Often parents do not even know the real interests of their children: the most popular master classes


There are two things that children are most appreciated in master classes. But first a small prehistory.

In the fall of 2019, one of the urban homes of creativity organized a new circle for children, which just «broke» all the rest together. It was submitted for his applications from parents 3 times more than everyone else:

blogging on social networks

According to the stories of the head of the mug, almost all parents were confident that their miracle-chad — future bloggers million painters who could conquer social networks and will earn on the placement of «photos».

When, at the introductory lesson, the head told that only 0.1% of the entire mass is achieved, about the difficulties of the blogger, the cost of producing good content, parents were mildly discourage.

On the second occupation came twice as fewer children.

At the third lesson again came even less …

Waiting for parents

Now let’s talk about two things that modern children in master classes, circles and studios are most appropriate.

If I ask the question: Guess what things are it?

Most of the choir will answer: to be interested, exciting, fun …

And here is not!

Many children are ready to make uninteresting, boring, monotonous actions for hours, without a noisy campaign, alone …

What then?


Between the phrases «Parents bought» and «Himself earned» in the eyes of a teenager lies the abyss.

A few months ago, we had a master class with a large group of children and parents. The workshop was clogged with a bit. One boy was remembered, which literally from the first time was able to perfectly sharpen the figures from the glass, paint them, filigree adjust the details. His work was the best.

We then joked …

Come to work as a school to finish, we need such frames!

-And you can earn a lot?

«Life is enough, plus trips, communication, trade, fairs, exhibitions, constantly new places, people. Only school finish.

The next day, Misha collected his parents at the table and said:

Mom and dad, go for this school yourself, I go to work on Monday, I want to do glass. And at school I will never teach me life.

And it said a seventh grader!

If we talk about the most popular master classes by type of creativity, then they can be attributed to them:

We also have in