If summer festivals and fairs are not, at the expense of which you can hold out until autumn?


I think all the masters are already clear that on the summer trade, at least in large mass events, you can safely put a large and fat cross. There will be no festivals, holidays and fairs. June and July accurately, August under a big question.

Yesterday, three organizers announced the abolition of festivals!

What to do? After all, summer is the peak of the roads, many masters are traditionally dripped from the places and Alga to the valleys and the weasses of our immense. Manya has several familiar masters who are sitting in the middle of spring into their scored under the roof of the Gazelka, go out of the house and return to it only at the end of September. We are not so summer fans of summer fairs, but the schedule of travel is also quite dense.

Since this year, all summer trade is covered with a copper pelvis, an eternal question arises:

how to be and what to do?

In principle, it would be nice to invent a cry and seed before the beginning of New Year trade. But I, Humanitia, is not lucky, so you need to look for other options:

Rush to the summer to trade by the sea.

It is not necessary to break anywhere, but just stay at home.

Develop trade via the Internet.

-When it will open, go to shopping centers?


So the representative office of the master on the Internet today is not just desirable — it is necessary.


Direct sales.

Here are the first five options that came to my mind. Naturally, the autumn of a splash of trade will not be, therefore 2, 3 and 5 options smoothly go to autumn. The revival of trade is worth waiting for the new year, the middle of November. And then, if nothing more by us is «shashnet.»

What do you think about summer trading? Are there any other options?

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