Gas boiler broke.


It’s no secret that the molding rule of any master, artisan, a handicraft, any person working in the service sector:

First you work for a reputation, then the reputation works for you.

It does not happen that he opened his work and immediately streamlined the stream of customers. First you are looking for orders, then orders find you. So it was and with me personally, when I went for free bread, with many of my familiar masters, as well as with those people whose services I used.

If the work is done qualitatively, you will turn back to you again and again. Therefore, working on the prospect of the master always try to do their work on the yat, even if they requested the price for their services below the market. Satisfied customers keep the cherished phones of such masters and are always recommended with gratitude. It turns on the srangian radio. One-day company and master of the same «spill» about this rule forget. It is important to them. Another thing: snapped a piece and satisfied, and then the grass does not grow, try to find it later.

On the weekend we had the opportunity to face the first approach and with the second.

As you already know, a few days ago in our house covered a copper basin gas boiler. No in the summer, or at the beginning of the season, or at least during thaw! No! This piece of iron decided to give his e-god soul exactly when the anticyclone came and the temperature on the thermometer struck the -25 mark.

The law of meanness, not otherwise!

Imagine the situation. Morning day off. By night, they promise to the thirty. And then the boiler declares that he is a little tired. Writes E99 error code and constantly reboots.

I call to the gas service … once, the other, the third, and they do not take the phone!

What to do?

I am a feverishly looking for ads on the Internet, calling the neighbors, as a result, I had contacts of the Master of gas boilers in my hands. Consoned, outlined the situation, an hour later, the Master promised to come to the diagnosis. Checking the boiler, the master sentenced the control board to replace. After putting on the day off, that all the stores are closed, and the burnt fee is a terrible deficit and order it needs from Moscow, and it will come only through workers 4-5 days, the master called some familiar.

After that, he said that there is a rare opportunity to quickly get a restored fee, which will work as a new one for 14 thousand rubles plus installation and setting up the boiler. Plus, it is desirable to supply a dielectric coupling and voltage stabilizer. Behind the coupling — a thousand with work, a stabilizer with a thermal plate of 4 thousand. And for everything about everything will turn out 22 thousand rubles.

I did not like something in this person. Some inner chitric, sliding. Therefore, he was sent to walk on an hour or another with an explanation that there was no money at all if we find it, then I would immediately call (in principle it was so).



And about the miracle! Tube took.

Explained the situation, they said expect, after 10 minutes the brigade will be. Exactly after 10 minutes drove UAZ with two young guys. We looked, once again sentenced the management fee, they said: a miracle that she lived so much (specifically, this model is often burning by itself), scratched the head, called somewhere.

After that they said: there are no cards in the stores, but there is one new one in the far warehouse for 8,200 rubles (as I checked on the Internet, it costs 8750), coupling 200 rubles, stabilizer 2900, installation for free, setting, cleaning, checking and checking and Run 500 rubles.

In one hour, they went to the other end of the city, brought the control board, all set, launched, set up. I also left a personal phone just in case: if you suddenly, call at any time, we will come quickly everything.

I finish this article, scrolling what happened in the mind. Damn it! How strongly different approaches to work! Let us leave aside the human qualities of the «master» and guys from the service service. But the fact remains a fact, if the first to serve on people, in the first place is a momentary profit, then the second is important human attitude and a good opinion about himself. They know exactly what if I have something happens again, I will turn to them only to anyone else!

P.S. The coming in the house of the cold was rejoiced only by our Samoyen dog. She quietly lying in the kitchen, looked at everything that was happening and thought: Finally, the owners will be normal in the welfare cone, it will not have to hide and sweat all night. It would still be snowing at the sofa … when it became warm again, it was very unhappy.