I thought for a long time how to survive, and the store opened: Located on the outskirts, the whole city goes there, he is not a competitor even «traffic light»


Federal trading networks are a terrible dream of any entrepreneur. As soon as they appear in proximity to local trade immediately begins to be bored and slowly moving into the world of others.

Many of the last forces rush to the trade war, gain loans, expand the range and fall into the trap of their own nonsense. Well, ordinary Ip-Shnik cannot, if only he has to be brother Sechina or Miller, compete with federal networks.

It’s trite not enough resources!

Today I will talk about a small shop that was completely microscopic, but gradually grew up to such a scale that it occupies a separate large building and three neighboring warehouses.

And you know what? He spit all the trading networks taken together!

As his mistress said: «

All salt lies in the fact that this store trades and for whom it is designed.

When large trading networks come to the city, most entrepreneurs who trade with products and small things are ruined. The hostess of this shop came smarter than many of his fellow business and instead of pre-playing products, he retrained to … gardeners, gardeners and owners of private houses.

The fact is that it is these three categories of people very different in their interests and shopping from those who live in apartments. Gardener, for example, do not need a designer bucket from Louis Witton for 1000 dollars, he needs a simple galvanized to serve a long time and cost rubles 100 if possible.

An ordinary, non-rich gardener does not need a dear Finnish shovel for 1,200 rubles, it is enough for him just Russian wrought from an ergonomic stalk. The main thing is that the price of 300-500 rubles did not be broken.

The new owner of a private house, when only moves from the apartment, suddenly discovers that he needs a huge bunch of everything: pumps, extension cords, hoses, a wheelbarrow, cans, barrels, water tanks and other little things that it seems to be a penny, but if To buy it all and immediately, then no salary is enough.

And here, please, everything in one place, ranging from the simple Soviet castle of the old quenching, who saw Chinese plasticine latches in one place, to the simplest mittens, gloves, electric stove, wheelbarrows and spare parts for bath furnaces.

This is a large private shop of household goods, which is called «House and Garden».

Every day a hundred people come here if not thousands of people with one sole purpose — to buy a lot of small things for their home, cottage or garden. Here after work and on the weekend, residents of the surrounding villages are driven — such a product for a large farm to them just right.

So what is the author?

Interesting here in the other — this store is located on the territory of the old «Soviet» vegetables, which in the early 90s, retrained to wholesale bases. What they just did not trade, and tea, and products, flour, pasta, stew, etc. etc.

The flourishing of all these shops came at the beginning of the 2000s. Here every day came hundreds of trucks with a commodity. But as soon as trading networks like «Magnit», «Pyateroki» The number of bases began to decline sharply. Now from the old majesty there is no trace — it works at best percentage of 15% of all shops. They could not offer people prices lower than retail chains.

The pair-triple will pass and the trace will not remain from these bases. Almost all the owners plan to close — the sheepskin is not worth it, there is no revolutions.

In addition to this store!

At first he held one room, then put the warehouse in the neighboring. His owner traded tea and broke. A year later, they bought another one — for an external warehouse with a large-sized product — his master traded chocolate and also closed. Then they took the whole yard — there put shops, gazebos, racks and various decorations for gardeners.

Now the «house and garden» takes the entire territory of the base, although there were 5 stores before there, which traded the products, they all closed.

Large trading networks can not carry everything immediately. I remember how a year ago I was looking for a simple cheapest electric stove for a village house. In all «Eldorado» and «M-video» there were only induction roads and the price tag began from 5-7 thousand. I was looking for even in the «traffic light» and «Fiksprass» and could not find. And then I found a simple «dream» for 2 thousand.

This is how the ordinary entrepreneur can take into account the interests of a certain category of consumers and make a good business on it. So, if you are looking for a good idea for a business, it may be that it makes sense to look at yourself and your neighbors.