He lived in the poor village, and began to earn more urban.


When they admire the man’s business grip, many say that he can easily sell the Eskimos snow, that is, what is in the district so full.

And today I will tell a story about a person who not only could do almost the same thing, but also managed to break out of adverse circumstances.

Konstantin lives … lived in a small village of 80 kilometers from my hometown of Magnitogorsk. A simple, completely ordinary rural worker, studied in the School on the Mechanisor, who has passed the army and who returned to his native village, as they say in «… Acrom of Peace.»

By this time, two local collective farms ordered for a long time to live, went bankrupt, the common property was quickly backed by the Glavbuch, Chairman and their relatives. The fellow villagers got the meager pairs of the earth. So by the time of the Kostny return to the native village of the work there was about slightly less than zero.

It is said that for many men, the law of life is three-T: sneakers, ottoman and television. It may be true, but just so these three faded letters do not arise. Many walk on the watch, without the prospects to stay at a good job, so even with a constant risk to be a throwing brigadier or a subcontractor.

The coste has enough two such «kidkov».

After that, he scored on the watch and decided to stay at home. I was interrupted by small earnings: there to cook, there is a roof to correct, the dyed fence to straighten. There was enough for existence, there is no life.

Do you know what helped a person to raise his ass, get off the sofa and stop hacking beer? A scornful view of a dacket neighbor and his fabric in front of the house.

The fact is that

-Hi, neighbor!

Great, what is again on the horns!

-So what to do?

-Like what? Work.

-On whom? We have no work here!

-Well, then work for yourself. I found money on the pivas.

-For business need a million no less, but where will I find it to you?

-Seriously? Here look. I am now a landing room in front of the house. Weeds zadolbali. I close the earth with geotextiles and falling asleep stones. Stones for backfill drove in bags from the city. Their Bashkirs are along

Do not stump! Do you offer to Bashkirs in hiring?

Communication stones, ask, rejury the most beautiful and bring me to me, I’ll pay for it. I do not beat the car, the trailer does not tear, time and diesel fuel can not waste your profit. And if anyone wants from my neighbors the same paralisian I will point you. Lada?

The last words were addressed to the emptiness, because the newly connected Sisifa has already gone to the courtyard to start an old batter scooter. A day later, Kostya unloaded the first batch of stones in the yard of the neighbor. N-number amounts of monetary signs in the domestic wooden currency passed into the pocket of the newly minted rustic entrepreneur.

You understand yourself, the neighbor paid about half of the fact that he would pay in the city, but he was happy and such a host. And a week later, the door knocked on the door:

Sweep, guy, type 20 bags of the same stones as Vitalyevich.

All the rest of the summer, he, as an earth farm, collected along the river and on the old river beautiful, polished by water stones, laid out them in color, sorted in size.

Summer ended, ceased and earnings. But all the winter Kostya cooked something, pounded and cut in the courtyard. The next summer, he had a mechanical sieve and self-made, welded from a thick-walled pipe, hacking.

Correcting with three men, Kostya opened the production of fading stone for garden and summer cottages. Collected stones, hugged into the courtyard, sorted. There were «coarse» with the police in the form of a precinct, who carefully someone from good one-sieves drowned on the ear, but everything quickly decided — as there are no violations of the law in this case.

The stone began to carry not only in their surrounding villages, but also to the city, having agreed not with the markets, on which residents of Bashkortosta are tightly sitting, but with garden shops and landscaped offices. Three years have passed, you know what happened to the bones … Konstantin Viktorovich. He has an apartment in the city, a normal car (normal is a duster), and the house in the village where parents live, he uses as a cottage.

The net profit of the enterprise, which Kostya divides on the 4th, itself and helpers, is 250-300 each in hand. Yes, by the standards of Moscow and other central cities, this is a penny, but for the simple Ural village, such money is searching.

Maybe someone will say, nonsense, invented, fairy tales. Let it be if you need a stone, I will give contacts, for the guys themselves, I myself have brought 10 bags of stone to the site and told our story. And I will add from myself: Sneakers, ottoman and TV are not a sentence, you just need to find that chance that the universe gives you and grab it with both hands. And, yes … there is no TV in the bone in the apartment and will not.