I found the «impossible» house: he was heated in three sneakers, which was not there


I recently wrote an article about how in the old village houses in the Urals, more or less warm floors were provided. It is no secret that there were no stone wat, basalt insulation, the peasants did not cook the extrusion in the workshops, did not smell the foam.

The main insulation was moss, earth, straw with clay, and competent architecture of the house, not the last role in which the Russian oven played. Probably, damn jerked me to say that the foundation of the oven was heated in all directions, including in the underground, thereby adding several degrees of heat indoors from below.

To be honest, I did not expect that no smaller number of sofic experts would be added to the huge amount of sofa experts, sofa heat engineers, sofa architects and other experts who ended with Vinne (World Sofa Institute).

I do not believe the calculations made sitting in the chair. It is possible to say that something works only when it really works. So, two days ago, we found the «impossible» house. The house, which, from the position of sofa experts, simply could not exist.

So, that he imagined. It was a two-story building of the 19th century built, which was a brick first floor with a thickness of external walls of 800 mm, on which there was a second floor made from a cut from a thickness of 36 cm.

On the first floor there were floors on the ground, on the second — wooden lags that are tailored to the bottom of the draft boards, and from above — a clean floor. The first floor was adapted for warehouse and utility rooms. There was a workshop, salty-jam was kept, whereas on the second floor were heated living rooms.

So why is this impossible home?

Everything is very simple!

The second, the residential floor was heated three !!! Large Russian furnaces, which stood on large foundations, isolated from lime mortar and stones.

All foundations had a height of 3 meters.

How was the heating on the first stone floor?

No way!

It was heated due to residual heat, which was distributed in all directions. He was taken by the stone foundation. Of course, it is stupid to say that these three columns were enough for the heating of the entire floor, and there was a hell of hello heat. Moreover, they do not have any air ducts or producing, nor anything known to me, connected by convection of air.

But, according to the testimony of local residents, in the lower room, the total area of which was 150 square meters. m., In any frost, the temperature did not fall below +5.

Due to what?

Geothermal energy, calorifers, thermal, thermal guns, heat pumps, convectors and other charms of modern civilization in this house in the 19th century did not somehow imported. The fires also did not burn. It burned out of faulty wiring already in our time.

Well, what, there are ideas, at the expense of what this «impossible» house was heated?

And one more point, if the heat does not apply throughout the foundation, then why are experienced cooks protect the foundation of foam cell furnaces or other thermal insulation? Bulk probably, or with fat, be silent, spending money customers on the wind …