Long searched for a reliable detergent for washing glue, tape, stickers.


Sometimes it seems that stickers, tape and all sorts of price tag labels have come up with people with sadistic inclinations. Well, unless it was impossible to come up with something human so that Rrrzraz and with a purchased thing everything was instantly flipped.

But it’s noeeee!

I bought for example, a vase or a plate, and the price tag or a sticker, or a barcode, or all three together, is required. Sometimes in the most prominent place!

How then is this pleasure to clean?

And now you are standing with a new vase in the sink and a squirrel in a knife under the hot water in an attempt to tear out what should not be in principle. And which stickers are sitting on sheets of art glass! That’s where sadists have come off.

But worst traces of glue and paper labels with wine and vodka bottles are removed. The fact is that we are often asked to make souvenir plates from old bottles. With each you have to skip the label, and then for a long time, very long to scrape the remnants of glue. Sometimes this occupation takes half a day — such a lot of such plates are ordered.

What we just did not try.

Heated the bottles with a construction hairdryer and even tried to burn them with a burner, but bottles (vases and other dishes) poorly tolerate temperature fluctuations and at the most unexpected moment can crack.

They tried to rub with oil, gasoline, kerosene, White spirit and other chemistry. Wit-spirit copes best, but Sorrow after him is worth it that it is best to repeat this procedure on the street and in a gas mask. In addition, chemistry often leaves such traces that do not burn even when the glass is baked in our furnaces!

Helped the case.

A couple of weeks ago, by putting acquaintances, we wandered in Fix-price for vases from beautiful glass. In the meantime, the spouse of Oskha and Ahala around the dishes, I decided to wander through the racks with the goods. And by chance on the shelf with car goods found a small canister under the promising name



As soon as came home — I tried:


We are waiting for 10-20 seconds and voila!

Christmas trees, yes it works!

For the sake of interest, I decided to try laundering stickers from the construction tool. Even the same thing — pulled off the paper, sprinkled on the square of the glue, and right on the eyes of the adhesive square begins as «Ural dumplings»: to score.

Waited 10 seconds, a wipe protein:

Absolutely no traces of glue, paper or stickers!

Means is just a miracle.

Exactly in a week, we used this mini-cartridge all without a residue. You need to buy a new one, and it was not available! All started. As sellers reported, the remedy enjoys frantic popularity as soon as it comes — they swell from the shelves at once.

Well, now the most interesting.

If you carefully read the composition of the miracle, it turns out that it is one in one «all moles» it looks like a means for removing a varnish on female marigolds. And it, in turn, consists of 30% of … acetone, and everything else water and fragrances.

So we tried to dissolve acetone with water in the proportion of 50 * 50 and the resulting mixture was poured into the same canopy. I tried and … the effect is even stronger. Glue, paper, stickers — all this smelled from glass and metal just at the moment. True, the smell of acetone is also more accurate.

So if you are bare-stickers, too, and in the fix price, you will see such splens, I highly recommend buying. If there is acetone at hand, and you are not afraid of a pronounced «manicure» smell, then you know what to do.