Is it possible to make a living just a favorite thing?

Everyone who asked me 2019:

Is it possible to make money on a normal, full-fledged life with a favorite thing, which is associated with craft, needlework, that is, hand-held work in general?

I answered very simple:

-Maybe yes!

In 2020, the same question, which, by the way, is asked more often than before, I answer as simple:


I foresee an angry exclamation:

Are you bad? It turns out nothing changed …

In 2020, everything changed!

Yesterday in the car dealership, I met two of my friends on «needlework business.» One — Blacksmith, the second — potter. Both chose new cars for themselves. Apparently advertising and waiting for the next increase in prices next year did their job.

The first decided to tie with potter. After with the highest permission, everyone was allowed to go to work, took out all the equipment from the workshop in the garage, got a job and now it does not blow on the mustache. Wife works, he works, not a buzz, but the initial contribution was enough. And with hand, he decided to be … Someday … for the soul.

It turns out that he cannot earn a living for life.

The second, all in soap, with a three-story obscene vocabulary to the address … I will not clarify whom, he took him a pickup. The old car was covered with a copper pelvis, and orders, despite the «not season», fully.

He was tired of hiring the car, so I decided to borrow a healthy pickup on credit, throw a generator on it, welding and carrying small structures on mounting yourself. Yes, the car is dear, but for the sake of profits and orders, he went to spend 3.074.000 rubles plus overpayment of jar and insurance.

Khm! So what can, get a favorite thing to earn?

And in the evening, a neighbor came to visit us. She, pulling a big house, raising four children (two of their, two adopted), if there is a husband working at the plant and receiving very good money, graduated from courses of confectioners and in the call of the soul decided the furnace cakes to order.

Orders are full. On the day there is a bake of three pieces!

And again we return to the fact that in the 2020th you can make a favorite thing!

So what is the difference between 2019 and 2020?

The difference is that in fat, the pre-crisis years, many left the office, from the plant and began to engage in something for the soul, maybe it will go. And the presence of cravored money in humans allowed such «freelancers» thin poorly to reduce the ends meet. On a communal and yogurt with an apple grabbed and okay.

By the end of 2020, the strongest, who had behind his back or backup survived, or an additional income, or just clung to their teeth and did not give him to go to the bottom, floundered, fought in all the doors, opened the stores, gave advertising, drove Groups on master classes, led stream and created channels on YouTube, conducted paid training.

The 2020th showed that only one channel of receipt of income is a little — a single master or workshop will be able to survive if several channels organize several channels, including sales. In addition to trade, many began to sell their knowledge directly — they created training courses, master classes lead.

This year clearly demonstrated to all craftsmen that under a laying stone is not the fact that champagne with caviar, but even simple water does not count. This is exactly the difference between the 2019th and 2020th.

So, is it possible to make money on hand?

Definitely yes! Only…

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