How much does the workshop earn at the fair and on the Internet


When we just started engaging with glass jewelry, the question of where they did not even stand to sell them. We looked at the date of the nearest urban event and everything somehow rolled out. City Day, Youth Day, exhibition-needlework in one shopping center, Fair in another shopping center, Big Festival in Ufa. For the next year, we even more actively «went to people» and began to look for all the large fairs and festivals in the Urals and in the Volga region.

Gradually, customers and buyers began to find us through social networks. A year later, the workshop has its own group «Glass Fairy Tale» in VKontakte, account in classmates, instagram, Pinterrest, Masters Fair. This year Zen was added here. There is an idea of the canal on YouTube, but it will be more educational and entertaining.

Every year we conduct accurate sales statistics and all of any significant cash receipts from our workshop. I will not go into the circuit, I just want to share one very interesting observation.

But first a slight retreat.

The other day we started a small repair in the kitchen. The beautiful lady said that she bothers her the second table and generally the microwave is not on the hair dryer, it would be necessary to hang it on the wall. The knight in brilliant armor with a screwdriver on the advantage replied to eat and … went to google: where you can buy a suspension for an nebulent microwave. After 15 minutes, three varantes were found, two in weight and size came two, in stock in the M-video turned out to be one. Two hours later I had already taken out a simple thing from the store.

Going to the rack of the Internet orders I was struck by one pretty interesting thing. But around the hall of this huge shop there is almost the same amount of buyers, how much does the Internet orders standing at the rack. If not less. Next to me, the guys took a laptop (which cost almost 80 thousand !!!), the man checked the iron (another knight at the beautiful lady 👫), the girl took a smartphone and a few more people took something too. It turns out that we are already buying through the Internet as much as in offline stores.

How much has changed our behavior as consumers, over the past few years!

Now let’s talk about our workshop.

In 2013, we only had two orders via the Internet — the ratio of 0.2% to 99%.

In 2014, the relationship between Internet orders and sales at exhibitions and fairs was 6% to 94%.

In 2016, the number of Internet orders passed 25%.

In 2019, the number of Internet orders from the total number of sales exceeded 60%. And it is only in quantitative terms. And at the cost of the gap even more — 76% of all money in the workshop goes through the Internet.

Thanks to the network, the most «expensive» orders come: on big hours, paintings from glass, stained glass windows, panels, big dishes, many of which we can not even show (so asked the customer).

If you consider that the participation in exhibitions fairs has to pay for the organizers of decent money, plus the cost of the road, food, car shock absorption, etc., then trade in fairs and exhibitions is already losing online trading. And this is a very serious reason to think where to move on.

Damn it, it is a reason to think very well.

Do you often buy goods via the Internet? Agree, it happens more and more often!

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