No, you rent, of course!

No wonder they say that people art never entrepreneurs. For the most part, it is. The whole week was looking for a good place to organize the school and holding master classes. Stopped in the same option, but so far thought, they wondered, they thought, dreamed and more … We were pregnant with the beak. Already employed.

Therefore, while they took a pause — you need to finish repairs in the workshop. And to take this very pause, we made us forced the last announcement by which we went to watch a place to organize a school-workshop within the city. Phoned, agreed with man.

It turned out that we drove up to the inspection site much earlier than ago. They came out of the car, we are waiting. The weather is good, around the yellowing trees, fly leaves, shines the sun, Lyapotaaaa! Pay attention to the entrance to the basement, where the premises surrendered for rent. Heat, pure, beautiful forging, neat door. For our purposes, it is enough to fasten a small sign and you can meet guests.

The drive door creaked behind his back, the speaker of the electronic lock was contiguously squeaked. A pleasant view of the grandmother came out of the entrance, carefully looked at us standing at the cherished basement, crossed himself and hurried away.

A few minutes later the drive door creaked again. Another grandmother. He stopped, looked at us, threw a quick glance at the basement, did something worried and went on their own business.

Another ten minutes passed, when the granny of the first came from the entrance appeared because of the corner of the house. All while she walked along the house, her glance was just chained to us. Going to the access door, attaching the key to the sensor and the open door (as if leaving the way for a sudden digression), the grandmother turned to us:

-What, young people, Barbara takes again?

Welvar? We agreed with Masha. The basement want to rent for a workshop. We will work with children.

Both, Milk, do not think. Cursed place. Light white you do not see here. And no one will go to you here.

-And what happened?


At this time, the car arrived. A woman came out of her with a folder in his hands and headed towards us. The grandmother hastily retraced to a pre-prepared position — in the entrance. Masha, so called a woman, opened the basement to us, the thick iron door and we were …

In the receiving sorcerer. The entire basement was saved dark, practically black, wallpaper for velvet with a beautiful vegetable pattern. The walls are posted engraving, icons, drawings of religious content. Near each wall stood on a small table and each was stolen with candlesticks with melted candles. In the stale air the base was still felt by the notes of incense and something else there is more comfortable.

-Koldunya was there?


More. Even dubbed us.

«Someone worked here, he treated herbs, the bones went out, cast water. Then I moved. And now, because of these grandmothers, this place can not pass anyone. All come, look and go. And the rental decreased by 40%, and allow repair in the event, no one agrees. Granny everyone says that the place is cursed, although they do it only for the time that no one entered and stopping them to live calmly. God forbid, they say, the store will discover whether drug addicts will be gathering.

We promised to think. And despite the fact that the rent that the owner requested is simply a gift, and the place is very passable. To organize a big desire to organize the workshop in such a place and taking people did not even occur even considering the option that the story of grandmothers about Barbar is most likely pure fiction. Therefore, decided to take a pause.

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