In the footsteps of the films «Golden River» and «Missing Expedition»: how to removed the Siberian Taiga among the South Ural paradise


Southern Urals is one of the most beautiful places in Russia, here you can find glaciers, deserts, impassable taiga, impregnable rocks, blue lakes, alpine meadows. It is not surprising that for the shooting of many films, both Soviet and Russian, film studios come here.

The creator of the first Soviet Westerns «Golden River» and «Missing Expedition» directed by Veniamin Dorman quite intelligently considered, why spend a huge budget, go somewhere on the backyard of the world, to Siberia, feed the mosquitoes when you can find everything you wish.

Both paintings were removed at 3 — 5 kilometers from civilization or even in meters from her.

Edrit-Madrite, cinema — Great power.

At the very beginning of the film, it can be seen as an expedition pierces through the impassable Siberian river. In fact, this is the river of Noura, which flows from the village of Tornok towards Beloretsk. The shooting group is located directly on the road, as the river itself calmly gallows 2 meters from her. And the water in it and then, and now — by knee.

On the second photo — my love, one of the most beautiful places of Beloretsky district, a monument of nature, an arrow stone. Very many tourists come here. And how many legends with it is connected, not to count! Right behind the shoulder of Kaidanovsky there is a cozy village with a large recreation base, whereas behind the scenes is quite an asphalt road.

By the way, the location of the road opposite the army stone is called Russian slides. If you warm up on it more than 80 km. per hour, then … the suspension of the grateful car will make you a loud crust-crust (there is a good car service in Beloretsk).

In the third photo (an episode where people walked along the narrow trail along an inaccessible cliff) — another very beautiful place that all local knows about, but there is practically no strangers. These are the cliffs of seven brothers. Despite the proximity to the city, you can only get there by car with a large number of obscene vocabulary.

For the road seams! Full! After the rain especially.

But what kind of appearance it opens. The White River makes a wide loop on both sides of which the pine forest grows, bright greens, pleasant sand or pebbles on the shore, skewers-Mashlyk, gathering by the fire, talking in the summer night, no comareva, bird singing. Mmmmm ….

But in the film Serious people in a serious setting, with large trunks. Everything is serious. I think so after shooting a couple of days they spent definitely there!

The fourth frame from the film is a stone river (Kurumnik): 50 meters from the road with a bridge over the Nura River, 30 meters from the high-voltage line, under the side of the village with a cozy tourist. If you stay in the village, then in two or three days you can visit all the most beautiful mountains of Beloretska: raspberry, karel, golden bumps. And believe me, it is worth it. The houses on the turbase are booking for months.

And the last shot of the film is a deaf Siberian village. In fact, the village village of Shushupa, where they live very, very, very, secured subsidiaries from Magnitogorsk, my good acquaintance is a rash farmer (who escaped from the love of state into a coop), the base of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is located. Amazing nature, the purest river, not yet ridden by the Files of BMK, the relict forest and the border of the zone with the most secret bunker of Russia (naturally, then there were no zones yet).

According to eyewitnesses, it was very dry during the shooting, there were no rains for two months. As ideally, the director’s houses had to be a lot of harvested hay, which spoke about the prosperity of people in Siberia. The hay was collected on all villages in the district. Some Soviet «collective farmers» then worked well, selling a kinogroup of 50-70 rubles per stog.

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