Five Chinese shopping areas, cheaper or more convenient to Aliexpress


The purchase of Chinese goods in the minds of almost every Russian is inextricably linked with Aliexpress. In fact, this is not the most convenient, not the highest quality and not the cheapest marketplace.

She has a lot of competitors in China, and each of them is trying to bring buyers with something: quality, unique assortment, low prices, branded goods, sellers of their other countries, etc. I will try to briefly talk about what I know, what features they have.

Here we go?

The greatest emphasis was made on the goods for home, beauty, decoration, female and men’s clothing. The trading platform has a special adaptation for the Russian-speaking audience, many sellers work on the CIS countries. Although the entire field is international and calmly sends parcels to Canada, USA and Europe.

The playground has its own specificity: it does not dwell only in Chinese products, there are many sellers from Taiwan, South Korea and even Japan.

Prices approximately correspond to the level of Aliexpress, something more expensive, something cheaper, and sometimes one to one.

Shoes, clothing, hobbies, hobbies, electronics, machinery and equipment for small and medium businesses. But mostly electronics. Very large section of goods for tourism and outdoor activities. And these goods are often cheaper than Ali.

All texts and descriptions in English are not specifically Russified, but you can choose the Google-translation function directly on the site. The main focus is made on the quality of goods.

It is hard to fight with unscrupulous sellers, so in case of deception, write immediately in support, the reaction will follow immediately. A lot of trademarks that produce goods only for the domestic market (Chinese open-ups from the site of

Payment on the website of the Card Visa or through the PayPal system, and this is not always convenient.

One of the competitors of Ali, who tries to take the price. It is not always that it turns out, especially since the price will always be lower than on Taobao and 1688. Pump out frequent delivery problems, although it happens that it comes at times faster than with Ali. Payment both visa and electronic money, even Yandex.Money. There are a lot of tools and goods for repair, construction, needlework.

Some of my acquaintances are sick from admiration for this site, part is sleeping — someone got quickly, someone burned. From the disadvantages, I will note questions for support, can be banned in case of disagreements with a «large and respected» seller.

The playground created to work with retail and small wholesale. There are a lot of fakes, a lot of slag, a lot of a keet shield. Therefore, in no case cannot be bought at the lowest prices — the quality will not be exactly pleased.

You can buy both in bulk and retail, but you need an intermediary for shopping. On this site there are shops of large retail chains and firms, even Adidas and Nike. There are also products categories used.

Photographic works very well. This chip often helps us find accessories for jewelry.

The resource administration constantly conducts draws, contests, offers coupons, there is a system of points and promotions. For example, only for filling in the consumer’s questionnaire you will be given a discount on any product in 30 yuan.

The most «fashionable» Chinese resource, the main focus in which is made to fashion, decoration (both jewelry and jewelry). Payment is made by any ways, even world maps. Prices for many goods are lower than on Aliexpress, and the quality is incomparably higher. Many products made of natural fabrics.

Please note: almost every thing, decoration and other goods can be a very detailed description and comments, users can add reviews for each purchased product and for it they are accrued bonuses!

The site has several bonus programs, coupon system, discounts for the amount and volume. Thanks to them, for example, a demi-season coat of very good quality with all bonuses can be bonus in 2.5 — 3 thousand. The same coat on Ali will cost 1.2 — 2 thousand more expensive. In the boutiques of my city the same coat sold for 12 thousand.

Oh yes. There is another trading platform. She is the cheapest, there is no price below, all sellers with Aliexpress and Taobao are purchased there. But she has two drawbacks: it is intended for the internal market of China, so all the descriptions are only in Chinese. From Russia on this site, you can buy all our wholesalers from there, delivery works, but … Google translator sometimes gives such pearls … If it is interesting, write in the comments, I will tell you about it in one detail.

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