Knitted things that are well sold at fairs


Recently, many needlewomen are asked: I knit such beautiful things, and a little sales? I defended at the fair (exhibition) and did not sell almost nothing? But my neighbor sold a lot, although her things are not so beautiful or high-quality? What am I doing wrong?

According to the nature of the activity, it is constantly in fairs, markets, festivals, exhibitions, etc. Meet with a huge amount of handmade handmade crafts and technician, masters, sellers, buyers … When you stand in one row with other masters and past you there is a huge number of people, the fact of the success or failure of sales (respectively, the in demand of the work of the master) on the face . Immediately you can see who and how much sells.

Above you saw two photos. Both masters took part in the 2017 Bazhov Festival. On one photo before the master you see many people, there are no buyers in the second photo at all, the master even turned away.

The first craftswoman, with the caps, sold at the fair a total of almost for riders (10 times !!!) more than cracker with sails, web and socks. The entire fair went to people in beautiful hats of the Vikings, evil birds, Peruvian Indians, funny frog, bearded, etc.

But the classic shawls, cobwebs and socks practically did not take. What is interesting next to the second craftswoman, sat the frightened appearance of the uncle from Mongolia, who traded on warm socks from camel wool — his socks were flying away at the speed of light.

Another «through two tents» one girl traded chic handmade blankets. There was both a large and small knitting, very beautiful and bright drawings (unfortunately, could not come closer, so there is no photo). These plaids also dispersed with a bang.

In 2018, the situation with sales was also the same on the Bazhovka. In the fall of 2018 at the Kazan Fair — again the same. Masters of «classic» mating almost everyone is sitting without sales, they are single, and masters with new and bright ideas, caps, capes, plaids, etc. Only the noise is traded (but not all!).

I myself believe that the knitting of its relevance did not lose and will never lose, but the preferences of people recently change very much.

If you want to knit for yourself, relatives, acquaintances, friends and girlfriends — knit what you want — a financial question here is on the second plan.

If you want not only to knit, but also to receive material satisfaction from your classes, in any case you will have to do things that do not like to you, but to the consumer. And for this, knitted things should be:

So, if the thing you is connected does not comply with the specified criteria that sales will not meet your expectations.

And in the first place is often not even fashion and modernity, but quality and practicality. Often, a person comes up to the counter, seeing the beautiful thing, admired her, but does not buy, because it does not see her use or saw a flaw in quality (this is generally a separate topic for several articles, the quality of handmade things is a very serious and current question).

If you actually talk about things, then actively sold:

If we speak in age categories, then the interest of sales of knitted things is approximately as follows:

50% — for children;

40% — for women;

10% for men, and most men at the fair are actively resisting their wife’s persuasion about such a purchase for themselves, so in harm :).

I understand that for each master made by his own hand, the best, beautiful and high-quality, but in this situation it solves exactly the consumer.

If you want to earn, remember that it is the consumer who votes for his money — everything else is nothing more than politeness.

If you have posted a photo of a photo related to the sale of things and she scored a bunch of likes, reposts and delighted feedback — this means nothing. Nothing at all. Only one thing can say about the success of your work and buy it and bought.

And one moment. I do not pretend to be the truth in the last instance, I just express my personal opinion.

All — design, color, brightness, etc. — Must be in moderation.

If you want to be a popular knitting wizard, you should not, armed with fashionable magazines to immediately create the works of high fashion. For people, most of them are not needed.

On the same Kazan fair participated a girl who mnilage himself a great couturier from knitting. She traded approximately here such things:

Is it worth saying that «Couturier» did not sell anything.

Not one thing in five days.

When she gathered on the last day from a deaf turkey, driving from her trading places it was possible to distinguish phrases: cattle …, do not understand anything …, art …, I will go to Moscow …, still recognize.


Tell me your thoughts about the said — will be very cool to talk.

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