From the motor removed seals.


That’s so completely imperceptibly, in 18 days, we rolled 1000 kilometers on a separated car.

And it was necessary to happen that the day when we signed up for re-checking the oil level, the end of the world broke out in the city. Many citizens remembered the film «The day after tomorrow» when the whole planet was frozen. We had about the same. For a day, one and a half monthly standards of snow fell. The second day, instead of glass cutter in my hands, a shovel was spent.

Green trees! Even nature itself was against our trip to the dealer! But time it came up, the delay is not in our interests. We arrived, the oil was merged and the serviceman scratched the head:


-How many?

-560 milliliters.

That is, 1000 km. The machine ate a little more than half of the liter of oil. Even our old eight-year-old Nissan laptop butter did not eat at all. How many flooded, so much turned out. And here half a liter. If the planned replacement of oil for the regulations is 15 thousand kilometers, then on the ninth thousand, the engine lubricant will be carried out by the Holy Spirit.

True, the service master with hope in his eyes, he said that after forty thousand, many West Mascinal disappears, everything gradually rubs away.

In the truth, the first 40 are the hardest in the life of a man and … Lada Vesta.

The dealer made an act, made a lot of photos, took the samples of oil and sent it to the plant. There wise and good engineers should deal with the problem. We changed the oil for free.

Today they were called from the salon and very, very, very «pleased.» The plant considered samples, rated oil consumption and said:

Guard, do not worry, our engines love to eat oil. Normal oil consumption on 1.8 liter engines is 0.7 liters per thousand kilometers. And with active driving, the oil consumption can reach 1 liter per thousand.

Honestly! I felt like the owner of the five BMW, there are 1000 km. Oil consumption is also 1 liter. True, the engine is 3 liters, well, the car is more expensive. And so the nostril in the nostril go. At least something we could also do as Bavarians. Ah, well done!

This, of course, is stub, but tell me how how the car can drive from then to the factory of 15 thousand kilometers when the oil consumption in a liter or even 0.7 liters? Apparently, the plant thinks like this: I changed the oil and still need to pour into the canister for a permanent topping. Just a wonderful perspective. It seems that AvtoVAZ decided to double the sale of Rosneft.

The dealer suggested this option: we give the car to the defective, if the shoals of the plant find, then repair is free, if not, the analysis and assembly of the engine, worth 15 thousand rubles, at our expense.

We think.

And the rest is a dream car. And bad weather proved it again. There was about two meters along the fence, and there were at least 30 cm on town roads. And Vesta walked as a tank, a traveler motor, a big mass and clearance make their job.

P.S. Although this is what I think maybe it makes sense to pour another oil? Motul, for example, or Shell? Who can tell? Have experience?