Mooseopathy for tomatoes: began to water them «black compote» — never thought they could grow


As you already know, we live in the Southern Urals, and the South Urals is such an interesting region in which gardening is no matter how, but it is like there. In all scientific articles, our region goes as

Risky agriculture zone.

That is, scientists are unobtrusively so they say: grow everything you want, but if in June, the snow is 20 cm in June or in September will fill with rains on the ears, then do not be offended. By the way, in July and August, there may also be gifts from the Mother of Nature, it happened that half of the summer go in sweaters, and the second half is poured later. In many ways, that is why the south of the Urals is unofficially called:


And indeed it is. To grow these delicious pieces in our conditions, you need to be at least Michuchin. And we have in the city of such half of the inhabitants. Everyone is trying to grow something more, painful, show each other, share useful advice. And one of these tips I want to share with you.

The fact is that this method literally saved our tomatoes last year. We collected them before everyone! And this is a rebelled landing from the early frosts traditional on the firm Urals at the end of summer.

In fact, the Council is very simple, but for its implementation, you need a large container equal to 1 Cuba, as on top photo. If the tank is greater or less, then the dose must be proportionally increased or decreased.

So, for the preparation of «black compote» you need:

All this good divorces in warm water, it insists exactly one day and gently shimmes the tank with a capacity of 1 cube. Water in the tank immediately acquires a dark peat tint. That is why we call such watering «black compote.»

The concentration of fertilizers with such breeding is low, approximately 5 times less than what is written in the instructions, but in combination with biohumus, it turns out a very nutritional mixture. It looks like homeopathy when people are treated with supermarine doses of medication.

After that, the tank connects to the drip irrigation system in a greenhouse with tomatoes and pepper, as well as to pipes of watering cucumbers and other greenery. I do not know why this solution affects the growth of plants so much, but tomatoes are growing like on yeast.

Now June, and tomatoes in our greenhouse are already similar to July. By the way, this «compotic» affects potatoes, cucumbers, roses, raspberries, Victoria. Since a solution of weak concentration, it can be watered twice a month — it is much more useful for landings, in addition, it is impossible to burn the soil fertilizers.

The recipe for this «black compote» was suggested by the former agronomist of the collective garden. We tried and did not regret! True, sometimes lazy and pour out a little less often than it is relied. By the way, it was noticed that tomatoes grown with such watering are not only stored much longer, but also resistant to small cooling and freezing.