Nominal spoons as a business … Only one option remained


With registered spoons, I have a special connection.

First, some of my good friends are engaged in more than seven years.

And, secondly, the spoons remind me of one very funny story.

Let’s start with it.

In one roast July morning of 2014, one very interesting grandmother appeared on the station square of the city of Magnitogorsk. Grandmother like a grandmother, with a traditionally good face of a pleasant fullness. A colorful handkerchief thrown on his head, warm sweatshirt and a huge bag said that the woman was definitely gathered somewhere.

With the help of a healthy man, smoking without a business at the porch, a bag in the premises of the bus station and approaching the checkout, Granny enjoyable who came to know the whole bus station that her name was Elena Pavlovna, lives in Magnitogorsk, one, children in Chelyabinsk, her memory is bad, But the children are good, and especially grandchildren, and especially Petya and another Million and a small trolley details …

The story about the life of Peten, his love for her grandmother, pies, jackets and t-shirts, which Elena Pavlovna knits him, continued on the platform. In just a busy bus, the bag has already been entered the two, because it was completely inappropriate. And how she dotted her …

Surrious narration about the life of Peten in the distant Chelyabinsk continued on the bus. All his passengers learned how many pies goes to Petenka, how hard he breathes there, and how he wants to have a holiday in a hot beloved Magnitogorsk …

At halfdraws to Petya Chelyabinsk, buses always remain in the village of Stepno, so that the exhausted expensive passengers can smash their legs, drink a seagull and eat one — another Cheburek.

Together with everyone, with the help of two men, Elena Pavlovna came out. Without entering the cafe, she decided to walk around the square and see the experienced look, what the cafe trades the cafe, around which the mistrust crowd was.

Saving through the crowd, Elena Pavlovna saw them … Golden … Brilliant … Romanic spoons !!!

All 20 minutes while the bus stood in the steppe, Pethelenkina grandma spent, choosing nominal spoons. Spoon Son — He engineer at a big factory. A spoon of son-in-law — he is lazy, works by a welder, drinking, infection. A spoon of grandson Vanechka will save, he lives in Magnitogorsk. A spoon … a spoon … a spoon … oh, and what you did not say that there are still tablespoons … and forks.

The bus was laid out — everyone was waiting for Pethenikina Grandma with the help of a driver to take a bus with a steam kilograms with a bag. By bringing a woman to the top steps, the driver headed behind the wheel, along the way, pressing the door closing button.

With a quiet hiss, the door began to close when Pethenkin’s grandmother, with an incredible horror at a good old face jumped as henced and shouting:

Oh-oh-oh-oh !!! I forgot to buy a tea spoon with a teaspoon !!!

Almost instantly stuck the club in the closing door of the bus, jumped from the steps and almost jumps rushed after another, last spoon … for his unforgettable grandson.

To say that the bus will be, it’s nothing.

Hear, Petenka, how grandma loves you !!!

Well, now let’s go back to our branches.

Strictly speaking, nominal spoons never have been not, they will not be. Just as hendmade

But if at least some creativity can be found in the laser cutting of plywood, then the creativity is only one thing — to talk well and, if possible, to pour him nominal spoons for all his close and far relatives, preferably until the seventh knee.

Nominal spoons, or as they are also called «registered cutlery», represent — this is:

All of them are made of stainless steel (production, as a rule, Pavlovsky plant of artistic metal products or the Netwinsky plant).

For their production, a spoon itself is needed and a laser engraving machine.

But many did not suffer to the mania of greatness and just purchased spoons from the owners of engraving machines.

Purchasing prices for these devices are as follows: Tea spoon — 55 rubles, dining room — 85 rub, plug — 85 rub, knife — 100 rubles.

The price of the implementation is also everywhere approximately the same: a teaspoon — 200rub, dining room — 250rub, plug — 250 rub, knife — 300 rub.

The peak of this business came on 2012 — 2016, when the goods were in the wonder, and the nominal spoons were «swept» under clean. In one way out, it was possible to earn from 15-20 thousand, it was impossible to earn less, unless the natural disaster hurts.

So, for example, in extremely depressed top Upalee in 5 hours of trade on spoons, 29 thousand were earned. At the Spasskaya Fair could be raised for all three days about 120 — 200 thousand.

But with the times there was an extreme overhang. Split dealers turned out to be too much for not such a large population of Russia. In addition, people began to understand that in fact it is not such a good gift, and a steel spoon with the royal crown and monograms … well, somehow not that. At all.

Now, for spoon dealers, this is no longer a business — it is tears. The only one who still earns on spoons is the owners of engraving machines offering entrepreneurs to buy them «a fantastically advantageous franchise, allowing you to earn up to 13,000 rubles in one day.» Of all this, just one word: fantastic.

And this is the only option how to earn normal money in this area!

Today, the main buyer of registered spoons is a deep province, residents of small cities, villages, villages. From Magnitogorsk, sellers of registered spoons travel around Bashkortostan to rural fairs, Sabantui, villages, etc. In an attempt to add returns to spoons, it is diluted with non-sutiful souvenirs, crafts from stone. But the train for this business has already gone «, the cream was removed.

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