Lost paradise in the Ural Taiga: many dreams of moving here, but only one


Answer, please, for one question.

Just honestly.

First of all for yourself.

Would you like to throw everything in my life and go to live in nature (not in the village, namely, in nature)?

100% each, at least once spoke to himself: here it would be to put a house and live away from everyone.

We all want to leave a stuffy city, from bustle and running, constant chase for money, emissions of cars, close concrete boxes, swearing neighbors, endless ponts and desire to shift before all …

Even with us who live in the city, in their own house on a plot of 8 acres, constantly arises such a desire.

What stops us all?

Someone work, someone children, loans, health, age, shorter causes of mass, and everyone has their own. But if we generalize, then the reason is always, in all cases there will be only one.

And this is the lack of infrastructure.

It is impossible to connect to electricity, gas and water in a clean field or forest.

But what will happen if one person can do this and decide to sell areas in a beautiful place with connecting to communal benefits?

And let’s, I will tell you one story.

A 10-minute drive from Beloretsk, I will not be afraid of this word, a paradise. Just imagine: even plateau in the framing of the mountains, the White River makes several intricate turns, beautiful rocks, green meadows, the purest air, carved by fragrances of meadow flowers and mixed pine-pine-pine-pine forest.

Yes Yes Yes! Namely Cedaro.

Mushrooms? Please!

Berries? Wound!

Fishing? Yes, here fishermen prescribed!

Swimming in the river? And this is full! (White here appears, flows quietly and calmly, so water warms very well).

Andrei needed was just fascinated by this place. Fascinated so much that I was able to quit work, sell everything in the city and leave. Leave into a clean field.


In a clean field.

The plan was like this: buy a large plot, build a house on it, to make the farm left to cut into large sections of 1 hectare of the Earth and sell.

That would be enough for the improvement of the territory, carrying out electricity, gas, laying asphalt roads. And people would heal on their hectares of municipal municipalities (without any zakidonov in generic estates, Anastasia, Vegan and Other — I have nothing against them).

Money from the sale of property was enough for the purchase of a large plot of land in 20 hectares, translating it from Izhs to the DNP, building a house, the dump of the road and carrying out electricity. The wife of Andrei spread a large farm — sheep, ceshards, rabbits. Next to the house there are three big greenhouses, pieces, a shed. It is implemented by friends, carrying their products, take care remotely. In general, it is enough for life, but without excesses.

Ah, yes and a bank.

Where without her in her house!

Beauty and grace!

The remaining land was divided into plots.

Each plot is 1 hectare, exactly one hundred and hundredth of land.

How much is the land plot in the district office with the possibility of connecting not only to light and gas, but also fishing, the sun, clean air? And all this is 10-15 minutes (maximum 20) driving from the center, let the small, but still the city.

1 million 400 thousand rubles.

Guess how much wishing to buy a plot in a paradise place?


Exactly 0.

All who visited there, light up the desire to buy. And everyone who heard this price was twisted at the temple and left. No one wanted to buy a plot in nature, in the fila part of the world for 1 million 400 thousand rubles.

Although, if you think about 1.4 million to divide by 100, then one weaving is obtained by 14 thousand rubles. For example, we have in Magnitogorsk, a plot in the cottage settlement of 8 acres with all communications costs 1.2 million and people pay.

And then 1.4 million per 100 acres and nobody!

It turns out that all dreams of nature are broken about the sum of clean air, which, on the one hand, is huge for most Russians, and, on the other hand, a kopeck.

Yes, it is possible to connect light and gas, but after all, in addition to the price of the Earth, it will have to still decide the issue with the construction of the house (at least 3 million), search for work, a large car (jeep, although in the winter the road is clean), and still need to carry children And wife to work, buy products … All costs in a circle are increasing at 7-8 million.

Those who have such money buy apartments on the sea or in Turkey. Those who do not have … Just like we, drove, looked, littered and went further, dreaming … about the lost paradise for huge money, which, if you count for a hundred, penny.

And the family of Andrei lives, in the lost paradise, one one.

Although, maybe, very soon there will be three.

Would you move, throwing everything into such a place?