I found out from the engineer from the USA, what is the difference between Russian masters from American.


First anecdote in the topic:

We decided somehow two Germans to go to the places of battle of their fathers in Russia. Agreed with a travel agency, bought tickets, rented an SUV and arrived in Russia. At the airport they met a guide on an SUV: old-old UAZ. And led into the forest where the battles went. Just drove into the forest, how the car broke down. Germans were upset.

Russian guide driver climbs out of the car:

Ain moment, now I will do everything!

He took out the hammer, the rope, something was taken there, he pushed the wire, hit the hammer and the car started. The Germans watched sadly for this all the action. And one else says:

Therefore, our war and lost.

Our workshop has a good acquaintance in the USA — a graduate engineer, Master Glokhodov — Michael Jordan (not to be confused with a famous basketball player). We often communicate on technical topics, and the other day we have a conversation about the equipment we use. I had to take a picture of our big oven.

Michael was surprised:

Oh, we do not do that! Is this a plant?

No, this is a private master doing in Taganrog. All with your own hands. American ovens for us are «golden».

-And what is right on the «submern» stove glass bake?

No, of course, on porcelain sheets.

Oh, we do not do that! We use special thermal floors.

Russia for large furnaces is too expensive. We found a replacement. She is 15 times cheaper.

What kind of separator cover so that the glass does not stick?

-Nitride Bora.

-In cylinders?

No, it is again very expensive. We found another way. It approximately time is 100 cheaper. So it can be reused.

I had to take a picture and show him how we cover the porcelain plate plates in our way:

The fact that his eyes got out of the orbits — say nothing. He could only say:

-You amazing people.

In terms of?

We are spoiled by civilization, and you are not. If we have a master something wants, he just goes and buys. This is a huge industry, many goods and equipment for masters are produced.

We also produce a lot of things. The problem is that it is much often too expensive, you have to make analogs to himself. I have a familiar joiner, so he did the whole workshop himself. From the bought one only saw.

I had to translate to him

Michael shook his head again and repeated:

-You stunning people.

And I asked:

What is the difference between Russian and American masters?

He thought and answered:

All we invent — is made from laziness, for the convenience. All that you invent you are made from poverty.

And added:

You can do on the most penny equipment what we pay a lot of money.

I do not want to add anything from myself. A stunning answer that made proud and at the same time …