How much does flowers earn in seedlings 1 (one) woman on 1 (one) greenhouse


I thought for a long time, what words to start this article. I would like something heroic, beautiful, tremble, dying-cleaning immediately. And in the language, only one question is spinning:

What if you live 10 km from the city with two children, there is no work, but in your hands another old mother?

I do not know, I would never mind to build a greenhouse and make money on the sale of floral seedlings. And the heroine of today’s story this thought came to the head.

And she was able to implement it!

In general, today we dig in the city in search of colors seedlings. You understand the restrictions, the city is half empty. All merchants on the streets are tightly sent by homes accompanied by a stupid fine. Thanks to a random meeting, we managed to find out the contacts of a woman who lives 10 kilometers from the city in a private house and sells floral seedlings.


On her plot, if you feel honestly, there are two greenhouses. In the first, the seeds and their seating on the pots and cups occurs. It is small 3 * 6 meters. This is enough. All major work, growing, watering and selling goes to a large, main greenhouse (see the first panoramic photo).

When we saw this greenhouse and went to her — just lost the gift of speech. A large polycarbonate greenhouse, a size of 6 * 20 meters all, is absolutely all, top to bottom forced by pots and pallets with flowers.

Along the greenhouses are three long racks, each of which is 1.2 meters wide and has three levels. Plus from the top level on the hooks hang in one, or even in two rows of pots with flowers.

The total area of growing floral seedlings in greenhouse 200 square meters.

What only in it!

Starting from simple petunitions (about 15 types), Gerani and ending with a very expensive exotic, whose names I am now and I will not remember.

I remember only about one plant: it turns out to be gypsophila — this is not a person loving plaster, but a beautiful plant with thousands of white flowers, because of which it is called «blooming cloud».

Looking at the delight of 15 minutes along the blooming greenhouse, an inadequain from the dopeful aroma, scaping three pickles of seedlings and leaving almost three thousand rubles from a welcoming mistress, we went home. And at this time, two cars came to her house at once with regular gardener buyers.

Now let’s talk about the intimate … about money.

The hostess is engaged only by one greenhouse and only flower seadade. No greens. True, there is a little Victoria, but this is a «by-product». In a difficult case, children and an old mother helps her. She leads all things to himself, and that I will tell you, the salesman is good.

As they say, the seller is from God!

It is simply impossible to go without shopping. In the eyes of the hostess, visible interest is visible: do not throw a lot of goods to a person, and choose what you need and when you need. For example, some kind of colors she simply showed us, but did not sell — it’s too early, they would have seriously survived. Therefore, we agreed that we will arrive by the end of the May holidays.

As I said, only seedlings of flowers are growing on the square of 200 squares, from which about 40% of perennials and 60% annual plants. Many exotic.

At prices.

From the very beginning it is focused on the wholesale, so the prices are below those that can be seen in the markets. Petunia in our markets sell for 40-55 rubles. We bought it for 25 rubles. The average check is 3-4 thousand rubles. As a rule, by the end of the spring nothing remains — everything is sold.

This case has been engaged in this case for 5 years and it will fully feed the whole family. Clean, in hand, it turns out (for 2019) one million two hundred thousand rubles. That is, 100 thousand rubles per month. Five months of adult work and seven months of rest.

The plans are expanding the business, but in any case, it will be only a floral seedlings, nothing more. In our city there are three good large nursery, compete with them a novice is useless.

And a few words about advertising, promotion and other points. This is not a shadow business, the hostess is framed as self-employed, taxes are paid. The irrigation water goes out of the well, so the pocket is not much devastated for the water.

For five years in a row, she took part in sales fairs, stood in the city markets, the clientele was gained. From this year, it is quite clear, there are no markets, because all sales go through the srangian radio and the Internet. This is strongly helped by the daughters who lead pages in social networks, are postponed advertising in urban groups.

Now the moan and crying is heard from all sides, as everyone is bad, there is no money, there is nothing, unemployment, sit at home. That’s right, bad. But I thought about what. Right now, this woman plows in his greenhouse very much of the tractor, comes, fertilizes, watering, deals, sells. And her children find mom through the Internet of new customers. Yes, she lost from the introduced restrictions, but found a way to make a new step forward and knows exactly what can provide a family.


What do you think, is it if not a monument, then at least a good word?