How scammers called us in traffic police shops


Morning Natalia began with a call. Stern commander voice strictly sounded in the handset:

Hello! Is it Natalia Vasilyevna?

Good day.

It is bothering you from the traffic police. Deputy head of household Parts Petrov Mikhail Pavlovich. Do you have stained glass windows?

Yes, we are engaged.

In the assembly hall of the administrative building, 12 windows are required in 12 windows. The authorities million of two allocated and have decided to stop at your workshop. Can we meet today at 14.00?

Yes, of course, I will come!

Natalia, Fauling came running to me in the Cabinet:

You imagine! Stained glass! We have long wanted a big order for Tiffany !!! And here! Million two hundred!


We swatched a little more, let’s drink tea and returned to their works. For advice, Natalia went to the workshop. Closer to the hour of the day of the spouse came running to gather:

Looks a wonderful person. We cutely cute with him …

-Who is this? Wonderful me?

Well, Mikhail Pavlovich! He called back twice! Colive, just need to leave in red and white. They have some kind of commission in the traffic police, they arrived. It is necessary to buy a box of sweets and two bottles of good brandy, and he will give money then.

-Seriously? Natasha, how do you imagine to the regime object brandy dragging, which then will transmit individuals?

-Well, I do not know…

We went, went, how I will come back to him back.

We drove up to the store and right on the doorstep us found another call from Mikhail Pavlovich:

-Nataly Vasilyevna, I nowhere to contact me now. Only to you. We have here tested in the error documents. Many heads will fly. Cognac is canceled. You can buy two biline cards for 2 thousand and numbers to dictate, I calculate with them codes, and how to go, we will meet with you and I will compensate everything!

Everything fell on her place. An ordinary fraudster was talked with us. Especially as long as possible Natasha said in the tube:

Vadim, take the phone, talk to Mikhail Pavlovich!

When I took the phone in my hand I immediately highlighted:

«Call completed»

And more on that side did not take the phone …

And now the most interesting.

Just for the sake of interest, we drove up to the traffic police. I entered the inside and described the situation lieutenant. He just laughed, adding through laughter:

You are already third «artists» for the week. Some of this Zaughzow on Cognac 20 thousand were transferred.

Comments, as they say, unnecessary. In that month, such phone calls were received by seven our familiar handmade masters. It was possible to deceive, as far as I know, Troy. Did one criminal case be initiated at least one criminal case.

Therefore, take care of yourself and do not come up with fraudsters.