How to organize a selling shop window at Hendmade Fair


Oh … Fair, Fair, Fair! Noise, fun, screams, gomon, crowd of buyers, vendors’ tents. With the arrival of summer, in almost all regions of Russia, local, urban, rural, regional, interregional mass events are held, which are accompanied by handmade fairies.

Dozens flocked for each such event, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of handmade masters. About the choice of tent for the master of needlework we have already spoken

Today we will talk about how to organize a shop window, that is, to put the goods of handmade in the best possible way.

First option.

In principle, it is very convenient if «on the street» bad weather, it rains or blows a strong wind. In all other cases, this is a pre-losing option: in a tent is always much darker than on the street, the space is always limited and not every buyer can go to it (simply not unfold in the attachment). Therefore, very often the buyer simply passes by and without looking into the tent.

And that is very important: with such a layout, the master is almost impossible to ensure the safety of all goods!

It is from such tents that are most often steal. While the master was distracted by one buyer, he can easily «lead» a couple of products behind his back (talk about theft in a separate article).

Second option:

Third option:

Why is it done exactly and why this option is optimal for laying up decorations? Regarding the light and theft has already spoken, but in fact it is not the most important thing. The most important thing here is to provide as much overview as possible — increase the area of the buyer’s review. For this, the racks are needed. Look at the scheme 1.

In the first scheme, the buyer stands directly in front of the table. The «spot of the review» is wide enough, he sees the whole table. If the decorations are posted on the table, that is, horizontally, he will see all the decorations. But it is only a little bit away, the stain of the visual contact is strongly reduced — scheme 2.

And the third scheme — the goods are exhibited at the rack plus part of the goods lies on the table. Look at how much more review area is. In addition, you need to consider another fact — people, as a rule, do not upheate their heads up, and look under the feet, so the look goes at the level of the belt or a little higher, so the racks and provide the best overview. A man sawdust fell on the rack and smoothly goes into the goods below, so if there is an interest, then the person will surely come up.

In addition, due to racks, it is easy to organize an additional backlight for the goods. This is very important when trading is coming in the evening or in cloudy weather. The backlight helped us strongly in Sol-Iletsk, at the Spasskaya Fair and the Bazhov Festival, but we will talk about it separately.

Additionally, you can use special grids for hanging things. They are made of painted metal or stainless steel. We use the latter, since white paint is quickly dirty, burst and flying.

Masters, and how do you post your goods?