In the USSR — cosmonauts and pilots, in the 90s managers, lawyers.


When I studied in the fifth grade, during one of extracurricular activities, the teacher asked:

Who would you like to become when growing?

The choir of votes said:







A few years later, the USSR stopped existing as a state and suddenly we stopped striving for a bright future, to build communism or even socialism with a human face. Already another teacher facing graduates of school, asked the same question and the same chorus of the vote answered her:





Director of the company


As it does not look ridiculous, but for 20 years, I also visited the historian (I came true idiot), and a lawyer, and a businessman, and the middle managers, and even the director of the enterprise. True, the model was somehow not set, but it is for the better, ugh, pah, pah 😁.

Today we work in our small art glass workshop and conduct master classes with children of different ages. For the sake of interest, we began to ask the same question to the children who visited us:

-What do you want to be after school?

In total, almost 120 children were interviewed and their answers made seriously thinking:

Managers and lawyers moved away somewhere in the shadow and no longer attract our children, almost none of the respondents expressed the desire to do their own business.

And yet no one wants to go to the plant, becoming a combine, milk, ordinary workers, veterinarian, etc.

Only one boy said he wants to become a welder!

The first place came out the most «cash» spheres. Children feel perfectly and see from advertising, television and internet Examples of secured «Star» life. They hear the parents talk about.

As experts in the search for personnel, our ideas about what profession the most promising is completely outdated. We judge from our bell tower, arguing on the basis of the experience that received 10 — 20 or even 30 years ago. To modern conditions, and even more so, it will not apply forward in 10-20 years.

A few days ago, the fund of private initiatives presented a list of the most monetary professions, which will be in demand over the next 20 years. What I liked this list — it is compiled for Russia (this is not just a copied excerpt from «Zabigorny» research):

Feel the difference with the list of desires for modern children.

And you have long asked your child, who do he want to be when growing?

We also have in