How much does it cost to keep your website needlework

Regarding his site, I often meet from the masters, diametrically opposite points of view:

Let’s look at a specific example of expensive or not to master the needlework to create and maintain your own website. Immediately make a reservation, I do not consider various designs of Tilde sites, on which many needlewomen create their own pages. I am not satisfied primarily by the fact that such a page does not belong to you and it can block it for any even a contrived complaint forever. And you will not prove anything!

So. To organize your site, you need to choose its name on the network, that is, a domain name. Selection of domain estate is free, registration is paid — 179 rubles (for the RU zone).

But! This is only the first year. Annual extension will cost 990 rubles. And about this, as a rule, the recorders do not speak. At least I did not say a word about it.

With the name decided, the domain bought. Now you need to decide on the hosting, that is, with a computer (server), where your site will work. For the workshop site, we decided to stay on the company, it is the largest, facilities are full, and in the old projects with them we have been working for a long time. But she is not the cheapest.

We look at the description of the tariffs. Kopey!

Yeah, ran. This is when paying for three years! But the real prices

But! On these rates, your site will not be able to work. It can be started, but it is not necessary to work normally. There will be permanent hangs and glitches, support is pushed by permanent messages: «resources are completed, we recommend switching to the tariff above.»


Plus administration — 300 rubles per month.

Plus, if you are going to receive payment directly on the site, once a year you need to buy a security certificate HTTPS cost from 1350. The first year it is free … then we pay, but they don’t say about it immediately 🙂

After you have paid all this, you need to put the management system and some beautiful theme. Themes are paid, there are free. We chose free, but sat with her for quite a long time. It turned out concisely, simply, but I can not say that she completely suits me. A paid topic will also have to «finish», and if you order a topic for a specific project, it will cost such pleasure from 25 thousand and higher.

TOTAL, in the first year we consider:


9495 R. For Hosting,

3600 Administration

Total: 13274 (1106 r. Per month)

And now for the second (and subsequent) year:


9495 R. For Hosting,

3600 Administration

1350 — Certificate

Total: 15435 (1286 r. Per month)

And it is only on the technical side of the site. The cost of photo, video, content, on the Internet acquiring (payment directly on the site) is not taken.

And a few words about temporary costs. When we created a site, everything went about 2 days of work. Every day, it is spent on maintaining his performance 0 hours of 0 minutes. On the content of the time site is spent no more than creating posts on social networks.

So, 1300 per month for your site is expensive or not? What do you think?

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