Master Gasovskoy said: «Only the stupid owner puts the electric boiler to the reserve for gas.»


10 years in a row, how much our family lives in your home, I play with fire. And I am still looking forward to fate to me a-ta-ta to the first number. The other day it was almost happening.


10 years ago, when we went to the house and installers installed gas connected gas, made the primary setting of the boiler, the question arose:

What to warm the house if there are gas interruptions or, for example, the boiler will cover copper pelvis?

Quite reasonably, like many home home, I said:

Let’s carry an extra electric kilowatt electric boiler for 8-12. This is enough for more or less decent heating. And if the gas boiler gives God the soul that at the time of repair it will be possible to dry the money … oh kilowatts.

What the master answered:

-Do not even think about it. So there are only stupid people. It’s better at all. Although I would advise you to put the boiler on firewood in the bath or garage and connect it to the system. Then thanks to say!

But before the heating of the garage, I was still very far away, so I decided not to put anything. So we live for 10 years in a row, playing with the fire, or rather playing every winter in the game for a frozen / do not frozen.

House, workshop and garage are heated with one wall-mounted gas boiler! And if suddenly something happens to him, and in severe frosts the boiler will tell us «Allverds», then there will be sadness / sadness.

Defrosting of the heating system for all three buildings will turn into a penny!

And now, in fact, let’s talk about what convinced me on the right of the master.

On February 23, 2021, the rehearsal of the apocalypse of the regional scale was played in the Southern Urals. First, the temperature dropped sharply, about -30 degrees.

Then he went.

Children’s bow, not so

The wind rose and a full-fledged Akman Tokman was played.


Mother Nature of such Khamsky’s relation to himself was not able to dear and recovered above us in full:

Cakes to give them! Now you have these cakes in me!

So it happened. The thermometer knocked out the window with a scream:

-Heeva, beasts, let go home!

The temperature fell to -36, it was per feeling -42. For two days, a two-month norm fell out. The wind blew with such a force that the metal facade was demolished from the shopping center, siding and roofs were removed from the houses. Wires and poles could not stand and just lay down in a snowdrift. The gusts of the wind exceeded 100 km per hour.

The houses began to be trally blurred through. People went to boilers, added temperatures in boilers.

What happened next?

Gas pressure fell in the system, the boilers began to warm worse.

People went and added more gas, which aggravated so in a difficult situation. Many who have drowned with electricity, included heating to the entire coil. Who lacked the power of the gas boiler also included the lands, convectors and even fireplaces.

Looking for voltage in the network … and shaggy!

In half, the plant turned off the supply of electricity. Anyone who had gas boilers with a compulsory burden sat down at one place. Plus gas pressure fell so much that many boilers driven through the generators simply could not turn on.

And through the drifts that exceeded 1.5 meters, and even under the head of the wind, the bent pillars, no accident could simply drive. People were in … Yes, yes, yes, it was there.

After a couple of hours of hurricane, there were no electricity in 16 villages around the city and there was almost no gas. The only thing that could help are solid fuel boilers without electronics.

But there was almost no anyone!

Many left houses to the happy units that such boilers had. Welded water from the system and went to the bath, warmed there. Houses threw on the arbitrary of fate.

You understand that in such a situation, neither electricity, nor the more the benzogenerator will help. They simply do not stretch 48 — 60 hours in this mode of operation.

In one of the villages, where there was no gas or electricity, people gathered at the local DC, who had a diesel and warm two days there.

Two days later, the element calmed down.

Roads to settlements began to gradually clear. In the photo below you see the road along the workshop:

A heavy auger snow blower on the basis of the K-700 could not break through this challenge. He was cleaned with N-Noi attempt only tonight. Now I understand how the master gasman was right, who said:

-How will bring a garage or bath to mind, put a normal boiler on firewood and connect it to the heating system. After that, whatever happened, let even disconnect the light, water and gas, but you will always be warm.

So in the summer I have an accurate understanding that I will make the first thing! Can you recommend a good boiler on firewood, which can be drunk 220 kV / m area and put in a bath or garage?