How to safely cut a grinder board together with nails, screws and even crutches


The last month on Zen is just a tree of articles on how someone spied at someone and did something with something … For example, we attached a saw blade from the circular to the grinder, and now died with this disk any tree, which Come on hand.

Of course, you can saw a disc. Especially if carefully. Only there are situations when carefully does not work. The disk climbs, Bulgarian pulls out of her hands, and she flies not somewhere in the stratosphere, as many are sure, and right in …

Yes, yes, it is there and flies.

And okay if it just cuts the pants or chirkant in zero «bells» and all the other men’s prubasters, but noee!

Have you ever seen the wounds from the Bulgarian?


No? I have seen!

And I saw a person from the dissected, the knees are pulled out with nail disc chips.

It was a little pleasant. As I remember, Brrrrrr!

In the case of a gear disk, the wound is much deeper and more serious. But all the danger is that men in the very place there is some particularly important «coming» arteries. If it is damaged, it will not work out such a wound in any way, the person has exactly 12-15 minutes. During this time, no ambulance get to the place to pick up the victim and bring it to the operation will not be able.

That is, the logic is iron: the wrong disk is an imminent injury — 15 minutes to say goodbye — a joyful meeting with the apostle Peter and the analysis of the behavior on the highest pedal track.

And since I do not like pedal tracks from childhood in any form, I prefer to use what directly indicate safety rules. And they say unequivocally: it is forbidden to use on the ears any discs with teeth.


Therefore, everything has long been invented to us: if you need to cut the boards or make notches in the birings — go to the store and buy a special disk called «Multireps».

Manufacturers of such discs Mass: There are Bosch, Milwaukee, Festul, Zubr, Caliber, Practice, etc. I use two: bosch and bison.

If you think that there was a conscious choice, I will say honestly — no. Just went to the store and bought what was. And was Bosch. I used them about a month, and then «lost.» And, as it was called, there was a need to cut a lot of and many siding siding and small boards with nails.

No disk …

I had to go to the store and buy what was. On the shelf was no longer bosch, but a bison. And, you know, no difference as an allegedly German instrument made in China from the allegedly Russian tool made by everything in the same subway, I did not feel. With the exception of one, but very important: prices.

If Bosch cost me 1250 rubles, then the bison in 690. On the Internet it is still cheaper:

And, as always, according to the law of meanness, two days after buying a bison, Bosch was found. So both discs lie in my garage and look at each other — they are waiting for a new construction season.

The multirex saws does not at the expense of traumatic teeth, and due to the developed particles of the high-end material called «concepts.

This is how it looks like when:

It saws wood, nails, broken screws, crutches, pieces of fittings, concrete, plastic, plasterboard, aluminum, siding, pytera, brick … He is generally sawing.

Yes, and even if you find the same disk-cartoon from Milwaukee, take it. It is more expensive, and decently more expensive, but the attacks there are more sharp and several times more — the manufacturer did not fad.

So useful tips from garage masters This is, of course, great, but it will be somehow more health. Yes, and a good high-quality disc with teeth stands a couple of times more expensive than a multirem, so the choice is quite obvious.