Machines are fundamentally needed: two masters without complex equipment found their golden vein


I am very often accused of telling fairy tales. At first it was funny — now there is no. Do you know why I no longer laugh at such accusations? I feel sorry for people who drive themselves in the framework of the failures that others say others:



-It can not be so!

And I never thought that such people who have programmed themselves a lot. So many. Too much. They will not be able to create anything, they will not be able to succeed.

After all, in fact, a man is the designer of his fate.

Everything that you have programmed — will come true. And only from you will depend on it or …

Therefore, from this day, all commentators who at least once will say the words of accusations of lies or writing will be removed and banged mercilessly. Hamsk expressions are unacceptable on the channel, mat and insults. Lion Tolstoy somehow said very wise words:

And now the next fairy tale.

Only the fairy tale is it … learn at the end.


Years years flying unnoticed. That’s just a shaking hand wrote a statement about the reception, and here Rrrzraz and you have an independent life in which you need to make a piece of bread. And in the yard are not light and fat 2000s, when oil money flowed from every corner and generously fed our economy.

And it turned out that steep, expensive and exclusive furniture, but from anyone who is not a well-known master is not very necessary. Orders were single. It was not rapid about life, I even had thoughts about going to some large furniture factory for the production of typical cabinet furniture.

A miracle saved from an imminent care in hiring of two nuggets. Otherwise, it is impossible to name it. Photos of the works of the famous sculptor in Jeff Whitto were hit by the masters. The young man became famous for the whole of Europe with his giant sculptures from the roots and branches.

And the guys decided. We are no worse, we can make the same thing.

The first figure of Oleska turned out … oh well, but she turned out! Over time, the shapes of wild animals from the roots and branches began to get better and better.

Interestingly other. In the manufacture of the first figure there were big doubts:

Yes, who needs it at all?

We are not much appreciated by such things, how much can it be sold?

Surprise deer bought in a private garden on the first day.

No extra question, conversations and bargaining.

Just taken and bought!

And ordered one more.

It turned out that such things are very in demand. Customers do not scare even very impressive prices. Agree, not everyone can lay out for $ 50 cm high, for the eagle — almost 110 thousand, and for the large horned handsome three times more.

And it started … Today, a small firm of Igor and Arkady is a steadily developing company that not only produces landscape figures, but also engaged in learning masters. People go from all over the country. At the firm even organized a children’s circle of wood thread.

Very rarely, when Masters are ready to tell everyone about their secrets, show the techniques of work. Igor and Arkady — a vivid example of what creativity is always going ahead of earnings. When the soul is inserted into the work, the earnings are applied. If there is no soul, and everything is done only for the sake of earnings — there will be nothing.

Do not lick the soul! This is the first priority!

That ended today’s tale … from the fabulous. I foresee angry comments from

It may be so it is in the personal world of these commentators, which they themselves constructed for themselves. In the world of the glass fairy tale, the world of Oleg and Arkady, the worlds of handmade masters and other people who can and want to create, this company exists and flourishes. It is called «Tree-Dar», and the masters are called Igor Silantyev and Arkady Eltsov.

Thank you for reading to the end. Design your worlds, worlds of good luck, creativity and inspiration. Good luck to you!