Glass People: William Morris


This is the second post from the Glass People series.


Look what he is cool! What heights he reached!


In this series, in each article I want to show, first of all, a person, to show why this master should be learn more, what is behind the loud name. You can be a great master, a media figure, look at all from the pages of glossy magazines, but from a human point of view to be ***. And it is possible to be a strong «middle manner», but the titanic efforts will be behind these medium work, the fight against fate, ashore circumstances and even with themselves.

William Morris is considered the most titled glass of America — a simple listing of this person’s awards takes 28 pages of A4 format scored by 12 fonts.

William Morris was born on July 25, 1957 in the city of Karmel California, USA. Having finished learning in two universities, learning, like Chihuli, in Venice, Morris opened his own school of glassmodels.

Chihuli struck the world with its huge glass installations (which, by and large, were designed for shocking) and earned 29 million on the sale of these things to wealthy customers.

Morris, from the very beginning, did not earn one goal goal. Generally. From the word at all. His goal he set to cast in glass of the soul of the ancient peoples.

In his hands, glass turns into a tree, bone, fiber, metal and tendons. When you look at his products, you just do not understand how the glass can be given such a texture.

This is a ceramics! This is ropes! But the metal!

No, it’s all the glass.

His work was greatly influenced by the art of antiquity and ancient civilizations.

His vessels stand in all the largest museums of the world and the price of everyone exceeds a million dollars.

But everything that is mentioned above is an external, it is tinsel. Not so I decided to tell about this person. I want to tell about my dream, which was carried out by William Morris.

The hero of today’s story is a man, to put it mildly, not simple. For more than twenty years, he «fought» with

Having received recognition, global fame, ambitious students with whom he was very rude. Eyewitnesses say that one day a student came to him, the daughter of the famous senator, examined the workshop and looked as well:

Oh, you are so cool, so cool. You teach me and I will become a great stelok. I have a rich dad, it will buy everything and will do.

Morris looked at the «hostess of life» with surprise and replied:

And you will never be able to! And why? Get out.

But at the same time, several really passionate people he trained completely free.

Having received world recognition, the charter of the glory and the besieging of his «future great glass winds», in 2007, at the age of 49 he left the city, bought a plot of land on the banks of the river and built a small house with a workshop there.

In his house with the enormous panoramic windows, familiar and friends are going to the river. They rest together, read books, drink tea and just communicate.

Only Morris himself works in the workshop, he no longer works «for sale,» he is only creating for himself.

In the interruptions between the work and frequent departures of friends, he is engaged in mountaineering, flies on Paraglane, fishes fish and just walks through the forest …

And yes, with Dale Chihuli, they are now friends.