guy was not lucky in childhood — nothing to say. Only imagine his parents — immigrants from Ireland moved to the United States and began to multiply with terrible force. Tychny Catholics-traditionalists, therefore medicine, medicine, control over the number of children and other «charms» of civilized life is not about them.

Paul was born second. After him, there was another child, and more, and more, and even … In general, 9 children were in a very poor family of stankards.


Even food at all, as if to softening, not always enough. The boy early found a delayed mental development and a couple of parables that almost put a cross on his studies. In tests, by type of our exam, the floor has always received the lowest points. The teachers were quite reasonably believed: the maximum that could turn out of it — the junior assistant to the senior janitor.

Actually, they were right. After graduating from school, the guy went to work on the plant helper glass. And, suddenly, blowing in long tubes and getting beautiful vases and flasks at the exit from the molten glass so much that he liked that passing by the master slapped him on his shoulder and said:

But you will get a good glass fiber.

After a couple of months of persistent work, Paul became a glass fiber at the factory, which supplied flasks and headlights for the production of Ford. Uspekhi at work so worked on the boy that he took the textbooks from a dusty angle and began to repeat what he could not master at school. For several years, he independently reoxused the school curriculum!

And, you know what happened next?

The guy, patient dyslexia, which was much less than 100, which could not read and write normally … Entered the Technological University!

On the budget!

And successfully graduated!

And if you think that after that, a successful success came to him, he stamped a bunch of money to a shovel and became a millionaire … deeply mistaken. He also worked at the factory by an ordinary glass fiber, and helped parents feed and dress the younger brothers and sisters.

Success came to him after years later, and the reason for this was the need. The money was disastrously lacked and for the sake of additional earnings, he decided to organize the workshop in his small garage, where the equipment was dragged off from the factory — a burner, glass fragments, gas cylinders.

Thanks to the innate defect, the floor turned out to be so observant that he could capture the smoother details in his brain what he watched. And most of all he loved to watch flowers, bees and all sorts of small bugs / spiders.

Paul decided to repeat these pictures in the glass, and did it so virtuosically, so beautiful, in the smallest details that everything seemed to everyone that the time was frozen in beautiful glass bowls and cubes, and summer frozen.

Faminess and first money came to the floor Stankard completely accidentally. He decided to put his work at the fair-selling Handmade in the city of Atlantic City. And quite by chance (oh, whether it was!) In this fair, a well-known artist of works by art — Reese Palelli was.

He was so amazed by the works of the guy, which made him an offer, from which it is difficult to refuse: he fully exics the Paul’s studio, gives him content, and he sells his products only through Pelley’s mediation.

After a month, Paul moved to a new studio and began work. The union of an honest merchant who did not violate the oral agreement, and the present master was so successful that in a few years they both became millionaires.

Today, the masters are maintained around the world in expositions of more than 60 museums, and each sphere of the wall is estimated from 10 to 120 thousand dollars.

Many are still confident that the floor found a way to pour the real flowers in the glass. But in fact, there is no gram of organics in his works. This is the most complex titanic work on a split mass, for each job is not one day of hard work.

And in this everyday work of the floor helps his beloved wife and two, to the madness of loving father, son. Stankard-senior — a recognized world star, drives around the country, reads lectures, gives master classes, conducts learning gifted children, spends large amounts for charity.

What else to say about this stunning masters? Nothing! I just want to remove the hat and in front of a person who literally made himself himself. When you get acquainted with such stories, I want to live, create and rejoice … Rejoice in every moment, every second time that is released in this world. And that’s fine.

And, yes, thanks for reading to the end …

In the footsteps of the films «Golden River» and «Missing Expedition»: how to removed the Siberian Taiga among the South Ural paradise

Southern Urals is one of the most beautiful places in Russia, here you can find glaciers, deserts, impassable taiga, impregnable rocks, blue lakes, alpine meadows. It is not surprising that for the shooting of many films, both Soviet and Russian, film studios come here.

The creator of the first Soviet Westerns «Golden River» and «Missing Expedition» directed by Veniamin Dorman quite intelligently considered, why spend a huge budget, go somewhere on the backyard of the world, to Siberia, feed the mosquitoes when you can find everything you wish.

Both paintings were removed at 3 — 5 kilometers from civilization or even in meters from her.

Edrit-Madrite, cinema — Great power.

At the very beginning of the film, it can be seen as an expedition pierces through the impassable Siberian river. In fact, this is the river of Noura, which flows from the village of Tornok towards Beloretsk. The shooting group is located directly on the road, as the river itself calmly gallows 2 meters from her. And the water in it and then, and now — by knee.

On the second photo — my love, one of the most beautiful places of Beloretsky district, a monument of nature, an arrow stone. Very many tourists come here. And how many legends with it is connected, not to count! Right behind the shoulder of Kaidanovsky there is a cozy village with a large recreation base, whereas behind the scenes is quite an asphalt road.

By the way, the location of the road opposite the army stone is called Russian slides. If you warm up on it more than 80 km. per hour, then … the suspension of the grateful car will make you a loud crust-crust (there is a good car service in Beloretsk).

In the third photo (an episode where people walked along the narrow trail along an inaccessible cliff) — another very beautiful place that all local knows about, but there is practically no strangers. These are the cliffs of seven brothers. Despite the proximity to the city, you can only get there by car with a large number of obscene vocabulary.

For the road seams! Full! After the rain especially.

But what kind of appearance it opens. The White River makes a wide loop on both sides of which the pine forest grows, bright greens, pleasant sand or pebbles on the shore, skewers-Mashlyk, gathering by the fire, talking in the summer night, no comareva, bird singing. Mmmmm ….

But in the film Serious people in a serious setting, with large trunks. Everything is serious. I think so after shooting a couple of days they spent definitely there!

The fourth frame from the film is a stone river (Kurumnik): 50 meters from the road with a bridge over the Nura River, 30 meters from the high-voltage line, under the side of the village with a cozy tourist. If you stay in the village, then in two or three days you can visit all the most beautiful mountains of Beloretska: raspberry, karel, golden bumps. And believe me, it is worth it. The houses on the turbase are booking for months.

And the last shot of the film is a deaf Siberian village. In fact, the village village of Shushupa, where they live very, very, very, secured subsidiaries from Magnitogorsk, my good acquaintance is a rash farmer (who escaped from the love of state into a coop), the base of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is located. Amazing nature, the purest river, not yet ridden by the Files of BMK, the relict forest and the border of the zone with the most secret bunker of Russia (naturally, then there were no zones yet).

According to eyewitnesses, it was very dry during the shooting, there were no rains for two months. As ideally, the director’s houses had to be a lot of harvested hay, which spoke about the prosperity of people in Siberia. The hay was collected on all villages in the district. Some Soviet «collective farmers» then worked well, selling a kinogroup of 50-70 rubles per stog.

We also have in

Master Gasovskoy said: «Only the stupid owner puts the electric boiler to the reserve for gas.»

10 years in a row, how much our family lives in your home, I play with fire. And I am still looking forward to fate to me a-ta-ta to the first number. The other day it was almost happening.


10 years ago, when we went to the house and installers installed gas connected gas, made the primary setting of the boiler, the question arose:

What to warm the house if there are gas interruptions or, for example, the boiler will cover copper pelvis?

Quite reasonably, like many home home, I said:

Let’s carry an extra electric kilowatt electric boiler for 8-12. This is enough for more or less decent heating. And if the gas boiler gives God the soul that at the time of repair it will be possible to dry the money … oh kilowatts.

What the master answered:

-Do not even think about it. So there are only stupid people. It’s better at all. Although I would advise you to put the boiler on firewood in the bath or garage and connect it to the system. Then thanks to say!

But before the heating of the garage, I was still very far away, so I decided not to put anything. So we live for 10 years in a row, playing with the fire, or rather playing every winter in the game for a frozen / do not frozen.

House, workshop and garage are heated with one wall-mounted gas boiler! And if suddenly something happens to him, and in severe frosts the boiler will tell us «Allverds», then there will be sadness / sadness.

Defrosting of the heating system for all three buildings will turn into a penny!

And now, in fact, let’s talk about what convinced me on the right of the master.

On February 23, 2021, the rehearsal of the apocalypse of the regional scale was played in the Southern Urals. First, the temperature dropped sharply, about -30 degrees.

Then he went.

Children’s bow, not so

The wind rose and a full-fledged Akman Tokman was played.


Mother Nature of such Khamsky’s relation to himself was not able to dear and recovered above us in full:

Cakes to give them! Now you have these cakes in me!

So it happened. The thermometer knocked out the window with a scream:

-Heeva, beasts, let go home!

The temperature fell to -36, it was per feeling -42. For two days, a two-month norm fell out. The wind blew with such a force that the metal facade was demolished from the shopping center, siding and roofs were removed from the houses. Wires and poles could not stand and just lay down in a snowdrift. The gusts of the wind exceeded 100 km per hour.

The houses began to be trally blurred through. People went to boilers, added temperatures in boilers.

What happened next?

Gas pressure fell in the system, the boilers began to warm worse.

People went and added more gas, which aggravated so in a difficult situation. Many who have drowned with electricity, included heating to the entire coil. Who lacked the power of the gas boiler also included the lands, convectors and even fireplaces.

Looking for voltage in the network … and shaggy!

In half, the plant turned off the supply of electricity. Anyone who had gas boilers with a compulsory burden sat down at one place. Plus gas pressure fell so much that many boilers driven through the generators simply could not turn on.

And through the drifts that exceeded 1.5 meters, and even under the head of the wind, the bent pillars, no accident could simply drive. People were in … Yes, yes, yes, it was there.

After a couple of hours of hurricane, there were no electricity in 16 villages around the city and there was almost no gas. The only thing that could help are solid fuel boilers without electronics.

But there was almost no anyone!

Many left houses to the happy units that such boilers had. Welded water from the system and went to the bath, warmed there. Houses threw on the arbitrary of fate.

You understand that in such a situation, neither electricity, nor the more the benzogenerator will help. They simply do not stretch 48 — 60 hours in this mode of operation.

In one of the villages, where there was no gas or electricity, people gathered at the local DC, who had a diesel and warm two days there.

Two days later, the element calmed down.

Roads to settlements began to gradually clear. In the photo below you see the road along the workshop:

A heavy auger snow blower on the basis of the K-700 could not break through this challenge. He was cleaned with N-Noi attempt only tonight. Now I understand how the master gasman was right, who said:

-How will bring a garage or bath to mind, put a normal boiler on firewood and connect it to the heating system. After that, whatever happened, let even disconnect the light, water and gas, but you will always be warm.

So in the summer I have an accurate understanding that I will make the first thing! Can you recommend a good boiler on firewood, which can be drunk 220 kV / m area and put in a bath or garage?

What you need to be ready if you want to make money on New Year’s matinees: as Santa Claus Santa expected

Two weeks before the new year and about 5-7 days after the new year — extremely hot time for all those who decided to wear a red or blue Santa Costa costume, bring unforgettable emotions to children, and at the same time correct the material state.

I do not know how in the capitals, but in provincial towns such as our Magnitogorsk, Grandfather Frost with the Snow Maiden, for these three weeks, plow no worse than combine in the summer suffer. The grandfather with granddaughter employs professional actors, and amateur artists and just in the call of the soul.

About the golden rain, which lifted on the «impoverished grandfather with granddaughter» go legends. I was described by completely «wild» amounts that can be lifted for the day of work. Reality, of course, is much prosaic, but you can always earn your 3-4 thousand per day.

I know one professional actor, which leads almost all the wretches, trees, urban events, closed and private parties. The schedule of his work is 1 month after 11 — that he earns grabs exactly 1 year of a comfortable life. But he walked for more than 10 years, studying the clientele and negotiating with the «right people.» His costume is rightfully considered one of the best and most rich in the city, not a couple of those who are leased for 300-500 rubles a day. In one way out, he takes from 5 thousand rubles, although urban Avito was risen by ads with a price tag from 800 rubles.

Hmm, … I got acquainted with him as follows …

Parents, armed with photos and video technicians, stood a huge crowd in the far corner of the assembly hall and watched, as the teacher searched their chad on chairs and benches. Everything was ready for the beginning of the holiday. There was only him … Grandfather Frost. With the children managed to sing a song, they told a couple of poems, the Muchpotatnik, who was sitting on the victims of the piano had already started to twitch his eyes when he was heard from the corridor of one of the fathers (he did not get a place in the hall and he stood on the threshold):

goes …

Behind the heads of the steps from the corridor appeared figure … Santa Claus. I do not know, on which flea market a suit was bought, but the frost Ivanovich did not smell here. Small boots, bright red pants and a short sleeper — all this dangled on a not very fastening body of the actor, and the view of the latter was quite comic.

-Ufff, managed. Delayed, traffic jams,

The kids, smiling and having fun, fell asleep him quite obvious answers. And the matinee began.

Children have fun, but also parents have fun and moved themselves: «And the grandfather is well the date.» It took five events for minutes, as one more figure was put forward out of the doorway in Krasnoye.

On the threshold stood a real frost Ivanovich. Huge, healthy grandfather in two meters tall, in boots, real mittens, beautiful, richly skewed with golden sewing suit.

Silent scene. Kids instantly swept. Air between Santa and Santa Claus could be cut with a knife and put the stacks in the corner of the hall. The first was focused by Santa Claus, who thundered the room with a loud, with a snatch oath:

This, sho, we have here for the impostors appeared. Well, say, who are you and from where?

-I grandfather frost …

I’m frost Ivanovich! Tell me, kids, who of us on the real Frost grandfather looks like? And here is my granddaughter, Snow Maiden!

Children joyfully shouted, cared, began to show her fingers on the real Santa Claus.

Well, it’s clear who I am! Let’s together with my fingers, Ay-Yai-Yai!

Two meters of growth, a powerful figure and children’s hands, stretched to the included not left Santa no chance. Do not spoil the holiday. Santa squeezed through the crowd of his parents and went out into the corridor.

The matinee has a total of 40 minutes. Santa Claus was inimitable. It was immediately seen that the person is a professional actor. I even believed that Santa Claus was real and squeezed to me from childhood delicious tankers. But, the last time passed, Santa Claus said goodbye to the kids and came out. The children stayed in the hall for distribution of gifts and awards.

Suddenly someone touched me by hand and I heard the whisper of educators:

-Home, there Grandfather frosts fight.

A fight, of course, it could be called with tension. Skinny Santa, which, apparently, was very well removed during the expectation of the «competitor», sharpened with all his vanity body on the frost Ivanovich, while managing the bag from two Snow Maiden, trying to keep him, and hipely hide:

-I’ll show you, ***! You can’t just select money! We, ***, it was specially invited.

Frost Ivanovich, with the help of the staff, tried to stay away from the Santa Group in the cramped dressing room.

-It! We were invited!

-We were the first to come!

But we were also invited!

But we came first!


I’ll show you now, ***!

At this point, Santa managed to bounce a particularly strongly and to light her by Santa Claus in the face.

-Ay, ***. Yes, stand you. Who invited you?

Tamara Vitalevna invited us.

The teacher intervened here:

Who is Tamara Vitalevna? We have no such!

Santa got up like the inspected.

-And what is the group?



And kindergarten?


-How 27? Not 113?


If we lower the obscene words from those three proposals that we heard, then Santa proudly said.

Excuse me, the error came out! Faith, we are late. Go.

That’s how we met Mikhail. The actor of one of the urban theaters, who managed to expel Santo, spend an excellent matinee for our children, get five thousand rubles for it and the fingal under the right eye.

Have you come across such situations for the new year?