How couriers spoil the image of Russian Post


Remember how before, in the USSR sent parcels? We went on foot to the post office, stood a long and very long turn to the cherished window, after which the valuable parcel from a distant relative side was taken to the sleds to creakly snow. Sometimes small packages could be transmitted through the drivers of long-distance buses.

Now the services of entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens are available not only by Russian Post, but also a huge number of all kinds of courier services, transport companies, specialized delivery services. Choose any what you can afford.

As they say, any whim for your money!

Our workshop used and enjoys the services of almost all transport companies in Russia and foreign countries. For myself, even amounted to a small rating, we know exemplary directions, where and what transport company is faster and safer to deliver a fragile departure (I will ever write about this separate article).

Very often the customer directly indicates which transport company it will be most convenient to get a cargo. Here without options: the customer’s desire is the law. For our part, we can only advise, no more. In other cases, we recommend using the services of Russian Post.

Remember the warded phrase «Ural Pelmeni»:

For all the time of our cooperation, 1 (one!) Package was broken — a largely expensive panel, consisting of three parts (the corner of the central part broke off). Apparently, on the way to Vladikavkaz, the parcel had to be transferred something catastrophic, given how we pack our glass: a double box with a special foam, foam and cutting paper. Fortunately everything was insured, communication with the post office and all the running we took over, and the customer made a new panel.

Tariffs for shipment are very pleasant. For example, business lines for shipping one and the same address can take at 7 (seven !!!) times more. No in the post office and idiotic requirements of the mandatory packaging of the cargo right in the office, as it, for example, requires a SDEK. Re-repacking glass in the office of the transport company so that the employee of the TC make sure that we do not send a crooked bomb … I don’t even know how to call it. Russian Post is not afraid that it will blow up, and these are afraid.

Delivery speeds are also all in chocolate. On Saturday, we sent the first class in Zlatoust a little box with earrings, on Sunday evening, we have already written the daily customer: «Everything received, thank you very much, to new meetings!». We still joked, they discarded this box from an airplane over Zlatoust?

In general, until today, our cooperation with Russian Post was very fruitful.

What happened?

And what happened this.

This week we sent a specialized courier service EMS Russian Post a very large order to Moscow: a large dish, a house-night light, Christmas trees, toys …

To Moscow, this order flew over a day and a half.

And disappeared!

Well, how did you miss? He lies in the courier delivery department and cannot be delivered to the recipient. A record appears on the departure page of the departure page: it is impossible to deliver the departure. The recipient does not take the phone. There is no one at the address. The next day, again the same entry. On the third day again the same thing. We call the customer, and it turns out, no one called.

Not a single call was!

On our call to the office, despite the sincere desire of the operator to help us, no reaction. In the evening, a recording appears again that the parcel was not delivered by the fault of the recipient. Although no one called the recipient! In the morning we call the operator and we require the director of the branch. We were given the head of the service. A conversation took place, we explained the situation, mentioned that the customer a person is not very simple.

Do you know what happens next?

Apparently, someone was given a very good star!

And after 40 minutes, three or four calls come to the customer’s telephone and immediately. Then there is a normal call without dropping and the courier with a disgruntled voice reports that she came to the house for four days in a row, knocked her forehead into the intercom, called, but no one answered him. After the courier was explained that his person had never been to the video surveillance cameras, and in detail calls for these days it is clear that he never called. The courier, never embarrassed, muttered displeased:

Well, we were that we could not wait a few more days. Nothing happened to you!

Now on the clock in the morning, this article will come out after seven hours, and the whole conversation took place half a day ago. But I still have no kindergarten so bombed.

This is how you need to not love and not appreciate your work to answer so? Because of one courier, the entire image is erased, all reputation worked for years! We politely took the parcel, with a smile, talked benevolently in the department, we sincerely tried to help customer call service operators, the head of the service is extremely correct and interested leader. Everything crossed out one single person!


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