For half a year, I was looking for an elusive pest, which left small brown brown piles on the site.


We have an agreement on the division of labor.

We keep household and workshop, plot, they are engaged in all garden matters. We help only in the case when you need to set up something, build, or, on the contrary, break, raise heavy — everything where without dad can not do.

Mom is engaged in consulting, that is, it comes with an important view of the site and shows a finger: This we will put here, it’s here, it is to pour it, it is ridiculed, to focus, suspend. Well, when the heart does not withstand, rushes to the help of children herself.

A few years ago, such a case happened to us.

As it was now spring, sowing and gardening works in full swing: something sits down, digging, mowing, the beds are transferred, pooling plants spill or treated. That year there were a lot of colors.

The flower garden turned out to be fame!

He just began to notice that the children were growing more and more and harder. It is underway with a flower bed and transplanted bushes of black currant, pour out, spray, digs on the Internet in search of something of one of them known, and in the evenings go around and look out for something.

Asked, but they scored as water in the mouth. Silent. Even my mother said nothing. Well, silent and okay, we work in the workshop, orders need to be performed.

In the evening, the younger Children’s composition came to our workshop for the Family Council:

-Mama and dad, we have a problem.

-What’s happened?

On the site, some pest started, which makes the leaves of black currant dirty and under all the bushes and even in the flower bed leaves strange brown handhes.

What does something?

-It, the fact is that there is no. Some strange bugs. They are brown and scattered into dust if they are touched.

-Can trouble? Although she does not leave her piles. Let’s see see.

They came to the flower bed and currant bushes. We looked at. Turned to each other, smiled and went back to the workshop.

-Derty, we looked at your pest and know who does it.

-Who? How to catch it?

Do you want milk coffee with foam? First you drink, then tell.

There is a small coffee machine in our workshop, which remained from our small cafe, which we kept a year before the glass workshop. Coffee she prepares stunning.

True, the children do not really complain him, they like soluble more. That is why we dragged the coffee machine to ourselves. But cappuccino with thick dairy foam they love.

We drank coffee, talked about family matters, new orders, even looked at YouTube on YouTube and here the Children say to the choir:

-Well, moms, dad, what is this pest? Talk!

-This is us. Rather dad.



See. This is a coffee cake. Now it has become warm and I throw it under the bushes and sometimes for flowers. This is a very good fertilizer. And those stains leaves are coffee, I also have to shake it. We will drink coffee, and in the evening, when everyone sleeps, I my coffee machine and shaking coffee.

What storm of emotions we saw on the faces of children not to describe!

Several years have passed, but we remember this case. And, every time I go out of the workshop to throw coffee on the beds, and I fall behind this thing on my daughter’s eyes, she smiles and says:

Pest …

We also have in