For the sake of his wife, he sold the most valuable: what do you really need to women from men


It is said that today people have changed in the first place there is only one thing — money, money and money again. It may be that way, but, rotating among the masters, people who earn their work, art and competently screwed to the body with their hands, you realize that money is not always in the first place. And not even on the second …

About how our workshop arose, and why we took up the glass I was already told. I saved the money, worked at two works and accumulated a certain amount by the summer. The question arose: go to relax on the sea or resurrect the extinct corner in the eyes of my wife. The sea had to move away … for six long years. But in the eyes of his wife, my beloved man, again lit up the sparkle in the eyes.

He talked about how his wife was dragging her husband-electrician in a needlework business. And the worker of the metallurgical plant, the electrician suddenly began to engage in the joinear, became a master who makes wonderful toys from a natural tree. And he himself caught his eyes …

And when the husband became too hard, orders were sprinkled as out of the horns of abundance and he stopped sleeping, she sacrificed her sewing and stood next to him to the grinding machine.

How these stories look like!


I do not think!

Now listen to the third!

He lived in a small provincial city in the southern Urals of the seamstress. Orders do not say so just a lot, but were. Only good income it did not bring it. As a part-time job normally, but for life, the ordinary seamstress is not great enough. We had to take orders, sew products to order, sit under the lamp at night.

It was a heavy grueling work that could be resided, but not to earn. And gradually, in the eyes of his wife, they began to melt the very ending sparkers, in which he loved to watch her husband.

And then he suggested her to sit down and think about how to open his business associated with sewing, to make money normally, but it would not be a daily carriage. They sat down together, thought what could be done and decided to buy a big professional and very expensive embroidery machine. There was no money for …

The bank refused a loan, since they had a big car loan. Then a man (can I with a big letter?) I took and sold the car, I went with a loan, and I bought an embroidery machine for the remaining money.

A few years ago in our city, such cars were in a novelty, and now far from every craftswoman can allow you to buy a car at a cost of 800 thousand rubles.

But then it was a breakthrough, the wife, together with her husband, mastered the «aggregate» and began to sell embroidered products: towels, aprons, souvenirs, bathrobes, sets for newborns.

Since it was not massive consumer goods, not streaming, but unique things with copyright design and unique inscriptions and drawings, then customers became a lot. They began to work together and now they already have two cars — the old one who has shouted for several years, and a new, multi-trial.

In detail about earnings on the machine embroidery and the workshop of this wonderful girl, I will tell you in a separate article a little later.

And now I want to say only one simple thing: for the sake of sparks in the eyes of your beloved person, neither money, nor his time and certainly not sorry for the car. For a woman (I again with a capital letter), the main thing is to feel protected and necessary, and, believe me, the spark in her eyes will necessarily.

And money?

And the money with spark in the eyes will never be equal …