One of nine children, everyone waved his hand on him.


About the creativity of the hero of today’s story written a lot and more than once. Including on Zen. My favorite Channel Artifex wrote about his work very good

And the name of this person Paul Joseph Stankard.

To say that the guy was not lucky in childhood — nothing to say. Only imagine his parents — immigrants from Ireland moved to the United States and began to multiply with terrible force. Tychny Catholics-traditionalists, therefore medicine, medicine, control over the number of children and other «charms» of civilized life is not about them.

Paul was born second. After him, there was another child, and more, and more, and even … In general, 9 children were in a very poor family of stankards.


Even food at all, as if to softening, not always enough. The boy early found a delayed mental development and a couple of parables that almost put a cross on his studies. In tests, by type of our exam, the floor has always received the lowest points. The teachers were quite reasonably believed: the maximum that could turn out of it — the junior assistant to the senior janitor.

Actually, they were right. After graduating from school, the guy went to work on the plant helper glass. And, suddenly, blowing in long tubes and getting beautiful vases and flasks at the exit from the molten glass so much that he liked that passing by the master slapped him on his shoulder and said:

But you will get a good glass fiber.

After a couple of months of persistent work, Paul became a glass fiber at the factory, which supplied flasks and headlights for the production of Ford. Uspekhi at work so worked on the boy that he took the textbooks from a dusty angle and began to repeat what he could not master at school. For several years, he independently reoxused the school curriculum!

And, you know what happened next?

The guy, patient dyslexia, which was much less than 100, which could not read and write normally … Entered the Technological University!

On the budget!

And successfully graduated!

And if you think that after that, a successful success came to him, he stamped a bunch of money to a shovel and became a millionaire … deeply mistaken. He also worked at the factory by an ordinary glass fiber, and helped parents feed and dress the younger brothers and sisters.

Success came to him after years later, and the reason for this was the need. The money was disastrously lacked and for the sake of additional earnings, he decided to organize the workshop in his small garage, where the equipment was dragged off from the factory — a burner, glass fragments, gas cylinders.

Thanks to the innate defect, the floor turned out to be so observant that he could capture the smoother details in his brain what he watched. And most of all he loved to watch flowers, bees and all sorts of small bugs / spiders.

Paul decided to repeat these pictures in the glass, and did it so virtuosically, so beautiful, in the smallest details that everything seemed to everyone that the time was frozen in beautiful glass bowls and cubes, and summer frozen.

Faminess and first money came to the floor Stankard completely accidentally. He decided to put his work at the fair-selling Handmade in the city of Atlantic City. And quite by chance (oh, whether it was!) In this fair, a well-known artist of works by art — Reese Palelli was.

He was so amazed by the works of the guy, which made him an offer, from which it is difficult to refuse: he fully exics the Paul’s studio, gives him content, and he sells his products only through Pelley’s mediation.

After a month, Paul moved to a new studio and began work. The union of an honest merchant who did not violate the oral agreement, and the present master was so successful that in a few years they both became millionaires.

Today, the masters are maintained around the world in expositions of more than 60 museums, and each sphere of the wall is estimated from 10 to 120 thousand dollars.

Many are still confident that the floor found a way to pour the real flowers in the glass. But in fact, there is no gram of organics in his works. This is the most complex titanic work on a split mass, for each job is not one day of hard work.

And in this everyday work of the floor helps his beloved wife and two, to the madness of loving father, son. Stankard-senior — a recognized world star, drives around the country, reads lectures, gives master classes, conducts learning gifted children, spends large amounts for charity.

What else to say about this stunning masters? Nothing! I just want to remove the hat and in front of a person who literally made himself himself. When you get acquainted with such stories, I want to live, create and rejoice … Rejoice in every moment, every second time that is released in this world. And that’s fine.

And, yes, thanks for reading to the end …