Oh, Yui, Yui.


As they say in my favorite movie: «Life is a chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate, you never know which filling you will come.» This proverb perfectly transfers the number of surprises that fate us, because the filling can be both bitter and sour, sweet, with mold, chocolate, caramel, souffle …

Exactly day ago, we were especially bitter filling.

Three times!

It all started with the fact that for a permanent customer we did a very big glass-panel of glass. Two layers of glass on the head, tail and fins, and up to six layers on color scales. Gently cut everything, folded, glued, covered in sprays and put in the oven.

After 16 hours, I get fish, Beautyaaa! Everything lasted perfectly. I turn over …. and there traces from our separator. It did not resist the composition of the high temperature and partially painted the opposite side of the fish. Patch of time, strength and glasses.

And the time is pressed.

Order need to be given.

I had to launch our long-suffering diamond saw, and cut the tail with fins. They are translucent, so traces from the separator on them were visible very well. Cut new details, put the finished body of the fish and baked under the ready-made body.

After 16 hours pulled out the finished fish. Everything is wonderful! They painted and as quickly as possible put in the oven for fastening the paints — it is necessary to send work in the evening. After lunch got the fish, fierce, even kissed from happiness, she was beautiful …

Only started to pack, as the fish pops up from his daughter’s hands …

And falls on the concrete floor …

SSG! …

They called the customer, showed, explained the situation, offered: or return money if the term is critized, or make a new one as quickly as possible. Agreed to make a new one, adding more red and orange colors …

At first, he disappeared his wife, reassured the jealous daughter, then disappeared his daughter, calmed the roaring wife. Srentate and non-zeanist Life of a Men-Psychotherapist-Fusingist (in the Women’s Collective).

Fuf ….

The evening surprised us with a candy with another unpleasant «stuffing».

While Natalia made a new fish, cut off the scaly and strips of colored glass for fins and tail, I decided to start pre-prepare for New Year holidays and make a few VAZ in the «coffee» colors (soon boast of). Several sheets of glass required color selected, pulled back to cut through the glass on the strip 1.2 cm wide …

And what do you think?


He took a new glass.

Another cut … Bubdin …. again in the glass hidden crack.

Of the five sheets of glass in three were hidden cracks. Now the wife and daughter soothed me. It was decided to close the workshop and go to sleep. It is impossible to work with glass on emotions ….


Do you have such days with the «unusual» stuffing?

We also have in