How glasswakes treat cuts on hands


The absolute majority of visitors to our workshop are firmly confident that we are so deftly appeal to the glass that we will never cut. Of course, I would like to have a deposition of kevlar on the skin or be as a liquid metal terminator, but what is, that is.

Partially saves gloves. You no longer pay attention to the minor cuts, well, it hurts and burned, hung the blood droplet, blew, rug to myself and healed everything. But sometimes cuts are so deep that stars! We jump around the workshop and announce the room by an indescribable set of idiomatic expressions.

To be absolutely honest, then the recipe is not Babushkin, but grandfather. Natashin Grandfather was a glazed, worked with glass and the recipe for the rapid healing of the wounds handed it. But for some reason, it is believed in Russia that all traditional recipes transmit exactly grandmothers. Therefore … oh okay, as I called, I called it 🙂

So the recipe itself. He is in two variations. The first is used for small cuts, when blood is strong, but the wound is not so big, all limbs are whole.

Need to the seventh day after the flowering of the fern, go into the forest …

And if seriously, castor oil is taken (an ordinary bottle of 30 gr., Which is freely sold on any pharmacy). Right into this bottle, 10 gr. Unrefined sunflower oil oil. If there is no oil, you can safely drop olive oil. It is important that the oil was unrefined, the first cold spin, in the production of which the benzenes are not used. After that, about 10 drops of lavender oil dripping into the bottle (we specifically brought it from the Nikitsky Botanical Garden). The bottle is closed, carefully shakes. That’s all, the means is ready for use.

In the case of a small cut, you print a bactericidal plaster (mandatory on a film basis), dripping on a gauze patch of a few drops of a mixture, glue to the wound. An hour later, the other can be removed — there will be almost no cut.

The second version of the recipe — if the wound turned out very decent. Prepare a mixture of oil as in the first recipe, only after mixing, everything is pouring into a metal circle. Put on fire and add 15-20 grams of beeswax. Carefully stirred and bring to a boil. When everything boiled, remove from the fire and overflow into a glass jar with a wide neck and a helical cover. After cooling, it turns out very light and pleasantly smelling ointment.

According to Natalia, this ointment heals everything that can be even cut off limbs. But, pah, pah, ugh, has not yet been made such a serious treasure. Almost all of our gardeners have made themselves such healing ointments and constantly use them with cuts, scratches, skin peeling, etc.

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