Gasoline glass: To create such beauty Americans applied a laser, the Czechs smoked, and the Russians took the brick


What you see in the photo is our beauty and our biggest disappointment — gasoline glass.

In fact, it is no gasoline, in all directories such glass is as an irredized. But his divorces are so similar to the spots of gasoline in the puddles of water, that many glasswakes are on full seriously called its gasoline.

Despite the fact that the urization of glass was invented in ancient Rome, on an industrial scale began to be applied in the United States. To create such beautiful gasoline divorces, a very complex laser installation was applied, connected with a glass-cutting oven. The laser beam heated a piece of metal to a super high temperature as a result of which the substance was gradually evaporated.

The metal pairs on a special air duct were fed to the glass rolled into a thin sheet, on which hesieled, forming a very thin, playing with all the colors of the rainbow film. In the role of the Irizator, as a rule, titanium or its chloride compounds. Therefore, such glass is sometimes called titanium.

Well, now the most interesting. The Americans were so proud of their installation for the production of irisated glass, which was tightened on their beautiful glass ten times.

Capitalism in its pure form, do not hurt anything!

Then the glass windows began to think how to make the same glass of glass, but so that it costs ten times cheaper.

The first to think … Czechs.

Apparently the one who came up with this method of iris, loved to smoke. Just imagine, the Czechs are sitting in the furnace and think the Duma: how to create a glass. And then the oldest and wise master gets up and says:

-And let’s smoke it!

-How? Do you stop Titan in a cigarette and will you breathe in the furnace?

-No! We donate it with water, we wake a special sponge, the supreme, then we will burn it and go to the oven from it!

-Cake, you genius,

So they did!

And, you know, they all turned out.

And no expensive laser needed them. The production of irisated glass was reduced to dozens of times. Greedy Americans went forest.

In Russian (or rather Soviet — then there was another USSR) a team of glass-powered smoking people was not. Therefore, they did not think about the fusion of glasses of glass with pairs of Titan. The laser also did not give out.

Then ordinary Soviet glass windows, which the party said should be said, and they answered: «There is!» …

Friend these words

They took a brick!

Simple red brick!

I shout from pride for the conversation of our people I want (how are you Ilon Mask?)


It was glowed in a muffle furnace, brought to hot glass and splashed water with a solution of titanium chloride. Titanium couples deposited on glass in the form of all the same gasoline film.

Why the laser?

Why burners?

Need a brick!

So in the Soviet Union, an irised glass appeared.

On his overflows in the rays of the Sun, you can admire the clock. When we work with him, the sun bunnies are constantly running around the walls, trying to win in the cabin into each other.

However, this glass carries not only beauty, but can seriously disappoint. At least for the first time. The fact is that after baking in the furnace, most of these beautiful divorces … disappears and appears the place of almost uniform golden coating with a variety of small wrinkles. This is called «Antique Iris».