One detail for 25 rubles each spring spoils thousands of gas boilers: yesterday we changed our due to the filter


The most comfortable mode of operation of the gas boiler is a small but stable frost. The hosts are shy, warm up the car, the dog shakes and completely refuses to go out into the street, even a cat, sitting under the battery, shows all his appearance: Wake me up in April, or better in May.

A gas boiler is this silent mechanism, the most comfortable time. Stable load, do not need to be turned on / off, work yourself and work as pleasure.

It would seem in the spring warmer, you can make the front, plunder to turn on … but no. It turns out on statistics in the spring of gas boilers throughout Russia comes the most «Kirdykov».

Even not in tall frosts!

Although no one has canceled admission laws.

So this spring to our boiler, the favorite of the whole family, the Italian Bacci Eco Form 24 kW also came the same Kirdyk. Sin complain, he worked out her 11 years old, whipped only a couple of times and these whims cost us a total of 15 thousand rubles. Not so much for so many years. In general, one fine morning, he stopped turning on, wrote down and depended by all his soul fibirs and went into non-scribe:


And he covered with a copper pelvis because of a small detail worth 25 rubles. That’s actually she:

Mud filter, or rather it is not himself, and the detail inside it is a mesh. And the reason in a too well made heating system — it is so sealed that it is practically not necessary to attach water to it.

For the first few years, we checked the mud.

As it turned out, in vain.

For 10 years, the protective grid of the mud filter has corroded, fell and partially clocked the pipe.

As the service master explained, in winter, when frosts were stood, the boiler had enough strength of two pumps to push the water. With increasing temperature, due to the weak flow of water, the boiler had to be turned on more often even during the day when it was already in the whole plus.

As a result, not only the bitter heat exchanger burned, but also Venturi’s pipe with the turbine. Even a black plug at the base of the chimney was charred from high temperature:

Tolded with the master, it turns out to be in the spring, when an even temperature did not rise to comfortable value to turn off the heating, there is a large splash of the gaseous equipment breakdown. It comes out of the comfort zone and … You have already read about the Kirdyk above.

So the offensive of heat is the thing to check and complete inventory of its «thermal» economy. Since last year, I had a new boiler since last year, since it was already clear that the old one did not live for a long time. Gave 5 tr. For commissioning and everything, we have a new boiler.

By the way, it is very interesting to look at the prices of gas boilers. 11 years ago we took the boiler for 29 thousand rubles. Together with the chimney, he cost us 33 thousand. Last year, the new boiler rose to us at 39 thousand.

This year, the double-circuit gas boiler Baksy Eco Form 24 (in the maximum configuration, but without chimney) can be bought with my dealer discount for 51 thousand. The price tag grew by 12 thousand per year, it oh how sensitively!

Everything is like in that proverb: «There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.» So more often check the mud filter even at the end of the heating season.