How to decide on moving and do not regret it: you need to answer 5 simple questions and the decision will come by itself


How this world is fun arranged. Three years ago, I read the enthusiastic review of those who moved to the Krasnodar Urals. Two years ago, on one of the profile forums, they were spoiled from the heat, traffic jams and mentality, and a year ago, they moved to Sochi. Two days ago I saw them in our village — returned.

What do you think they returned?

No, not low salaries, no queue in kindergarten and not even a crewing South Heat!

They committed the most common mistake of those who were — confused tourism with emigration, and could not solve the five most important issues that eventually returned them.

Often I ask you returned:

Because of what came back?


Low salary!

I could get a job!

This is the wrong answers! They are the manifestation of the consequences, while the reasons are deeper. That’s it precisely on the very deep reasons, five questions are focused. They gave me a familiar psychologist, Cauche, who from the whole world.

Once he answered these five questions himself, now our cores come:

If you are leaving for a commencement, how will the question with parents be solved?

If the parents are still quite oh-go and there is still gunpowder in the boofers and berries in … then the question, no, he does not disappear, he moves out for several decades. But it will have to decide anyway.

And, by the way, the question of who will care about the graves of the ancestors is also very important. Of course, for individuals, which is not recognized for individuals, and believe that it was not relevant to the division or self-priority. But for all normal people, this question should also be solved somehow.

If there is from Rodney, who will remain and will take care — perfectly, if not, then return after a few years will have to go.

If you have children, where will they go to learn, is there any opportunity to leave children with someone if necessary?

In a new place where you do not know anyone, the question of children is the most sick. No, of course, you can make as one of my acquaintance, which on the third day after the move knocked for a neighbor with the words:

I took a job and immediately on a business trip for five days. Don’t you look at my Sasha?

Sasha was 4.5 years old, he did not go to the kindergarten. Neighbor just dreamed to her like a foreign child for the handle. Tale «Masha and Bears» in miniature.

How much is the ecology, money and climate more importantly what is lost?

Something to lose anyway will have to have a lawsager question arises: how much more is more important for you that you have purchased. The sea, climate, the opportunity to walk in slam instead of the boots, is, of course, great.


You want to eat more. Well, at least sometimes. I have not seen a single person who would hold out without food a couple of months. Live, of course …

Again, good ecology and clean air is great, but when you have nowhere to teach a child, or walk along the beach and the yarring of the abdomen accelerates the gulls within a radius of 3 kilometers … dismissal. It is better to live in boots, drink tea with pie and there are dumplings of 100 pieces in one eye.

Are you ready to change your habits, thoughts and manner of communication on those adopted in a new place of residence?

Whatever pink glasses have been put on, but you have to change. And not a wondrous new world, namely to you. Of course, it is possible as in the song «No need to fake for a changeable world, let it be better for you.» But it is only in the song, in real life what kind of you actually know you know only those who lived with you for many years.

Therefore, a sparkling sense of humor, love for jokes, Panibrate behavior can help find not only friends. I will give an example. My good acquaintance three years ago moved from the Urals under Krasnodar. Wife worried everything:

Well, how will we be there? There are other people there, there are Kubanoids.

The husband poded her over her, joked, calmed down:

Yes, everything will be fine, let’s get acquainted.

Moved. On the very first day he decided to meet men. I noticed that in the evening on the bench are going to smoke local rags. It came up, smiling happily, and says:

-Well, what, Kubanoids, do not exist to see the Uraltsu?

Nuuuuu …. as if gave. I was smoking …

Where will it be better to you and your children in 5, 10 and 15 years old?

That’s all five non-hard questions. Take paper, pencil and write down the answers. Do not scroll mind well, and write down. Spend a final line, and write just one word:

Move or move.

Agree, everything decided by itself?

Everything else, little things …

P.S. Yesterday we answered these five questions. Look at the first photo and you will understand what was our decision