Is it possible to cut the glass with sharp surgical scissors?

For the first time, the fact that glass can be cut by ordinary scissors was printed in 1902 in the Russian Disabled newspaper (St. Petersburg). For a complete serious note, the author of a small note talked about how the workers in the dense factory are soaked to the leaf glass in the water. After some time, the glass was raised from the bottom of the barrels and not pulling out on the air cut the usual scissors.

Subsequently, this information moved to pre-revolutionary textbooks, and then in our. It was said that the glass amorphous material, which in water can be calmly cut and even get perfectly smooth.

«Yeah, Scharzz …», «we thought and decided to double-check this very common myth. True, they started not from water, but from the air. They took the most common surgical scissors






Bzzdy and glass just split. It is quite expected. There was no doubt no. Well, it is impossible glass in the air cut up with scissors. In no way! Even if the scissors are made of the same material as the rollers of glass cutter. In any case, the result will be one …


After the failed experience in the air, an ordinary plastic basin was taken, which poured water and lowered the same cutting glass. To ensure historical accuracy, glass was frustrated in water for a whole week. During this time we managed to stretch in Miass twice.

Glass lay everything and lay, wounded. Really. And suddenly hesch! Although the aquariums do not twist. Or may their lively aquarium 🦈🐳🐟🐠🐡🦐🦑🐙 holds from turning.

Exactly seven days of the glass wet, I again sank the surgical scissors and … I have a hurry to assure the Bzzyna. Glass just like in the air broke and crumbled under scissors.

The only difference, with a slight effort, the glass in water did not break into large pieces, and gradually biled, crumbled. Under water from glass, you can safely cut a small house, triangle or circle.

And if you look good, you can see that the edges of the string of glass are not so pointed, they are more stupid, as if they were slightly stuck.

On the Internet is full of explanation why this happens. But unfortunately they are all different. Some sofa experts reach the fact that the water reacts with silica molecules in glass. Probably, they personally attended.

The most accurate and correct explanation is as follows: the water serves as a kind of damper, which reduces glass microcoles, and, therefore, the cut is not so «sharp». Water, really, smoothes.

Do not agree with the explanation? Write in the comments correctly explanation. Only in the dispute is born … Damn knows what.

And we have a lot of things to cut 😎.

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